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Robert Stark Interviews Professor Albert Bartlett

Albert Bartlett is Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder who is an internationally-known and widely-published expert on the economics of sustainability and growth. He is the author of The Essential Exponential and of

Topics discussed:

  • The dynamics of population growth and overpopulation
  • The necessity of addressing population in environmental policies
  • Boulder, Colorado’s tax to buy open lands to take them out of development
  • Sustainable growth as an oxymoron
  • Political motives for increased growth
  • Urban growth always outstrips revenues and promotes debt.
  • Immigration as a cause of population growth
  • Political motives for increasing immigration
  • You cannot sustain a country by importing labor.
  • Population growth dilutes democratic representation.
  • Population growth undermines freedom of action.
  • The necessity of making free family planning world-wide
  • The energy crisis requires addressing population growth.
  • Modern technology does not disprove Malthusianism.
  • Peak oil
  • The limits of alternative energies
  • The necessity of global solutions to environmental and population issues
  • Urban planning defines problem solving as removing impediments to growth which leads to new problems.
  • Bartlett’s “Arithmetic, Population, and Energy