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Robert Stark talks to David Cole about Political Incorrectness in The Porn Industry

Robert Stark and co-host Matthew Pegas talk to David Cole about the political incorrectness of the Porn Industry. David Cole writes for Takimag and is the author of Republican Party Animal. The thing is you can find most of these topics being exhibited by many porn sites but that doesn’t mean the industry is hurting from the incorrectness surrounding it.


Lessons From My Porn Girl: David’s friendship with Porn Star Kirsten Lee
How porn is the last arm of the entertainment industry that has survived politically correct censorship
How porn is unique in entertainment in that it caters primarily to its consumers’ desires
Racial themes in porn
The racial pay scale in the Porn Industry
The theme of humiliation and degradation in porn
David’s article about James Gunn: Shouting “Pedo” in a Crowded Twitter
The scalp for a scalp mentality and why David thinks that it is counter productive
The increase in censorship and political correctness in comedy
Creating new alternative entertainment networks and a new Apocalypse Culture
Adam Parfrey Saved My Life

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Robert Stark talks to Luke Ford about the Harvey Weinstein scandal









Robert Stark and co-host Joshua Zeidner talk to blogger Luke Ford about the Harvey Weinstein scandal.


LAT: More than 30 women come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment
The rape allegations and criminal investigations against Harvey Weinstein
The insular nature of Hollywood
Luke’s involvement in Hollywood as a background player
Luke’s book The Producers: Profiles in Frustration
Harvey Weinstein’s buying off of journalist
Luke’s exposé on a scandal involving the Hollywood Gay Mafia and David Geffen 
Corey Feldman’s allegations against Hollywood
The predatory urge behind sexual power
Luke’s observation that the Porn Industry is a lot more honest and open than Hollywood
Luke’s estimate that most actors and actresses trade sexual favors for roles
Ilana Mercer’s article Harvey Sweinstein and Hollywood’s Hos
Tablet Mag: Harvey Weinstein, Philip Roth, and Jewish Perverts
Harvey Weinstein’s personality type

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Robert Stark talks to Robert Brenner about HBO’s The Deuce and 1970’s Time Square










Robert Stark talks to Robert Brenner. Robert Brenner runs the Remnants of Gritty Times Square Tour hosted by Untapped Cities and has his own tour company Pig Feet Walking Tours.  Check out Robert Stark’s first and second interview with Robert Brenner about bout his Time Square Tours.


HBO’s “The Deuce” Resurrects Gritty Times Square
NYC Film Locations for The Deuce about Gritty 1970’s Time Square on HBO
Robert Brenner’s upcoming tour on October 22nd which will incorporate locations from HBO’s “The Deuce”
How the locations for the show have been re-created from scratch in Washington Heights
42nd Street which was once known as “The Deuce” and was a hub for adult venues
Remaining adult venues on 8th Avenue including Show World and The Playpen
Theatres retrofitted into Broadway venues including the The Victory, The Empire, The Lyric, and The New Amsterdam
The Condor and Big Al’s being retrofitted from adult venues in San Francisco
Defunct theatres including The Pussycat Cinema, The World Theatre, The Rialto, and The Apollo
Adult Films Beyond the Green Door and Deep Throat
The history of Broadway

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Robert Stark interviews Robert Brenner about his Gritty Old Time Square Tours

Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Robert Brenner. Robert is a writer, critic, satirist, futurist, urbanist, and porkatarian. His work has appeared in the Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Salon, the Barnes & Noble Review, Medium, Different Truths, Antiserious, and Theory In Action. He is a graduate of the Writers’ Institute at CUNY.


Robert Brenner’s Gritty Old Times Square tours, which are offered on Saturday’s once a Month, hosted by Untapped Cities
Adult Entertainment is the focus of the tours, but they also cover the general history of Time Square
The remnants of seedy Time Square, including The Playpen, and the Show World Center on Eighth Avenue
Robert Brenner’s experience in Time Square as a youth in the 70’s
That era of Time Square portrayed in the Films Taxi Driver and Midnight Cowboy
The gentrification of Time Square in the 90’s, and how the area went from an interesting but dangerous area to a safe and boring one
The Deuce on 42nd Street, which was the center of adult entertainment in the 70’s
The Porn Industry in Time Square, and premier of 70’s porn films such as Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat that paved the way for the future of the pornographic industry, spawning many different adult sites, live cam sites, and even the Babestation blog.
Robert Brenner’s point that every city needs a Red Light District
Peter Sotos’s Pure Filth about the pornographer Jamie Gillis
San Francisco’s Tenderloin, where Robert Brenner lived in the early 80’s, and Robert Stark’s observations from his trip to the San Francisco Bay Area
The decline of neon signage in favor of LED, Robert Stark’s interview with Thomas Rinaldi of New York Neon, and the company LET THERE BE NEON! which restores old signs
The history of the Broadway Theater District, the New Amsterdam Theatre, and the defunct Paramount Theatre
The closing of Carnegie Deli and Maxie’s Delicatessen
The Bond Clothing Store Signs in Times Square
The John Portman designed Marriott Marquis in Time Square
The Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station, and plans for Moynihan Station inspired by the old Penn Station
New York Skyscrapers

