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Robert Stark interviews Transhumanist Andres Gomez Emilsson














Robert Stark and co-host Francis Nally talk to Andres Gomez Emilsson. Andres is a Transhumanist and is involved with Qualia Computing.


Qualia Computing and plans for a Qualia Research Institute
The computational theory of the mind
The nature and science of happiness
Peaceful Qualia: The Manhattan Project of Consciousness
Creating a state of consciousness so power that it could prevent wars
How brain chemistry effects philosophy and politics
Mind melding technology and expansive consciousness
Exploring altered states of consciousness
The pleasure and fear centers of the brain
Psycho-physical experiments and measuring pleasantness
The biochemical tools to change states of consciousness
Deep brain stimulation
Enhancing relaxation, motivation, creativity, and open mindedness
Whether this can be universally accessible as an information technology
The possibility that these technologies could be misused
Anti-mind control technology
Psychedelic drugs and the benefits when done in proper settings

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