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Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about Ludism: Board Games That Will Get You High


















Robert Stark talks to Francis Nally about his new book Ludism: Board Games That Will Get You High.


What is Ludism? Ron Hale-Evans and
The board game scene in Pennsylvania
Andrew Looney and Peter Olotka
Ludology as a branch of Analytical Philosophy
Cosmic Encounter, Pyramid Arcade, and Piecepack
Howard M. Fesler and The Compleat Strategist
Game Design, “Ludology,” and it’s place in the arts
Francis’ critique of Euro games
Francis’ board game collection.
Monopoly and Candy Land
The rise and fall of Fantasy Flight Games
Francis’ obsession with the game Cosmic Encounter
Consumerism’s impact on board game design

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Robert Stark interviews Game Designer James Ernest














Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Game Designer James Ernest. He is the owner and founder of Cheapass Games


James’s background as a professional juggler
How James got started with game design, his start start with MAGIC: THE GATHERING, and starting Cheapass Games
Self Publishing as a basis for game design
Kickstarter fundraising for games
How the narrative is more important and challenging than the mechanisms
Casino games
Games based on novels
The game FISH COOK
The game KILL DOCTOR LUCKY inspired by Victorian Murder Mysteries
The game BEFORE I KILL YOU, MISTER SPY which was originally “Before I kill you Mister Bond”
The game GIVE ME THE BRAIN and the sequel LORD OF THE FRIES
The game FALLING
The most recent game TAK
Pulp games like American Idol CCG, Looney Tunes CCG, LandyLand, and Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge
The adult themed game XXXenophile
The artist Phil Foglio who James collaborates with on games
James’ comedy film The Man Between

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Robert Stark talks to Pilleater about his Novella “Trip”













Robert Stark talks to Pilleater about his new novella Trip. Pilleater blogs at Asian Aryanism | Making Animate Real!


The creation of Trip and Pilleater’s other new book Almond Eyes, Baby Face
Cause & Effect’s Trip album
The main characters Tom Delunge and Daisy Liang
Information Society –Pure Energy
Tom Delunge as an alter ego of Pilleater, Robert Stark as Howard Festler, and Rabbit as Turtle
Sex and Race-Play in the book
Tom’s stand-up comedy as a way to deal with his past trauma
Asian-Aryanism as a new sub-culture
Porn Actress Harriet Sugarcookie, Franny Choi, and avant-garde Asian culture(Amped Asia Magazine, Alt-Porn)
Asian-Aryanism as the new street or “queer theory” culture, synergizing the Alt-Right/Left, Adam Parfrey’s Apocalypse Culture, and Asian studies
The setting of Santa Barbara, West Coast America
Chinese vs Japanese culture
Tom’s dreams; the subconscious dream becomeing a reality; Phillip K. Dick’s VALIS, and the film Monkeybone
SJW culture and the “Yellow Feminist”
Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and the cliche of road trip stories in film
Socioeconomics, snob culture, and the fetish of youth culture

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A talk with Cosmic Encounter Game Designers Peter Olokta, Greg Olokta, & Bill Elirbie










Robert Stark and Pilleater talk to Peter Olotka, Greg Olokta, and Bill Elirbie. They designed the game Cosmic Encounter. Their newest game is Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne.


-The history and origins of Cosmic Encounter, Nauset Beach, Science-Fiction, “The List.”
-Diversity in Cosmic Encounter, the game existing before Dungeons & Dragons,
-How the game breaks rules and      pushes imaginary limits
-Star Trek, The Parker Brothers prototype in 1976, Non-prediction gameplay,
-the extended number of aliens in Cosmic Encounter
-The first edition of Cosmic, the artists behind the game, Harlan Ellison, Dean Morrissey,
-The situational theory in Cosmic
-Cosmic Encounter Online, Dune the Board Game, Issac Asimov,
-The art in Cosmic Encounter, Felicia Cano
-Cosmic Dominion
-Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne
-Prototyping and technology
-Balance and Unbalance within games
-Cosmic Encounter as both a toolbox for game designers and for telling story narratives
-Isaac Asimov’s Robots VCR Mystery Game
-Hippy culture, Cosmic Encounter as an avant-garde art piece
-Different editions of Cosmic Encounter
-Board game culture, the new fad of “gamer” culture
-The problem of video games, violence in video games
-The game design differences between Iron Throne and Cosmic
-The Star Wars story and Parker Brothers

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