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Robert Stark talks about Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign for President










Robert Stark, Matthew Pegas, and Brandon Adamson discuss Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign for president in 2020.


Brandon’s article Tulsi Gabbard 2020 (or 2024) or Whom Would Magnum P.I. Vote For?(April 2018)
Gabbard as the anti-war candidate, her opposition to intervention in Syria, and criticism of Islamic extremism
The Liberal establishment’s opposition to both Trump and Gabbard from a pro-war standpoint
The dissident Right’s praise for Gabbard
Why Gabbard is preferable to Trump on most issues except immigration
Trump’s government shutdown as political theatre
Trump floating path to citizenship for H1B visa holders and Gabbard’s support for the program
Whether Gabbard will be a major candidate or another fringe protest candidate
Gabbard’s multi-cultural background, lack of interest from SJW crowd, and whether she will be pushed in that direction
Bernie Sanders’ on open borders as a Koch brothers proposal and Elizabeth Warren’s past claim that entry of mothers into workforce was a disaster for the country
Contrasting Gabbard with Ocasio-Cortez and other democratic candidates
Gabbard’s support for a Universal Basic Income
Brandon’s article Are “Democratic Socialists” Closet Neoreactionaries?
Political trends in a post American future

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Robert Stark interviews Peter Moruzzi about Mid-Century Modern











Robert Stark and co-host Cartrell Payne(The Adventure Kid) talk to Peter Moruzzi. Peter was born in Concord, Massachusetts and raised in Hawaii, he graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and later attended the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. In 1999, he founded the Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS ModCom) an architectural preservation group. He is the author of “Havana Before Castro: When Cuba Was a Tropical Playground,” “Palm Springs Holiday: A Vintage Tour From Palm Springs to the Salton Sea,” “Classic Dining:Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants,” “Palm Springs Paradise: Vintage Photographs from America’s Desert Playground,” and “Greetings from Los Angeles.”


Classic Dining: Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants
Grand Central Oyster Bar
Historic Preservation
Notable Mid-Century architects including Richard Neutra and Joseph Eichler 
A Eulogy for the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York
Neon Signs
Dal Rae Replaces Historic Neon for Ugly Backlit Plastic
The Mob, the El Cortez, and the Flamingo
Tiki culture
The Tonga Room in San Francisco
Palm Springs Paradise
Melvyn’s Restaurant in Palm Springs
Greetings from Los Angeles
L.A.’s Backyard Oil Well Fever!
Norms Restaurants in LA
Googie, Space Age, and the International Style
Mid-Century Modern highrises including Eichler’s highrises in San Francisco and the Sierra Towers in LA
The Madonna Inn
70’s Mayan themed Architecture
Havana Before Castro: When Cuba Was a Tropical Playground
Mid-Century Modern Furniture including Danish Modern, Italian Murano Lamps, and Swiss Swiza Clock
Nationwide Map of Classic Restaurants Now on Google Maps

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Robert Stark interviews Music Composer Dana Countryman













Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Cartrell Payne(The Adventure Kid)talk to music composer Dana Countryman.


Intro: How Do You Know When You Fall IN LOVE? from the album Girlville!
Dana’s latest album Girlville! inspired by early 60’s music
Dana’s rediscovery of early 60’s girl groups such as The Ronettes, The Crystals, and The Shangri-Las
The Retro Pop genre
Dana’s album – Moog-Tastic and the Moog Synthesizer
Dana’s collaboration with French musician Jean-Jacques Perrey who was the founder of the electronic genre in the 1950’s
Dana’s biography about Perrey Passport To The Future: The Amazing Life and Music of Electronic Pop Music Pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey
Dana’s interview for the book with Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti who produced Perrey’s albums in the 60’s
Perrey co-writing the music for Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade
Dana’s Cool and Strange Music Magazine
Chicken On The Rocks by Jean Jacques-Perrey & Dana Countryman which was feature on South Park
Dana’s comedy vocal group in the 80’s The Amazing Pink Things
“Jealous Heart” by Dana Countryman inspired by Fountain of Wayne
“Baby, I’ll Be Your Star” by Dana Countryman, a parody of Reality TV
Exotica Music

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Deo Vindice: Charles Lincoln on his trip to Hawaii









Guest Host Charles Lincoln discusses his recent trip to Hawaii, exploring the island’s history and its cultural significance. Charles Lincoln will share  his views on how Hawaii is a window to the future – where Whites are not only a racial minority but are also minority within the governing power structure. Charles Lincoln explains how the corporate elites have allied themselves with the island’s non-White cheap labor force to not only disenfranchise the White middle-class, but is also threatening Hawaii’s natural environment for the sake of profit.