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Robert Stark interviews Shankar Singam about California Independence











Robert Stark talks to Shankar Singam about the California independence movement. Shankar is executive director of Independent California and is also an author, graphic artist, and musician.


How Shankar started identifying as a Californian rather than American, and how that’s the first step to independence
Why Independence?
The Calexit movement groups including Shankar’s Independent California, Yes California, California Freedom Coalition, and the California National Party
How the United States is stunting California’s growth, including loss of tax revenue
Shankar’s upcoming petition, proposing a commission on the potential economic benefits to independence
The legal and constitutional process to independence
How the Calexit movement is much more than a reaction to Trump
The ineptitude of the Democratic establishment, both nationally and in California
Alternative political models including a multi-party parliamentary system and local autonomy
Economic policies including public banking
Shankar’s appearance on Tucker Carlson and the context of his comment on the middle class exodus
Shankar’s rebuttal to California’s detractors (ex. worst income inequality)
Foreign models for California to emulate (Canada, Australia, UK, France, and Singapore)

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Robert Stark interviews Marcus Ruiz Evans of Yes California















Marcus Ruiz Evans is President and Founder of Yes California, an initiative for California Secession. Check out Yes California on Twitter and Facebook.


Robert and Marcus’ radio background on AM1680 and conspiracy theories about conservatives being behind Calexit
Marcus as one of the first to popularize California secession in his book California’s Next Century
The financial burden of the United States on California
California values
The impact of the election of Trump on Calexit and why he will win re-election
The Russian conspiracy theory about Calexit and anti-establishment candidate Tulsi Gabbard
Examples of California acting as an independent nation
The concern of California becoming a one party nation and the need for an alternative party such as the California National Party
Who moves to California? The wealthier and better educated, mostly
The housing crisis, need for infill growth rather than sprawl, and importance of investing in infrastructure
Immigration policy
The tech oligarchy and need for regulation
The legal precedent of secession and likelihood of America allowing it

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