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Robert Stark talks to Charles Lincoln & Robert Lindsay about LA, the 1980’s, & Blade Runner

















This is a continuation of the discussion on True Stories

Topics include:

The demographic transformation of Southern California
Robert Lindsay’s experience as a substitute teacher
Beverly Hills
The Film Fast Times at Ridgemont High set in the San Fernando Valley in the early 80’s
The depiction of adolescent sexuality in the film
How in the 70’s and early 80’s hedonism existed with less materialism and higher social trust than today
How the rise in hyper materialism coincided with the popularity of Reagan
How Robert Lindsay was involved with the Punk scene in the 80’s
The Film Earth Girls Must be Easy
The Porn Industry in the San Fernando Valley
Southern California Mall Culture
How the decline of traditional Mall Culture symbolizes how all of society is becoming one giant mall
How strip malls in LA are being replaced by higher density development
The debate about density and Urbanism
Mexican Culture vs. Mexican American Culture in California
The Film Blade Runner which is set in LA in 2019
Whether Blade Runner is an accurate depiction of the future
The genre of Dystopian Future Films(ex.Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, Mad Max)
The Film “Her” which depicts the future of LA as an eco friendly SWPL utopia
The decline in the quality of products

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about the 7th day Adventist Church, Orthodox Judaism & Max Hardcore

Luke Ford Moral Leader











Robert Stark and co-host Paul Bingham talk to blogger, former pornography gossip collumnist, and convert from the Seventh-day Adventist Church to Orthodox Judaism, Luke Ford.

Topics include:

How Luke and Paul both share a common background in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Seventh Day Adventist Beliefs
How Ben Carson’s campaign brings attention to the 7th Day Adventist faith
How 7th Day Adventist tend to avoid politics
How 7th Day Adventist tend to distrust the US Government
The apocalyptic aspect of 7th Day Adventism(ex. the Branch Davidians who were a break away sect)
How 7th Day Adventist put an emphasis on healing
How 7th Day Adventist facilities have an aura of holiness and reverence
How the church if made up of mostly women and tends to feminize both men and women(ex. discouraging competition)
How the Church appeals to people in poverty and helps them improve their lives
How upwardly mobile individuals tend to leave the Church
How 7th Day Adventist put a strong emphasis on the afterlife while Jews tend to focus on success in this world
How 7th Day Adventist and Jews tend to have opposite values about passions towards money, sex, and power
How Orthodox Judaism is much more challenging and difficult to convert to
Similarities between Judaism and Mormonism
Dietary laws, 7th Day Adventist Vegetarianism, and the Kosher diet
The impacts of Vegetarianism and how it can work if practiced properly
Luke’s father Desmond Ford who was an influential leader in the church and latter broke away
The Nostradamus Kid which is a coming of age story about an Australian boy raised a Seventh-Day Adventist in the 1950’s who yearns for the pastor’s daughter and fears the world is coming to an end
The Alexander Technique and how it appeals to Actors and Athletes
How the Alexander Technique helps with voice problems, posture, and clumsiness
Whether religion or psychotherapy are more effective in treating psychological problems problems
How different religions address different problems
How Luke found the 7th Day Adventist Church stifling of expression
How Dr. Kellogg who was a 7th Day Adventist promoted circumcision to reduce sexual pleasure
How Luke’s has tended to avoid tension and has developed his humor as a coping mechanism
Max Hardcore and how he pioneered the genre of violent humiliation porn
How Max Hardcore took porn to its logical conclusions and was an embarrassment to many in the industry who hid behind a veneer of respectability. Some of his work is viewable on sites like twinki and other contemporaries in the field.
How Luke’s personal take on Max Hardcore based on the time he spent with him, was that he was articulate, intelligent, and charming, but had a dark sadistic side that he let out on camera and when he was drunk
Luke’s controversial political views, immigration, and Donald Trump
Chateau Heartiste

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Narcissism, Sex Addiction, & Eroticized Rage

Luke Ford Moral Leader













5 Ways Sex Addiction Recovery Can Get Derailed
Narcissists Watch More Porn: Enter Eroticized Rage
Porn as a mechanism for the addict to feel powerful and important
Sex and love addiction
The 12 Step Program
Secure vs. insecure and avoident forms of attachment
Narcissism & Humor
The Fruits Of Feminism
Does IQ correlate with Narcissism?


