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Where will this Economic Chaos lead to? (With Kevin Lynn)

Robert Stark talks to Kevin Lynn about the dire implications of economic data and trends. Kevin Lynn is executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform and founder of US Tech Workers. Follow Kevin on Twitter.


Examples of gaslighting on the economy,  Redefining the definition of recession and declaration of a “Vibecession
How the economic bullishness and bear rallies in stocks show the degree of disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street
The “Baking” of the Jobs numbers report and inflation data
The beginning of mass Tech layoffs
The super bubble to end all bubbles
Kevin’s article If You Thought the NIMBYs Were Bad – Meet the YIMBYs
Revisiting the pandemic stimulus and how only a fraction of stimulus went directly to the people
Federal Reserve policy, Biden’s “Inflation Reduction” Act,” and vulnerabilities of the dollar
Speculating worst case economic scenarios (deflationary depression, long-term stagflation, real estate crash, and debt crisis)
Geopolitics crisis, supply chains issues, global conflicts and civil unrest
The Fourth Turning theory and Peter Turchin’s method of measuring cycles of crisis
The political implications of the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar a Lago
Kevin’s observations from attending the recent CPAC conference in Texas on the political currents

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Robert Stark interviews Lucas Janse Van Vuuren about Cape Independence










Robert Stark talks to Lucas Janse Van Vuuren about the Cape Independence Movement. Lucas Janse Van Vuuren (Twitter) is the youth leader for the Cape Party advocating for an independent Cape Republic, for the Western Cape province of South Africa.


The recent civil unrest in KwaZulu Natal, the massive economic setback for South Africa, and the crisis vindicating the Cape Independence cause
Failure of one party rule in South Africa and authoritarian policies such as expropriation without compensation
The legal process for independence and Will NORTHERN CAPE be included in Western CAPE INDEPENDENCE?
2020 Cape Independence poll showing that 1 in 2 Western Cape citizens want a referendum on independence, with support from all races
Cape Party’s past election performances and upcoming municipal and provincial elections
The Western Cape’s prosperity compared to the rest of the nation and how it has been economically and culturally robbed
The Cape Party’s advocacy for a decentralized system based upon the Swiss Canton model
Calexit organization Yes California’s speech of SOLIDARITY to the Cape Party

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Robert Stark interviews California Gubernatorial Candidate Nickolas Wildstar











Robert Stark and Jonathan Edwards talk to Nickolas Wildstar about his campaign for California Governor in the Recall Election. Nickolas Wildstar is a political activist, rapper, and former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in 2018 and is running as a Republican.


The Recall and Wildstar’s criticism of Governor Newsom’s handling of the budget, economy, and covid lockdown
Wildstar’s Phoenix Initiative to roll back the economic damage of the pandemic including nullifying California Assembly Bill 5 (2019) against independent contractors
Wildstar’s plan to address the housing crisis including 3D printed homes and zoning reform
The Gold New Deal including public banking and publicly owned energy utilities
Criminal justice reform including support for ending qualified immunity
The manufactured cancel culture, tech regulations, and corporate monopoly issues
Wildstar’s vision for a revitalized California GOP
The case for California independence
How Wildstar’s civil rights were violated for recording in court and his proposal to guarantee the right to record in court for Californians

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Robert Stark interviews Santa Barbara Mayoral Candidate Maiza Hixson













Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Cartrell Payne(The Adventure Kid) talk to art advocate and candidate for Santa Barbara Mayor Maiza Hixson. Maiza is the Former Chair of the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission and Co-Director, Curator, and Artist in Residence at SBCAST – Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science & Technology. Her campaign website is


What inspired Maiza to run for mayor and her key issues
Making the city an arts destination and giving artist opportunities to network with local businesses
Economic niches in the art world and the need to support a variety of art
Giving artist a role in urban planning and city government
Solutions to the lack of affordable housing including rent control
The debate about housing density and height limits
The problem of empty storefronts on State Street, holding land owners accountable(ex. Transient Occupancy Tax), and Maiza’s proposal to use them for art
Ending the reliance on car transportation and creating a pedestrian friendly environment
The water shortage, water pollution, re-using reclaimed water, and the The Blue Economy
Transit, improving the bus network, and rail and monorail proposals
The City Budget

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Robert Stark interviews Jeffery J. Smith














JEFFERY J. SMITH published The Geonomist, which won a California GreenLight Award, has appeared in both the popular press (e.g.,TruthOut) and academic journals (e.g., USC’s “Planning and Markets”), been interviewed on radio and TV, lobbied officials, testified before the Russian Duma, conducted research (e.g., for Portland’s mass transit agency), and recruited activists and academics to A member of the International Society for Ecological Economics and of Mensa, he lives amidst the beauty of Northern California. Jeffery is currently Chief Editor at


