Robert Stark talks to Thom Young about Instagram Poetry











Robert Stark talks to author Thom Young about how his short verse “love made / her wild” went viral on Instagram. You can check out his books at Amazon.


The PBS article about Thom, Why this poet is posting meaningless verse on Instagram 
Writing a parody or satire demonstrating how easy it is to get popular on social media
How short trite poetry has gotten Thom tons of likes and followers on Instagram
Thom’s parody of a hipster poet called Tyler
The “Pop Poetry” and “She Poetry” genres
Thom’s recent poetry books, “A Little Black Dress Called Madness” and “Coffee Nightmares”
Thom’s upcoming poetry books including a poetry book, “She Fell in Love with her Madness” and a high comedy satire book
David Lynch films and Twin Peaks

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