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Robert Stark interviews Anatoly Voronin about Ukraine

Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Voronin about the war in Ukraine, meta-modernism, and cultural trends. Anatoly Voronin is from Kharkiv, Ukraine, has worked as a fashion photographer and makeup artist, and politically identifies as a meta-modernist and post-liberal Centrist. Check out Anatoly’s Substack blog: Golden Heart Motel, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


War Diary: Live witness account of 2022 Ukrainian-Russian hostilities
The dissident-sphere’s take on the war and pro-Russia biases
Why Anatoly rejects the narrative of Ukraine being used as a pawn of the West
The end of the post-World War II narrative
Why Radical Centrism and Meta-Modernism are the next levels of consciousness
The Americanization of Europe
Why America is fundamentally a rightwing country
The Black-Red-Gold pill
The politics of beauty and why beauty pageants are radically centrist
The Russian film Bespredel (1989 ) about social hierarchies in the Soviet Prison System

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Robert Stark interviews artist Gio Pennacchietti












Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to Gio Pennacchietti about aesthetic, cultural, and social trends. Gio Pennacchietti is a social impressionist painter and writer from the “first post-national country” (Canada), Gonzo Philosopher, and failed academic. Check out his YouTube channel GiantArt Productions, Instagram, writings at Substack and WordPress, and Twitter.


Gio’s review of Robert Stark’s Art: The Fauvist Vaporwave Interiors
20th Century aesthetic genres, retrofuturism, post-modernism, late 20th century pop art, trends in nostalgia, and the psychology of hauntology
Political symbolism in aesthetics: 2010s minimalism, Neoliberal Kitsch, Sanford Biggers’ statue in Rockefeller Plaza, the de-evolution of Trump’s aesthetics, and the lack of a cohesive aesthetic trend for the future
Robert’s article on Pan-Enclavism and how it relates to Canada as a post-national nation
A critique of the Intellectual Dark Web
The need for a new bohemian/creative movement comparable to the Vienna Secession
Gio’s interest in the after prison Youtubers
Gio’s artistic background, influences, and art as a spiritual endeavor

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Robert Stark talks to Jason Reza Jorjani about Faustian Futurist














Robert Stark and Francis Nally talk to Jason Reza Jorjani about his new Science Fiction novel Faustian Futurist. Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD is an Iranian-American philosopher, lifelong native New Yorker, and author of numerous books including Prometheism and Prometheus and Atlas. Also check out his Twitter and Patreon.


Jason’s Faustian Futurist as an entry point to the philosophical and political concepts of his non-fiction work
The intimacy in giving the reader a window into the author’s subconscious
The Faustian archetype
The novel’s alternative history timeline set in the 2nd half of the 20th Century with an epilogue of the 21st Century
The theme of reincarnation
The significance of Atlantis in the novel and the empirical archeological evidence of Atlantis
Parapsychologist Gerald Feinberg’s The Prometheus Project, Mankind’s Search for Long-Range Goals
The parapsychological science of Remote viewing
A Prometheist vision beyond the convergence of left and right with a post-capitalist/scarcity outlook, and objective to find the balance between communitarianism and the creative potential of the individual
The limitations of electoral politics and the need to create a technological, cultural, and aesthetic movement
The Great Reset and the breakaway civilization
The mass exodus out of major cities and symbolism of the destruction of New York City as the cosmopolis of the West
Jason’s thoughts on the motives behind the woke agenda

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Robert Stark talks to Matt Forney about the Caucasus Region













Robert Stark talks to Matt Forney about the Caucasus region and trends for the 2020s. Matt Forney is an author, journalist and founder of Terror House Press, whose mission is to publish outsider literary fiction, literary nonfiction, and cultural criticism/analysis. You can also follow Terror House publishing on Twitter and Instagram.


Matt’s travels to the Caucasus region, living in Georgia for two years, and visiting Armenia
Georgia as an underrated gem, with an affordable but high standard of living, and hub for digital nomads
Geographic locations and mountainous natural beauty
Architecture and urban layout of Tbilisi, Georgia and Yerevan, Armenia
The anti-corruption Rose Revolution in Georgia
The region’s culture, Xenia hospitality culture, crossroad of Europe and the Middle East, and creeping westernization
The region’s cuisine, which is somewhat bland, but Georgian was the most exotic in Soviet Russia
Matt’s travels to Albania and misconceptions about that nation
The historic background leading up to the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
The conflict’s geo-political alliances and implications
Observations of social trends of the past two decades and speculation about the near future
How technology and social developments are leading to greater social atomization
The pandemic’s destruction of small businesses, gig economy, and overall end of normal employment
Why Matt has reservations about the UBI (Martin Goldberg: What Happens If You Get DELETED?)
The corporate gentrification of the internet
The Mancession of the 2008 crash vs. the current Shecession, and implications on gender relations
JPMorgan Chase extending billions in loans to minority homebuyers, Yelp’s anti-racist social credit nightmare, and overall unsustainability of woke neoliberalism
Matt’s prediction that Trump will win re-election and populism will align more with the GOP
Terror House Press’ upcoming books, including Matt Pegan’s Dragon Day

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Robert Stark interviews Alina Gorina about Soviet Futurism, Technocracy & Transhumanism















