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Robert Stark interviews Actor and Musician Karim Theilgaard














Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to actor and musician Karim Theilgaar. Check out his work on YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


Intro: Strangers on The Floor – Karim Theilgaard
Growing up as a Third culture kid living in Brazil, England and Denmark
Early musical influences including Abba, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana
Music video The Way We Used To Be – Karim Theilgaard 
Music Photography for Fashion Beat TV
Fashion Modeling and Karim’s fashion style
Starting out as an actor; writing and producing short films
The film Brother which Karim wrote, produced, and acted in and planned on sending to Casting Director Nina Gold for a Game of Thrones audition
The film Timeless about the dilemma of immortality
The horror film Scar Tissue where Karim played an obnoxious finance bro; comparisons to the film Saw
Karim’s upcoming films including Natsværmer and Sebi  which is “Twin Peaks on acid”

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