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Robert Stark and Matt Pegas try to start a New Religion

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas  tease the notion of a speculative new spiritual movement. This is a simulcast with Matt’s literary podcast, New Write, and a field-recording, conversation on cults, the new age movement, Matt’s Substack article “The Renaissance of the Ritual“, Robert’s novel “Vaporfornia“, California as fertile soil for new religions, occultism, and much more. Recorded on May 1st, 2022, on a trip through the backcountry of San Diego County, near Palomar Mountain, where Crowlian occultist, Wilfred Talbot Smith, erected an Ordo Templi Orientis temple.


Background on the “new religion,” started as a half joke in Yosemite
A self-initiatory religion, comparable to Discordianism
Social reasons for the rise in cults
California ‘s spiritual movements: Mike Marinacci’s book California Jesus, Order of Atwa, and the Partridge Family Temple
Syncretic occultism and the esotericism/New Age to fascist pipeline
The right hand vs. left hand path and Jungian shadow work
The occultist ritual, finding structure in chaos, and a metaphysical/esoteric take on self-improvement
Knowing when to surrender and embrace the photosynthesis of the Universe/Light of God
The relationship between spirituality and biology (speculating where atheism and various theologies fit on the Bell Curve meme)
An anti-liberal and anti-blank slatist case for Theosophy
Robert’s article on a psychological inspired approach to solving political and social problems
Aesthetic alchemy (Sigils), and the spiritual, ethereal component to  aesthetics
Bronze Age Pervert as a foundationalist (not a traditionalist), and Mike Ma as an instinctive Christian
Jason Jorjani’s Prometheism 
Why spirituality and reclaiming vitality needs to come before politics

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Robert Stark talks to Mike Marinacci about California Jesus

















Robert Stark, Pilleater, and J.G. Michael talk to Mike Marinacci about his new book California Jesus: A (Slightly) Irreverent Guide the Golden State’s Christian Sects, Evangelists and Latter-Day Prophets. Mike blogs at Califia’s Children and co-authored the book Weird California: Your Travel Guide to California’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets.


The historic trend of heading West for freedom
William Monéy and the Reformed New Testament Church
How Los Angeles was the early center of Pentecostalism and William Seymour of the Azusa Street Revival
Aimee Semple McPherson, Herbert W. Armstrong, Gene Scott, and Electronic Evangelism
The Children of God
Joe Jeffers and the Kingdom of Yahweh
Rev. Wesley Swift and Christian Identity
King Louis Narcisse and the Prosperity Doctrine
Jack T. Chick and His Comic-Book Ministry
The Science Fiction novel The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe
The History of Mormonism in California
Rev. Troy Perry’s Gay oriented Metropolitan Community Church
The Universal Life Church founded by Kirby J. Hensley, the “Modesto Messiah”
Mel Gibson’s Traditional Catholic Church of the Holy Family
The Mexican National Catholic Church
Mike’s upcoming appearance on Dr. Susan Block’s Web TV Show Saturday August 5th at 9:30 pm

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