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Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about Fast Food Nationalism










Francis Nally blogs at, has a YouTube Channel, and produces music at Phteven Universe.


Francis’ article Fast Food Fascism & It’s Esoteric Meaning
Francis’ Lexicon
The “innate fascism” lurking behind crass popular culture
The origins behind the unpop art movement and Neofolk
The Unpop theme of using pop culture imagery to depict transgressive material
How controversial icons can look “cute” next to family friendly imagery of popular culture
Shaun Partridge and Partridge Family Temple
Pop culture from the 1960’s through 1980’s
Francis’ critique of Spencer J. Quinn’s  review on Counter-Currents about the new Incredibles 2 film
The Alt-Right’s use of making far-right symbols cool, while Fast-food Nationalism uncovers the “hipness” of corporate logos
Making collage art out of outdated pop culture memes and esoteric religion to make something new
The low brow art scene and the art of Ron EnglishFrank KozikTrevor Brown, and Mark Ryden
Musician David Thrussell’s ironic use of Fast Food imagery
Ralph Nader’s wisdom of how you can’t avoid advertisements in daily life
Going beyond memes and irony to create a positive vision
How a new Apocalypse Culture is replacing the Alt-Right
The intersectionality of HomonationalismNeonationalism, The Alt-Left/Center, and Post Neo-Folk
The artist creating the vision vs. meta-politics
Embracing late capitalist materialism to find eternal peace and “Nirvana”
Meming pop cultural products towards an identitarian end
The CalArts movement

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Robert Stark talks to Brandon Adamson about his Compare and Contrast EP












Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Brandon Adamson about his new EP album Compare and Contrast. Brandon blogs at and is the author of Beatnik Fascism. His music is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.


Intro: Compare and Contrast
How Brandon got into making music in the mid 90s (weird early releases like Birthday Boy)
The meaning of songs on the EP, “Compare and Contrast”
How some lyrics were taken from poems in Beatnik Fascism
The song For a Sunny Day inspired by The Sunrays – I Live For The Sun
90’s Indy music and how the artsy indie music scene seems dead
Influences of 60’s mod bands and 90’s mod revival bands like Majestic
How Brandon never liked or could relate to the Beatles or Rolling Stones but mostly only obscure and forgotten bands from the 60’s
Minimalism in music
Brandon’s interest in the 60’s mod style in music and design
Brandon’s album cover designs and inspiration from 70’s advertisements
Majestic’s Live It Up! album cover design
Songs inspired by 80’s cartoons and commercials
80’s Mall culture, DeadMallsThe demolition of the Metro Center Mall in Phoenix, and Brandon’s interest in the Logan’s Run aesthetic
Beatnik Fascism by Brandon Adamson (review by Pilleater)
Outro: Something Fun a Trampoline

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings!