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Robert Stark interviews Caleb Maupin about Kamala Harris
















Robert Stark talks to widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst, Caleb Maupin about his new book Kamala Harris & The Future of America: An Essay in Three Parts. Check out Caleb’s website, other books, Youtube, and Twitter.


Caleb’s involvement with Occupy Wall Street, the anti-war movement, and socialist politics
Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor during the tough on crime era and debate with Tulsi Gabbard
Kamala Harris’ family upbringing and evolution of her personality and moral framework
Kamala Harris as the culmination of a number of trends, including polarization and the distortion of leftwing politics
The significant role that identity politics plays for Kamala Harris
They Named Her Kamala: Clinton Staff, Donors Anoint 2020 Candidate
How Kamala Harris could play a similar role that Hillary Clinton played in the Obama administration, pushing a muscular liberal interventionism
Concerns about civil liberty abuses and tech totalitarianism under a Biden/Harris administration
Bezos v. Trump: 3 Major Divisions in the US Ruling Class
The degree to which Trump is an impediment to the “Open International System”
The ideological conformity, and destructive and anti-populist philosophy of the New Left

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Robert Stark interviews Roman Bernard about the Paris Terrorist Attack & the Political situation in France













Roman Bernard lives in Paris, is the European Editor for RADIX JOURNAL, is in political communications and marketing, and a former sports reporter

Topics include:

The role that Paris plays as the center of power in France
How Paris is a 3 Tier city with a wealthy left leaning white center(where the attack happened), a 2nd tier which is mostly poor immigrants, and the 3rd Tier which are the white flight suburbs
How Roman walked by the Bataclan Theatre before the attack and saw many of the victims and how he knows people who knew people who died
The psychological process Roman went through after the attack(human, anger, confidence)
How the terrorist explicitly targeted whites and spared the lives of non-whites
How two of the terrorist were refugees
The media’s myth that Paris was under total marshal law
How the Police used the attack as justification to break into people’s home
How Prime Minister Hollande lied about the borders being close
How propaganda is more important than history and facts
The Football scene from The Dark Knight Rises
French Football as a form of Civic Nationalism
How Qatar owns the major football team in France, is hosting the next world cup, is largely responsible for crisis in Syria, and combines the worst aspects of Arab and Western culture
How Syria has a connection to Western Civilization due to colonization by the Greeks, Romans, and French
The Syrian War as a racial conflict
How the French Government is supporting the Syrian rebels against the Alawites who were allies of the French under colonialism
The plans by the western elites and Gulf States to dismantle Syria and build and oil pipeline
Michel Houellebecq’s Submission which is about an Islamist takeover of France
Demographic trends in France
How the key issue is western atomization and that Islamization is the symptom
The 2015 French regional election
Marine Le Pen and the Front National
How the Front National is a coalition of former socialist in the de industrialized North and affluent conservatives in the South
Why Roman views the key issue as national survival and that economic and social issues should be left to local regions

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