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Robert Stark interviews Eugene Montsalvat










Eugène’s Montsalvat blogs at the Niekisch Translation Project and his articles can be viewed at Counter-Currents

Topics include:

Turn Left, New Right!

Nationalism & Class Struggle

The Necessity of Anti-Colonialism

Ernst Niekisch and National Bolshevism

Robert Stark interviews Kerry Bolton on Peron & Peronism














Robert Stark talks to Kerry Bolton about his book “Peron and Peronism,” on Argentina’s Juan Person and his legacy. “Peron and Peronism is published by Black House Publishing.

Robert Stark Interviews Kerry Bolton on The Banking Swindle














Robert Stark interviews  Kerry Bolton about his new book The Banking Swindle: Money-Creation and the State

Topics include:

  • Why the Right needs to pay attention to banking
  • Why the Right needs to deconstruct “free market” capitalist orthodoxy
  • The English Civil War and the rise of capitalism
  • Globalization and wealth concentration
  • The ideological nature of the idea of the “free market”
  • The origins and rule of usury
  • Social Credit and state credit
  • Apartheid as a nationalistic resistance to global capitalism
  • The Afrikaner ethnic community of Orania
  • Right-wing parties that understand the necessity of breaking with “free market” ideology
  • George Lincoln Rockwell as conservative and “free enterprise National Socialist”