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Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about the Ukraine War

Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about the geopolitics of the war in Ukraine. Keith Preston is a historian, social scientist, political analyst, author, lecturer, trends researcher, and the editor of Attack the System. Follow Keith on Twitter.


The Geopolitical background of the conflict, the unprovoked narrative, and NATO expansion
How sanctions often fail at their intention of brining about regime change
How the conflict is accelerating geopolitical realignments and the bifurcation between the West and a Eurasian block
The motives and military strategy of the Ukrainian government
Whether the Russian invasion of Ukraine would have been less likely to have happened under Trump
Neo-McCarthyism, Russo-phobia, and the crackdown on civil liberties
The rise in a convoluted hybrid of American nationalism and woke culture
Worst case scenarios of the war escalating into direct conflict between Russia and the US and NATO
The fragmentation and polarization of American society, enclavism and Bill Bishop’s Big Sort
Supply chain issues and the potential for a global economic crisis

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Robert Stark interviews Caleb Maupin about Kamala Harris
















Robert Stark talks to widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst, Caleb Maupin about his new book Kamala Harris & The Future of America: An Essay in Three Parts. Check out Caleb’s website, other books, Youtube, and Twitter.


Caleb’s involvement with Occupy Wall Street, the anti-war movement, and socialist politics
Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor during the tough on crime era and debate with Tulsi Gabbard
Kamala Harris’ family upbringing and evolution of her personality and moral framework
Kamala Harris as the culmination of a number of trends, including polarization and the distortion of leftwing politics
The significant role that identity politics plays for Kamala Harris
They Named Her Kamala: Clinton Staff, Donors Anoint 2020 Candidate
How Kamala Harris could play a similar role that Hillary Clinton played in the Obama administration, pushing a muscular liberal interventionism
Concerns about civil liberty abuses and tech totalitarianism under a Biden/Harris administration
Bezos v. Trump: 3 Major Divisions in the US Ruling Class
The degree to which Trump is an impediment to the “Open International System”
The ideological conformity, and destructive and anti-populist philosophy of the New Left

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Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about The Syria Strikes, Russian Politics & Failure of Trump










Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to Anatoly Karlin. Anatoly blogs for The Unz Review and is on the Russian language podcast rogpr.


Douma and Dumber
John Bolton and the return of the Neocons
Trump using the strike to distract from Russiagate
Whether the strike is purely symbolic or could lead to a greater conflict
How there is no evidence of Assad using chemical weapons
The Saudi Israeli Alliance
How Can Russia Hurt the US?
Gloomy Presentiments
The Road to World War III
The geopolitics of China and India
Brandon’s article People Who Hate Each Other Against the War
Brandon’s article Tulsi Gabbard 2020 (or 2024) or Whom Would Magnum P.I. Vote For?
The re-election of Putin and Some Final Notes
Putin’s implementation of hate speech laws
Vladimir Zhirinovsky who Anatoly voted for as a protest vote
Anatoly’s Blackpill Scenario for the United States

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Robert Stark talks to Rabbit about Trump’s Betrayal & Attack on Syria









Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Rabbit about Trump’s attack on Syria and the betrayal of his base. Rabbit blogs at – “The left wing of the AltRight”


The gas “attack” in syria and how it’s being used as propaganda to draw us into war
Anatoly Karlin’s article This Fishy Smell of Sarin, or Was it Chlorine?
Regardless of what happened the conflict is none of our business
How the AltRight is totally united in not wanting to go to war in Syria and disillusioned with Trump
Richard Spencer: Will Trump Gas His Presidency Over Syria?
Hillary Clinton and the Neocon/Never-Trumpers praising Trump’s decision to invade Syria
The hubris in thinking we should decide who the the leaders should be in other countries, and how the US never learns it’s lessons
Trump’s use of liberal humanitarian rhetoric to justify intervention
The Trump admin being taken over by neocons and Trump himself making dumb statements
Steve Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council
How gullible US politicians and media are, and how easily manipulated emotionally people are by imagery
How the North Korea situation is none of our business either, and how it is a self created threat
Other examples of Trump betraying his base including Signing Measure to Let ISPs Sell Your Data Without ConsentHealthcare, and Free Trade

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Robert Stark interviews Alt-Left Youtuber Prince of Queens about SJW’s & the Regressive Left









Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Bay Area Guy talk to alt-left YouTuber Prince of Queens.

Topics includes:

Quiplash and Google hangouts
Joshua David McKenney was a college roommate of Prince of Queens in college
Professor Jordan Peterson and “Authoritative” psychological traits
The Queer community and fourth-way intersectional feminism.
The Regressive Left
SJW’s hate cisgenger white male homosexuals
“Homosexual men trying to rape women”
How the left fell after the 2nd Obama term
Intersectional feminism as a form of trickery
Black Lives Matter
The arrogance of Feminism about the Hillary campaign
Bernie Sanders and Bay Area Guy’s endorsement
The “progressive stack” and how SJW’s destroyed Occupy Wall Street
The cult of Race Theory
San Francisco & Stuff White People Like
Asians and SJWs
Whites and Asians on the same side for “privilege?”

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Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about Donald Trump and the Return of Liberalism








Robert Stark and Alex von Goldstein talk to Keith Preston about his essay Donald Trump and the Return of Liberalism

Topics include:

The three waves of Liberalism, classical liberalismreform liberalism, and neoliberalism
Neoliberalism, which is essentially a hybrid of capitalism and social democracy under the managerial state, starting under Jimmy Carter, and accelerating under Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton
Noam Chomsky: Richard Nixon Was ‘Last Liberal President’
How the election of Donald Trump represents a mass repudiation of Neoliberalism
Hillary Clinton as the candidate who epitomizes Neoliberalism, and neglected the working class base of the Democratic Party
How many people on the left such as Slavoj Zizek supported Trump over Clinton
Why Keith believes Bernie Sanders could of defeated Trump
How a recent article in The Atlantic, a liberal publication, admitted mainstream American liberalism has transformed into a kind of left-wing capitalism
How many mainstream conservatives and Republicans, simultaneously warned that Trump was a dangerous racist, sexist, xenophobe, and Fascist, and not authentic conservative enough
Keith compares Trump to a Nelson Rockefeller, who ran as George Wallace in the GOP primaries before reinventing himself as Ross Perot in the general election campaign
How Wallace was a symbol of right-wing populism, but also a New Deal Democrat and Perot was one of the most outspoken critics of neoliberalism in the in the last 30 years
How the New Deal (reform liberalism) under FDR involved an alliance of Southern segregationists (like Wallace) and Northern liberals who were advocates of civil rights
The decline of social conservatism, how Trump won that vot, despite his moderate social views, and how social conservatives are moving to the left economically
Trump’s Surprising Transportation Priorities
Trump’s climate change denial and interest in expanding the use of fossil fuels
The new political realignment, and Trump’s appeal to working class white swing voters with issues of trade, immigration, and preserving social safety nets
Trump’s economic policies include, labor protectionismpreserving the working to middle class social safety netreforming rather than abolishing Obamacarenew benefits to working women with children, and one of the most liberal reforms of student loan debt policy
However Trump’s tax plan is based on supply side economists
Trump Could Place Media In Antitrust Crosshairs
How Trump’s civil liberty stances turned off libertarian leaning voters, and his environmental stances well educated ones, and whether a hypothetical candidate to the left of Trump on those issues could build a successful new political coalition
The demise of Conservatism INC., and whether the future of the GOP is a “Centrist Nationalism,” similar to Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France
While not a Trump support, Keith is sympathetic to his anti-neocon views on US-Russia relationshis opposition to toppling Assad, and his criticism of the US alliance with the Gulf States
How Rudy Giuliani the Front-Runner for Secretary of State has a Neoconservative background, but is primarily a career opportunist, and has recently adopted Trump’s foreign policy outlook
Keith’s main disagreement with Trump is his support for the surveillance state and the militarization of the police
Why Keith thinks the Alt-Right might be disappointed with Trump, and that Trump may make compromises on immigration

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Alt Left Election Roundtable with Robert Stark, Ryan Englund, Bay Area Guy, Rabbit & Alex von Goldstein













Robert Stark, Alex von Goldstein, Alt Left Blogger Ryan EnglundBay Area Guy, and‘s Rabbit talk about the election of Donald Trump