Alina’s background as a Russian from Kazakhstan living in Crimea
The referendum in Crimea and how the Russian controlled region is much more prosperous
Soviet science fiction novel The Ugly Swans
Soviet science fiction novel Andromeda: A Space-Age Tale published in 1957 which predicts future trends
Science fiction novel Childhood’s End
Mid-Century Space Futurism vs. 80’s and 90’s Cyberpunk
How both the United States and Soviet Union had a fascination with Space Futurism during the Cold War
Soviet architecture, Stalinist Neoclassical skyscrapers, and Soviet Retro-futuristic illustrations
The Soviet film Aelita: Queen of Mars
Techno Corporatism, Techno-Syndicalism, and Technocracy
The automation of government
How a Technocracy can provide free healthcare and education
How Technocracy can solve problems with democracy, corruption, monopolies, and income inequality
Trump, his space proposals, and how he was relatively popular in Russia until the Syrian attacks
Transhumanism, Biotech, CRISPR gene editing, and radical life extension

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666D Interuniversal Teichmuller Chess with Anatoly Karlin











Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Rabbit talk to Anatoly Karlin. He blogs at The Unz Review and has a new Russian language podcast rogpr(Russian Occupation Government Public Relations) hosted by Kirill Nesterov (@strana_mechty), and with @paypigdog.


Anatoly’s article This Fishy Smell of Sarin, or Was It Chlorine?
How there was no evidence nor motive that Assad was behind the attack
Trump’s motives for attacking Syria
Reactions to #SyriaStrikes
The situation in North Korea
The Alt Right as the antiwar resistance and how Antifa attacked Richard Spencer’s Anti-War protest
Cucked by the Donald
Anatoly’s point that the dissident right has a tendency towards binary thinking
The recent terrorist attacks in Saint-Petersburg and Sweden
Moderate Kazakh Rebels and the rise of radical Islam in Central Asia
The Triumph of “Patriotic Corruption”
Russia’s Protest Season
Russian presidential candidate Alexei Navalny and An Analysis of Navalny’s Program

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Robert Stark interviews Vincent Law











Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to . Vincent is based in Russia, blogs at Atavistic Intelligentsia, and co-hosts the Red Dawn Podcast


Vincent’s background being born in the Ukraine, growing up in the United States, and living in Russia
Identity and the importance of understanding ones roots
The generational divides in Russia
The effects of Communism on Russian Culture
The Yeltsin era in the 90’s, the populist backlash, and the rise of Putin
Social Nationalism, rejecting right wing economics, and why it’s crucial to appeal to factions of the disaffected left
Bobo Nationalism
The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Soul Theory
Cultural Appropriation, LARPING, and Elite Slumming
Chad Nationalism is a Bad Idea
Vincent’s observations from his recent trip to Sweden
Singh – A Sikh Perspective on the Alt-Right
The Alt-Right Should Support Gentrification
Moscow and Saint Petersburg’s architecture; Archeo-Futurism
Vince’s Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Novel Jak’s Play set in Saint Petersburg in the future, and the upcoming sequel set in Sweden

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Robert Stark interviews Constantin von Hoffmeister












Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Rabbit talk to Constantin von Hoffmeister. He is an advocate of National Futurism and blogs at Oge Noct


Constantin’s National Futurist Manifesto
How Futusim captures the Faustian Promethean nature of Western Man
Taking a materialistic over spiritual outlook toward identity
The Italian Futurist who wanted to re-create the glory of Rome in a futurist setting
The Dada movement, and Constantin’s flirtation with the concept of National Dadaism
The concept of Eurosiberia and Imperium Europa
National Bolshevism, Eurasianism, and Aleksandr Dugin
The European Migrant Crisis, and why Constantin is pessimistic about his home country Germany’s future
Why Constantin views Islamization as Europe’s primary threat, but America as a rival
How the election of Trump has improved Constantin’s view toward America
Constantin’s support for Israel and Secular Arab Nationalism as a bulwark against Radical Islam
The Cultural effects of Communism on East Germany and Eastern Europe
The Faustian Imperial Nature of Brutalist Architecture
Le Corbusier’s Plan To Overhaul Paris
Using Le Corbusier’s ideas to redevelop decaying suburbs into garden cities
The glitzy Neo-Brutalist Architecture of John C. Portman Jr, and his inspiration from the Champs-Élysées
London’s Architecture, Ernő Goldfinger’s Brutalist towers, Centre Point, and the BT Tower
The Bauhaus White City in Tel Aviv, Israel
Art NouveauArt Deco, and Mid-century modern
The Palace of the Soviets proposal in Moscow
The Russian Futurist movement
1970s Soviet futurism
New Arbat and Cyberpunk in Moscow
Constantin’s experience in India, and Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh, India
Constantin’s Poetry

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Robert Stark interviews Anatoly Karlin














Anatoly Karlin is a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. He’s originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley. He blogs at The UNZ Review and DaRussophile

Topics include:

His interest in both Neoreactionary politics and Futurism and how they compliment each other
His thoughts on the Alternative Right, the Alternative Left, and the Radical Center
The four political currents in Russia today(social conservatives, neoliberals, communist, and nationalist)
Vladimir Putin as a civic nationalist and his economic policies
The 5 Types of Russian American
Misconception that Americans and Westerners have about Russia
The Soviet Parallels of Fishtown’s Middle-Aged White Male Mortality Crisis
How automatization will make a basic income necessary
The Ethnic Politics of Basic Income
National Wealth, and IQ  and how oil and communism explain the exceptions
Dysgenic Deutschland
The European migrant crisis and how it will be used to justify more wars in the middle east
The Syrian conflict and Russia’s role in the region
How cousin marriage correlates with support for ISIS against Assad in Syria

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Robert Stark interviews Eugene Montsalvat










Eugène’s Montsalvat blogs at the Niekisch Translation Project and his articles can be viewed at Counter-Currents

Topics include:

Turn Left, New Right!

Nationalism & Class Struggle

The Necessity of Anti-Colonialism

Ernst Niekisch and National Bolshevism