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Robert Stark and Matt Pegan discuss the Nationwide Civil Unrest









Robert Stark and Matt Pegan discuss the civil unrest that has occurred over the past week and the social and political ramifications. Note the show was recorded on June 3rd. Follow Matt on Twitter.


The economic crisis due to the pandemic
How economic despair combined with identity grievance culture created a perfect storm
How in crisis people reject civility and revert to their base instincts and polarized narratives
Virtue signaling from Woke Capital
The relationship between bourgeois liberalism and the far left(see Opinion poll based on income)
How the civil unrest is a shock to many but shows the long time social breakdown of our society
How this hits close to home for Matt as an LA resident
How, unlike in past riots, looting was in wealthier areas such as LA’s Westside and Midtown Manhattan
Unrest spreads to Bay Area suburbs
How the pandemic made it hard to jail looters
Narratives about law enforcement
Trump’s handling of the crisis, and how he’s in the worst possible situation
Comparisons with past media narratives when dealing with right wing extremism
How the worst of rioting has been quelled but we could see long term urban decay

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Robert Stark interviews James Lafond













Robert Stark and co-host Paul Bingham talk to James LaFond. James is an author, blogger, and self defense expert based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Check out his work on his websiteblogAmazon, TwitterFacebookPatreon, and the thecrackpotpodcast.


James’s writings about life in Baltimore
The city’s descent into chaos
Personal experiences with crime and violence
Police corruption and the Police’s ineffectiveness in dealing with crime
The 2015 Freddie Gray Riots
Making a living as a writer
James’s fantasy and science fiction novels
James’s book The Jericho Bone
Robert E. Howard and Louis L’Amour

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Round Table Discussion on Charlottesville & Political Polarization











Robert Stark joined with Keith Preston of Attack the System, Sam Kevorkian, J.G. Michael, and Joshua Zeidner discuss the “Unite The Right” event in Charlottesville Virginia, the aftermath, and it’s implications for political discourse.


Keith Preston’s essay Some Initial Thoughts on Charlottesville
How the message of the rally was unclear and incoherent; the “Occupy Wall Street” of the Right
The media’s reaction and the Public relations disaster for the Alt-Right
How the Police handled the event and past cases where the Police were ordered to stand down
Trump’s diplomatic response
How both the Alt-Right and SJW Left are reacting to growing wealth disparities; including many former members of the Upper Middle Class
Political polarization as a reflection of alienation among youth
Conspiracy theories about both left and right wing protesters being controlled opposition
The rise of the far right and left and the ineptitude of the Center
The political fragmentation of the Elites and the Media
The rise in political violence
The massive online crackdown on the Alt-Right in the aftermath of Charlottesville
Corporate censorship(ex.VDARE targeted by corporate left)
Extending the First Amendment to corporations
ACLU: White Supremacists no longer entitled to all First Amendment rights
Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a ‘major gift to the Right’

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Robert Stark interviews Reactionary Tree














Robert Stark and Co-host Pilleater talk to Reactionary Tree.


Reactionary Tree’s political background in the Ron Paul movement and Tea Party and how he got involved with the Alt-Right
Why he uses Reactionary in his moniker
Reactionaries as wanting to return to the past as opposed to creating visions for the future and whether he will change his moniker to Futurist Tree
Archeofuturism; the need for a futurist aesthetic that channels the romantic heroic visions of the past
Synthwave Artist Xurious and how his music is the essence of archeo-futurism
The Left Wing of the Alt-Right and how becoming an identitarian pushed his views to the left on economics and the environment
Identitarianism; Ethno vs. Civic Nationalism
The Left Justifies Political Violence and the concept of Anarcho-Tyranny
The shutdown of the Alt-Right Reddit and Reactionary Tree’s banning from Twitter
Corporate Censorship and whether social media should be nationalized to protect free speech
Rejecting free market orthodoxy
Income inequality and the destruction of the middle class
The necessity of an alliance between the Alt-Right, Alt-Lite Civic Nationalist, and non-SJW Bernie Sanders supporters
The Black Pill vs the White Pill and signs of optimism for the future

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Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live about Cultural & Aesthetic Decline

Photo on 5-12-15 at 5.00 PM #2













Topics include:

Her Art History Major in College
Her take on modern art and how it was innovative at first but has become repetitive
Why the mainstream right has little interest in arts, culture, and aesthetics
The decline of cities and the creation of bland suburbs
How mainstream conservative view the destruction of historic communities as part of the “free market”
How the Alternative Right attracts creative types and takes a more Eurocentric outlook
Why the people  and culture is more important than economics in having a successful society
How there is something Spiritual and Transcendent about aesthetic beauty
Anarcho Tyranny which is an imposed standard of no standards
How standards in fashion have declined
How the upper class are emulating the aesthetic standards of the proletariat
The role of Aesthetics in Judaism and Jewish Culture

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