Topics include:

How the polls were inaccurate
The shy Trump voter affect in the polls
Trump’s election as a referendum against globalism, political correctness, and the establishment
Trump as a repudiation of Conservatism INC
Trump’s success winning blue states in the rust belt by appealing to working class white voters
How despite media hysteria of racism, Trump’s share of Minority voters was slightly higher than past Republicans
How working class whites have been economically marginalized by both parties, and culturally marginalized by the left
The new Alt Left Meme “Class Cuck”
The relationship between class and race, as middle class whites are being pushed down to the economic level of non-whites
The importance of holding Trump’s feet to the fire
Bay Area Guy’s article Election Musings
Rabbit’s article Last Minute Reflections On a Dime Store Election
Ryan Englund’s article Triumph of the Iron Heel, about how Hillary is the candidate of war, SJW culture, and neoliberal economics
How despite Trump’s flawed support for tax cuts for the 1%, he is addressing immigration and outsourcing which are major causes for income inequality
Bernie Sanders Statement on Trump, where he states he is willing to work with Trump on issues that help working families
Trump’s non-interventionist statements, and whether he will pick Neocon John Bolton as Secretary of State
European Nationalist adopting left positions on economics and social issues, and how Trump is adopting that strategy to a degree
Ticket splitting voters who supported Trump as well as progressive ballot measures, such as raising the minimum wage, and legalizing marijuana
Thanks to Trump The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead
How unlike the Alt Right, the Alt Left is divided over the election, with some supporting Trump, some Jill Stein, and some Hillary Clinton
How the main battle in the future will be Nationalism vs. Globalism

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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy about the SF Bay Area and the FIRE Economy















Robert Stark, Rabbit & Alex von Goldstein talk to Bay Area-based blogger Bay Area Guy of  Occident Invicta

Topics include:

Bay Area Guy’s article The Bay Area and the FIRE Economy, which reviews Robert Stark’s interview with Laura Foote Clark of Grow SF
How as a renter in the Bay Area this issue personally effects Bay Area Guy
The role that Banks and the FIRE sector play in driving up the cost of real estate
Bay Area Guy’s point that he does not want the Bay Area to become like SoCal: an environmental eyesore characterized by track housing and strip malls
However Bay Area Guy does endorse Laura’s proposal of having Silicon Valley become more urbanized
The role that mass immigration plays in the housing crisis on top of the FIRE economy
Bay Area Renters Federation’s Sonja Trauss: Advocating for Housing Development in San Francisco
San Francisco Bay Area Renters’ Federation‘s lawsuit against the city of Lafayette over a development
The argument that white NIMBY’s oppose development because of diversity, and Bay Area Guy’s article, “Diversity” is Simply Code for “Non-white”
Bay Area Guy’s review of Killing the Host by Michael Hudson
The FIRE economy, which is an economy based on Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors
Michael Hudson’s proposal to tax unearned income(ex. Tobin tax)
The goal of a fair tax policy should not just be to redistribute wealth, but also to punish predatory behavior, and incentivize productive behavior
How Michael Hudson invokes the arguments of Classical Liberals such as Adam Smith, and John Stewart Mills, who distinguished between earned and unearned income
Unearned income is any wealth not generated by production or labor
Debt and living paycheck to paycheck is the road to serfdom
How the majority of people’s income goes towards unearned income(ex. rent, insurance, mortgages)
How lower wages are bad for the economy, because consumers have less money to spend
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Calls Bernie Sanders Supporters Basement Dwellers, and that she viewed Wall Street as best to manage the economy
The Calvinist mentality in American culture, that your worth is based on your wealth
What makes Hudson’s book so brilliant is he points out that the ultra rich make their money through unproductive or predatory ways
Examples of countries that have moved away from the FIRE economy include Germany and Japan, who have a high end manufacturing base
In contrast the FIRE economies of the United States and the United Kingdom became dominant using protectionist and mercantilist measures, but liberalized their economies later on
Why Universal Healthcare and Public investment in infrastructure benefit the economy
Michael Hudson debunks supply side economics by pointing out the rich spend most of their extra income on products they already own, or lend their money out at interest
How the concept of a free market has been twisted from freedom from the rentier economy, into letting the financial sector do what ever they want
Michael Hudson’s point that the primary function of banking is not to fund business or stimulate the economy, but to bid up assets already in place, and attach debt to rents