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Robert Stark interviews Ogi Ogas

OgiOgasA Billion Wicked Thoughts













Ogi Ogas received his Ph.D. in computational neuroscience from Boston University, where he designed mathematical models of learning, memory, and vision. He is co-author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts . He was a Department of Homeland Security Fellow and conducted biodefense research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He was also a contestant on the Game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Topics include:

How Ogi analyzed web searches, Web sites, erotic videos, erotic stories, personal ads, and digitized romance novels

How his study is the most extensive since Alfred Kinsey’s in the 1950’s

How censorship and barriers to sex research used to come primarily from social conservatives but now often comes from cultural liberals

How men and women’s brain’s are wired differently

How men’s desires are primarily visual while women’s are more psychological

How physical arousal can contradict psychological arousal in women

How women’s desire’s and what they find attractive in men are more influenced by culture than men’s

The attraction to youth and how Barely Legal Porn is the only subscription genre to survive the proliferation of Tube Porn

The misconception that homosexual men are women in men’s bodies

Homosexual Porn

Why heterosexual men are surprisingly interested in trans porn

The theme of domination in Porn and how it’s viewed by women and both heterosexual and homosexual men

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about the Germanwings Pilot, Despair & Eroticized Rage

Germanwings Pilot









Topics include:

Luke’s new Torah Talk show which relates the Torah’s text to modern day issues of Race, Nationalism, and Jewish Gentile relations
Luke’s New Co-Host who is a beautiful young blonde Jewish girl who shares Luke’s passion for the Torah and dissident politics
The Torah Corral
Jews For Consistency
Narcissist and God: Love-Hate Relationship
What’s The Difference Between A Blogger And A Suicide Bomber?
Was Andreas Lubitz A Beta Male Suicide Bomber?
What is the SCALE problem?
Andreas Lubitz: The Intersection of Mental Illness And Social Atomization
How Nihilist and Sociopaths often have accurate observations on human nature that those with a moral code tend to look over
Gendered Racial Exclusion by White Internet Daters
The theme of degradation in Pornography, with the exception of the watchmygf website which is comprised soley of amateur porn videos of every day people in all shapes and sizes that are just making their own porn videos at home and then submitting them to the website for all to enjoy.

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Robert Stark interviews Dick Smothers Jr.


Robert Stark interviews former Porn Star Dick Smothers Jr.

Topics include:

Growing up the son of Dick Smothers of the Smothers Brothers and how he had a fairy normal childhood

Why being a Porn Star was not his main dream growing up, his videos might be on websites similar to Tube V shemale Sex.

His rock band Kamikaze and his 80’s tribute band

Why he likes to create what he performs

The corporate environment of the music franchise

Why there’s more independence in the Porn Industry

Why The Porn Industry resembles the Publication Industry rather than the Film Industry

How his first Porn debut was in a Showtime Soft Core series My First Time

The Soft Core Genre

His preference for couples scene and the Genres he refused to act in

Abusive and degrading Genres of Porn and how girls are often coerced into those films

How guys like Max Hardcore harm the industry and appeal to a dark side of human nature

How the Porn Industry includes both kind and abusive individuals

His appearance on Howard Stern’s Show

His appearance in adult movies shown on popular websites such as

Luke Ford and his observations on individuals in the industry

People who are traumatized or have long term psychological problems from porn

Dating women in Porn

A Dominatrix film he refused to act in

Why he was considered straight-laced by the standards of the Porn Industry

Why he wanted to be a positive male representative of the Industry with his average penis size

The interview with Reuters were he said he wanted to be the Orson Wells of Porn

Why there needs to be more creativity in Porn

How Porn becoming more accessible has harmed the profits of the industry

Why there’s a mean streak in America and how that influences it’s Porn

Why he left the industry

The AIDS Scare and how the industry is regulated for STD’s

The types of men who act in porn on websites like

The Narcissistic celebrity culture in America

His advice to someone looking to get into porn

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