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Robert Stark interviews River Page












Robert Stark talks to River Page about the role of identity politics and class on the left, and the need for political alternatives to the existing left. River Page blogs at Twink Rev and you can follow him on Twitter.


River’s religious upbringing, importance of social capital, and
exposure to Marxism

The inaccuracy of liberal stereotypes about the Bible Belt
Why Liberals Hate Poor White Trash
The degree to which social liberalism is a product of plutocratic economics
Marxism on the question of borders and nations
Examples of woke austerity in Eco-capitalism, diversity programs, and high skilled immigration
Kamala Harris and the intersection of elite economic interests with woke identity politics
How the New Left abandoned the working class
Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Platform Capitalism and the False Promise of Self-Liberation
The Woke Resurrection of a Gay Sex Panic

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