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Robert Stark interviews Presidential Candidate Kyle Kopitke

Kyle Kopitke











Kyle Kopitke is running for president as an independent. His campaign website is and he blogs at President Kopitke 2016

Topics include:

Why he running for president
His Military and Foreign Policy Experience
How he was the State Director for the Jerry Brown for President campaign during the Utah Primary in 1992 and defeated Bill Clinton there
His search for a Vice Presidential Candidate
How the political system is bought off by the 1% and their globalist agenda
Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders
The 2nd Amendment & The Constitution
Ending Student Loan debt
How the 1% avoid paying taxes
His support for a financial transaction tax on Wall Street
His support for a moratorium on foreclosures of homes, farms, and small businesses
His opposition to trade deals such as NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership
His support for a 1 year moratorium on immigration
Environmental Protection
The water situation in Flint, Michigan where he lives
Ending Forced Vaccines
The Zika Virus
Why he supports decommissioning all nuclear power plants
Civil Liberties

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Robert Stark interviews Ellen Brown about her campaign for Treasurer












Ellen Brown is a candidate for State Treasurer of California for the Green Party. She is currently chairman and president of the Public Banking Institute, which is an organization that promotes public banking in the United States and elsewhere.


Campaign Website:

Topics include

  • Instituting a Public Bank in the State of California
  • Why she is running under the Green Party Ticket
  • Why lending money from private banks is responsible for the State’s budget crisis
  • Robbing Mainstream to prop up Wall Street: Why Jerry Brown’s rainy day fund is a bad ide
  • Wall Street greed: Not to big for California Jury
  • Barriers to third party candidates
  • Monsanto
  • The Bank of North Dakota and it’s results
  • How private banks have cut off the credit line for small business start ups

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