Jeffery Smith’s new science fiction novel Perfect Timing about time travel to a future society
How the book conveys the tone of Hitchhiker’s Guide, offers insights like Stranger in a Strange Land, and presents an upbeat alternative to Brave New World
The theme and implementation of a Basic Income in the future society
Why a basic income is necessary and ways to implement it
The artificial notion of the work week and the book The Overworked American
The Post-scarcity economy and how the surplus of wealth is concentrated in the top 1%
The theme of Utopia; Aldous Huxley’s utopian novel Island
The future society of Geotopia, the theme of Ecotopia, and the book by Ernest Callenbach
Ecological based economics; Herman Daly’s Steady State Economics
Geonomics, Georgism, and the land value tax
How a land value tax is different from a property tax and leads to more efficient land use
City Density—Friend of Trip Efficiency
The book Better NOT Bigger: How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve your Community
Jeffery Smith’s upcoming book on measuring the indicators of land value

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Robert Stark interviews James Howard Kunstler















Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Alex von Goldstein talk to writer and social critic, James Howard Kunstler

Topics include:

The history of suburbia
James’ theory of history that things happen because they seem like a good idea at the time
How our auto oriented petroleum based society is unsustainable
How bad urban planing has negative psychological and cultural implications
The role of zoning laws, and how zoning can both encourage and prevent suburban sprawl
The future of suburbia, how some will be retrofitted into walkalble communities, while others will be abandoned
The New Urbanist Movement
Mass immigration and overpopulation
Why James does not view skyscrapers and hyper density as viable alternatives to suburbia
Robert’s point that tall structures can have aesthetic value, and how James acknowledges that the early wave of skyscrapers(ex. Singer BuildingWoolworth BuildingManhattan Municipal Building) were beautiful structures but historical flukes
How European cities provide the ideal model for urbanism
Examples of sustainable American cities include Portland, Oregon, Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia
Mass Transit, and why James favors investing in existing rail infrastrusture over new high speed rail
The Streetcar suburb, and how they provide a model for New Urbanism
James’ point that even with alternative energy and technological innovation, we still have to downsize and localize our society and economy
How peak oil will lead to economic and political decentralization
How Peak Oil will make Globalization unsustainable
The future of China and the Arab Gulf States
Pre-War Japan as the best example of an advanced civilization without industrialization
The scarcity of water in the future, and how the inland water system will regain it’s value
Historic Preservation, how the movement was started in the 1960’s in response to the demolition of Pennsylvania Station in NYC, and the debate about what should be preserved
Rabbit makes the case for mid century modern
Capital scarcities in the future, and how mass development is dependent upon the financial system
James’ four book series set in a post economic collapse America, the World Made by Hand

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Robert Stark interviews Presidential Candidate Kyle Kopitke

Kyle Kopitke











Kyle Kopitke is running for president as an independent. His campaign website is and he blogs at President Kopitke 2016

Topics include:

Why he running for president
His Military and Foreign Policy Experience
How he was the State Director for the Jerry Brown for President campaign during the Utah Primary in 1992 and defeated Bill Clinton there
His search for a Vice Presidential Candidate
How the political system is bought off by the 1% and their globalist agenda
Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders
The 2nd Amendment & The Constitution
Ending Student Loan debt
How the 1% avoid paying taxes
His support for a financial transaction tax on Wall Street
His support for a moratorium on foreclosures of homes, farms, and small businesses
His opposition to trade deals such as NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership
His support for a 1 year moratorium on immigration
Environmental Protection
The water situation in Flint, Michigan where he lives
Ending Forced Vaccines
The Zika Virus
Why he supports decommissioning all nuclear power plants
Civil Liberties

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Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Las Vegas, New Orleans & Vice



Topics include:

Contrasting the histories of Las Vegas and New Orleans

The Ecological impacts of building cities in the Desert

How both cities serve a function as a destination for escape, hedonism, and vice

How Bread and circuses distract the masses

How without the Law there would be no Vice

How when Vice becomes suppressed it becomes more cruel

How New Orleans has gentrified since Hurricane Katrina

How the culture of New Orleans is one that enjoys life because it accepts death

How in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be either moral or immoral

The European cultural influence in New Orleans

The Cult of Youth

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Robert Stark interviews Ellen Brown about How America became an Oligarchy











Robert Stark and guest cohost Charles Lincoln Interview Ellen Brown. Ellen Brown is an attorney, president of the Public Banking Institute, and a candidate for California State Treasurer. She has written twelve books, including Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free (2010), and The Public Bank Solution.

Topics include:

The Public Bank of North Dakota

How Wall Street makes it difficult to create loans for small business startups

How the Green Party Mayor Gayle McLaughlin  of Richmond, California  stood up to Big Oil

The Foreclosure crisis and how the banks sit on millions of empty homes

How America Became an Oligarchy

How Private Bank Notes cause inflation

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic

California Water Wars: Another Form of Asset Stripping?


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