Robert Stark interviews Publisher Josh Dale
















Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to publisher Josh Dale. Josh Dale runs Thirty West Publishing House and has a BA in English from Temple University.


Josh’s background including being an associate editor and contributor to Temple’s Hyphen Literary Magazine and experience with a vanity publisher on Instagram
Temple University in Philadelphia; Science Fiction writer Samuel R. Delany
The process of setting up Thirty West Publishing
The overall themes and criteria of Thirty West
Josh’s interest in work that is introspective and inspired by the inner workings of the mind
The designs of Thirty West’s books
Authors published including Thom Young
Josh’s collection of poetry Duality Lies Beneath
The themes of the poems ranging from random imagination, observations, critiques of society, and personal idiosyncrasies
The book cover from a train station in Philadelphia
Josh’s influence from the Transcendentalist writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson
Josh’s near death experience from a car crash and how that impacted his outlook on life
Involvement in spoken word poetry readings

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