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Robert Stark and Alex von Goldstein discuss the first Trump Clinton Debate










Topics include:

Trump’s controversial and crude style in the GOP primary debates
Trump’s recent meeting in Mexico, where he came off as more refined and presidential
Predictions about the debate, and how Trump’s performance combined both of those styles
How the debate was framed to benefit Clinton
How Trump started out strong, but allowed Clinton to hijack the debate by questioning him about his personal issues
How Clinton was well prepared and scripted, and took low blows against Trump
How despite that, Trump did get his chances to grill Clinton on her political positions and personal scandals
Clinton plays the race card against Trump
How Trump is a Civil Nationalist, but growing white ethnic sentiment is a strong factor behind his support
How most people have already made up their mind on ideological grounds, and the main purpose of the debate’s are to demonstrate who is more competent and presidential
Donald Trump’s strong appeal to working class whites, and how he is the first major candidate to tackle that demographic
The new political realignment including working class white democrats backing Trump, and wealthy establishment republicans backing Clinton
The media narrative that certain voices are legitimate while other illegitimate
Over sensationalism from the alternative media(ex. Alex Jones on Clinton’s Health)
How Trump is not the most articulate speaker, but is able to create an overall message that is effective
How most people are stupid and respond to platitudes and moral arguments, and think in a short time preference
Clinton’s economic speech which touched upon important themes such as income inequality, but did not have any substance
Clinton calls out Trump’s tax cuts for the top 1% which was a valid point
How Trump missed an opportunity when Clinton blamed Republicans for the financial crisis, to support reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, and pointing out Bill Clinton’s repeal of it
Trump’s Child Care Plan, the Natalist appeal to the Alt-Right, benefits for the ultra wealthy, and appealing to women voters
Trump calls out Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve
How Trump’s economic policies are a hybrid of supply side economics and economic nationalism
How when Trump is attacked on racial grounds, he has to reply with the law and order rhetoric to appeal to his base
Trump goes after Clinton on the Trans Pacific Partnership and NAFTA
How there was very little discussion of immigration, which is Trump’s key issue
Trump mentions how the DNC screwed over Bernie Sanders, and how some Sanders supporters’ are supporting Trump
The perfect storm for Trump, including the Black Lives Matter Rioting, Islamic Terrorism, and the European Migrant Crisis
How there is a backlash against political correctness among the youth
Clinton grills Trump on the Iraq War for a wishy washy Howard Stern interview prior to the invasion, while he ended up opposing the the war which she voted for
NATO and Russia
How Clinton will likely be more of war hawk than either Trump or Obama if elected
Alex’s point that the conformist masses fall into either the liberal globalist SJW camp, or the free market, police state, patriotard camp
Now that Clinton has attacked Trump personally, that gives him free range to attack her in the next debates

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Robert Stark interviews Rabbit about Hillary Clinton’s Speech & the Alternative Left










Topics include:

Hillary Clinton’s speech against the Alt Right
Donald Trump’s response to the speech, that there’s no altright or altleft”  just “common sense.”
This comment led to a massive inquiry into the Alt Left and resulted in massive traffic for Rabbit’s AltLeft blog
AltLeft in the National News
How mainstream journalists often fail to do research on the topic they are covering
How mainstream conservatives are now saying Hillary Clinton is behind the Alt Left
Conservative trolls on Twitter accusing Rabbit of being part of Clinton’s campaign
Many people are also claiming the Alt Left is Bernie Sanders’ and Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s
How the Alt Left is a movement started by blogger Robert Lindsay for liberals who oppose political correctness
Rabbit’s Alt Left Manifesto
Third Positionist, Rabbit views them as potential allies but is also in conflict with them over their opposition to his interest in futurism, modern art, and his socially liberal views
Is there room for a chic, left wing, futurist variety of “soft fascism?”
How political labels such as left and right have become obsolete
Rabbit’s plans for his blog to focus more on culture instead of politics
The Vaporwave themed Neonopolis in Las Vegas
Conceptual ideas for self contained autonomous futurist societies

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