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Robert Stark interviews Apex about Systems & Agency












Robert Stark and Apex talk about Systems, Pan-Enclavism, and the Alt-Center. Apex is a former leftist from a landless North Eastern Native American Tribe, and loosely part of the Post-Left/Post-Right sphere. He describes himself as the “Cartographer of the Simulation and the Architect of Post-America.” Subscribe to Apex’s Substack and follow him on Twitter.


Why the Left are Hyper-capitalists
How we can embrace certain leftwing social policies while rejecting the philosophical framework
Systems and Agency
Why All Politics are Identity Politics
Robert’s Proposal for a New Alt-Center which offers a counter-argument to the slippery slope fallacy and O’Sullivan’s First Law with core philosophical principles
Why There is no such thing as a “Private Company” and why The Right is No Home of Mine
Distributism, Adam Smith’s critique of absentee ownership, and why market power matters more than supply and demand
The huge and confusing gap in theorizing power structures
The viability of alternative institutions such as in finance and education
Pan-Enclavism: the case for communal self-determination as a bulwark against mass homogenization
Post Americanism: embracing America as an internal empire
Politics as a cope: The LARPing will continue until morale improves

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