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2020 Election Post-Mortem with Hunter Wallace















Robert Stark talks to Hunter Wallace about the 2020 election results and why Donald Trump lost. Hunter Wallace is an Alabama based blogger at Occidental Dissent and describes himself as a Nationalist, Populist, and Centrist. You can follow Hunter on Twitter.


Why Hunter was swept up by the Trump phenomenon in 2016 but abstained this election
The stratums of the electorate  including Core Conservatives who set the agenda within the GOP and disaffected Market Skeptic Republicans who were sidelined by Trump
Why Trump lost ground with White voters including the White Working Class
2020 Autopsy: Class Analysis and why Class, Not Race, Explains Trump’s Rust Belt Defeat
Donald Trump Made Real Gains with Asians and Hispanics (ex. Tejano Vote In Texas)
Why dissident energy and higher levels of ethnocentrism are from the Center, not the right
Why The Jared Kushner Strategy and Trump’s brand of Identity Politics failed
Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Black America
Conservatives Lash Out Against Student Loan Debt Forgiveness
Tucker Carlson Challenges Voter Fraud Narrative
The Post-Trump GOP and why the party needs to move to the center on economics to remain viable

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