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Robert Stark interviews Musician Alex Romane










Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to musician Alex Romane. He is a electronic musician and operates Urban Sunrise records. He is known for coming out with the first drum and bass record ever, under the name Apache.


Intro Song: Alex Romane – Warrior Princess
Alex’s early background in music, influences from his mother, and basics in classical music and folk music
Alex’s father who was a music producer and brought back tapes of Iraqi Artist during the embargo
Alex’s music career in the early 90’s
How Alex invented the drum bass
Delirious – the world’s first ever Drum and Bass album
80’s synthwave music; Gary Numan and Tubeway Army
Cross over in synth and classical; Techbeat
Writing stories with music
Digital Hardcore and Jungle Music
The Dubstep genre, and other trends in music
The animated visuals on Alex’s website
Alex’s Philosophy; Direct Democracy and the Nature of God
The UK Direct Democracy Party
Alex’s experience lawfully infiltrating the UK Government
Alex’s new album Demokratia, which uses music as a political vehicle, and is a hybrid of hip hop, trance, and techno
NATO and war
Global Warming and Alternative energy sources going back to Henry Ford’s use of Hemp and Tesla’s energy devices

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