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Robert Stark interviews Italian Eurobeat Artist Bratt Sinclaire









Robert Stark and Pilleater interview Eurobeat producer Bratt Sinclaire. Sinclaire is one of the pioneers of the Italian-made, Japanese dance genre of music, Eurobeat. Some of his famous songs include, “Night of Fire,” “Boom Boom Fire,” and “Tora Tora Tora.” He operates his own label, SinclaireStyle.


Sinclaire’s interest in music and his early influences
His original preference for Rock and Metal and how he got into Dance Music
His first band Layout, his work with Bulldozer, Alberto Contini and Dave Rogers
Virginelle’s “Tango Tango,” “King and Queen” by King and Queen
The history of Italo-Disco and the evolution of Eurobeat, the similar production styles
Ken Laszlo, Brian Ice, Aleph.
The making of Eurobeat music, the controversy behind publishing “Burning Love”
The Japanese term “Eurobeat,” and success of Eurobeat in Japan, the trend of it
Sinclaire’s music appearing in the anime, Initial D
P.E.P.E’s Shilday, Sam Hyde’s Twitter account, “Night of Fire,” “Running in the 90s,” appearing on the site
Butch Battlexe, Sinclaire’s Hypertechno, Metal Minded Maniac’s, “F.A.Y.”
Sinclaire’s recent live show in Japan with singer Dejo
The demographics that listen to Eurobeat, Ganguro/Gyaru culture
Pilleater’s Asian girlfriends who were into Eurobeat
The significance of Dejo’s sining and Sinclaire’s music, Clara Moroni, Elena Gobbi
Eurobeat song lyrics, Japanese vs. European visual aesthetics
Eurobeat American fans: Initial P, Diskowarp records, Odyssey Eurobeat
The authentic Asian club scene vs. The American anime/cosplay scene
The Akihabara District in Tokyo, which tranformed from a music to manga district, comparison to the movie Blade Runner
The Super Eurobeat series, the creation of the Sinclaire Style label, and how Sinclaire makes Eurobeat
Music Soundtrack for Porn Films

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