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Robert Stark interviews Dota about the Paris Terrorist Attack













Dota  is a Canadian Paleo-Conservative of Indian origin. He blogs at

Topics include:

The Importance Of Being Tolerable: Thoughts On The Shooting in France and Multicultural Stupidity

Muslims, Muslim Immigration, and why it’s a mistake to make Islam the main issue

When immigrants are wiser than natives

Dota’s recent trip to Mumbai, India and how the nation has changed

Dota’s article on Return of Kings

Why feminism fails in the third world

Portrait of the alpha male

Feminism’s corporate benefactors


Robert Stark interviews Ann Sterzinger











Ann Sterzinger is a writer, publisher of HOPELESS BOOKS , and Editor of Takimag .

Topics include:

Her Catholic upbringing and how she lost faith in religion
Her career in Journalism as a proofreader and freelance writer
The upper middle class women who dominate the journalism industry and why Ann finds them alienating
The modern left and how it has become dominated by upper class boutique issues as opposed to class issues
Why introvert writers develop dark alter egos in their work
Anti-Natalism and the tragedy of the human existence.
Her response to arguments against Anti-Natalism (ex. “Idiocracy” and ethno nationalism)
Her book NVSQVAM (Nowhere)
The theme of when the dreams of your youth are destroyed and you have to face reality
Her book The Talkative Corpse: A Love Letter
The concept of loserdom; Genuine losers vs. situational losers and those in between
How the changes in the economy have harmed high IQ introverts

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