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Robert Stark talks to Thom Young about Instagram Poetry











Robert Stark talks to author Thom Young about how his short verse “love made / her wild” went viral on Instagram. You can check out his books at Amazon.


The PBS article about Thom, Why this poet is posting meaningless verse on Instagram 
Writing a parody or satire demonstrating how easy it is to get popular on social media
How short trite poetry has gotten Thom tons of likes and followers on Instagram
Thom’s parody of a hipster poet called Tyler
The “Pop Poetry” and “She Poetry” genres
Thom’s recent poetry books, “A Little Black Dress Called Madness” and “Coffee Nightmares”
Thom’s upcoming poetry books including a poetry book, “She Fell in Love with her Madness” and a high comedy satire book
David Lynch films and Twin Peaks

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Robert Stark talks to Scott Laudati about Cuba & Occupy Wall Street















Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Cartrell Payne(The Adventure Kid) talk to  Scott Laudati. Laudati is a writer and musician. He is the author of Play the Devil and has written a book of poetry Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair.


Intro: Scott Laudati – “A Girl From Greenwich Village pt. II
The translation of his book Play the Devil into Italian
The publishing process and the pros and cons of self publishing
Scott’s Upcoming book of poetry “Yeti Funeral,” a poem about his dog, poems about New York, and influences including the Beats and Jim Carroll
Observations about living in New York City; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Experience living in LA, Downtown LA, Broadway and the Bradbury Building
Scott’s recent trip to Cuba, the embargo, the travel ban, the current laws, and misconceptions about Cuba
Scott’s involvement with Occupy Wall Street, Police Brutality, and his arrest
The rise in political violence
Movies, Comedy, and TV shows

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Robert Stark interviews Publisher Josh Dale
















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to publisher Josh Dale. Josh Dale runs Thirty West Publishing House and has a BA in English from Temple University.


Josh’s background including being an associate editor and contributor to Temple’s Hyphen Literary Magazine and experience with a vanity publisher on Instagram
Temple University in Philadelphia; Science Fiction writer Samuel R. Delany
The process of setting up Thirty West Publishing
The overall themes and criteria of Thirty West
Josh’s interest in work that is introspective and inspired by the inner workings of the mind
The designs of Thirty West’s books
Authors published including Thom Young
Josh’s collection of poetry Duality Lies Beneath
The themes of the poems ranging from random imagination, observations, critiques of society, and personal idiosyncrasies
The book cover from a train station in Philadelphia
Josh’s influence from the Transcendentalist writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson
Josh’s near death experience from a car crash and how that impacted his outlook on life
Involvement in spoken word poetry readings

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Robert Stark interviews Thom Young










Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview writer Thom Young. He is from Texas and sees outlaw country as an influence. You can buy his books at Amazon.

-Young’s background in Texas, the culture, and the environment.
-Young’s books: Westworld, Noir, Patsy, GrindhouseDead Flowers, Champ
-Outlaw Country, Jim Goad, Louis L’amour, Feral House, Nine Banded-Books
-The influence of Texas within Young’s writing
-Dark themes in Young’s work, alienation
-Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, Hubert Selby Jr.
-Young’s work in Poetry Quarterly and other magazines
-Purple Onion
-The cover art on Young’s books
-Thom’s brother Jeb, who designs many of his covers and runs Tumbleweed TexStyles
-The Brutalist Marina City Towers on the cover of Dead Flower,  Film Noire, and Mid Century Road Signage
-Young’s Instagram and his she poems
-Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot compared to Dead Flowers
-Grindhouse films
-David Lynch Films
-Typewriters, The Astrohaus Freewrite
-Jonathan Bowden, KMFDM, Wyndham Lewis, …single word titles.
-Anthony Burgess, Conspiracy Theorist Jim Marrs
-Traveling, Road Trips, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
-Interest in History,  the Old West, Civil War, WWII novel Voices of the Pacific
-How Young had a new sense of creativity after his Stroke when he was 13
-Young’s upcoming project Instapoet

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