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Robert Stark talks to Director Michael Medaglia about his Film Deep Dark
















Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Director Michael Medaglia about his Film Deep Dark. You can get a signed DVD as well as the screenplay on the Deep Dark Website.


The struggling artist Hermann played by Sean McGrath who discovers a mysterious hole 
How the film is classified as horror for marketing purposes but Michael considers it to be “weird fiction”
Weird fiction writers including Kelly Link and Jeremy Robert Johnson
How the hole works
The symbolism of the hole, the Faustian Myth, and comparisons to “Little Shop of Horrors”
Giving the hole humanity
Keeping a sense of mystery for the audience by not revealing everything
Horror cliches such as holes as gateways to hell
The theme of a struggling artist and how artist can relate to the film
The absurd and comedic elements of the film
The production and cinematography of the film
Voice actress Denise Poirier who did the voice for the hole
Michael’s short films “The Ratsnitch Angel” and Kitty Kitty

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