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Robert Stark and Matt Pegas try to start a New Religion

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas  tease the notion of a speculative new spiritual movement. This is a simulcast with Matt’s literary podcast, New Write, and a field-recording, conversation on cults, the new age movement, Matt’s Substack article “The Renaissance of the Ritual“, Robert’s novel “Vaporfornia“, California as fertile soil for new religions, occultism, and much more. Recorded on May 1st, 2022, on a trip through the backcountry of San Diego County, near Palomar Mountain, where Crowlian occultist, Wilfred Talbot Smith, erected an Ordo Templi Orientis temple.


Background on the “new religion,” started as a half joke in Yosemite
A self-initiatory religion, comparable to Discordianism
Social reasons for the rise in cults
California ‘s spiritual movements: Mike Marinacci’s book California Jesus, Order of Atwa, and the Partridge Family Temple
Syncretic occultism and the esotericism/New Age to fascist pipeline
The right hand vs. left hand path and Jungian shadow work
The occultist ritual, finding structure in chaos, and a metaphysical/esoteric take on self-improvement
Knowing when to surrender and embrace the photosynthesis of the Universe/Light of God
The relationship between spirituality and biology (speculating where atheism and various theologies fit on the Bell Curve meme)
An anti-liberal and anti-blank slatist case for Theosophy
Robert’s article on a psychological inspired approach to solving political and social problems
Aesthetic alchemy (Sigils), and the spiritual, ethereal component to  aesthetics
Bronze Age Pervert as a foundationalist (not a traditionalist), and Mike Ma as an instinctive Christian
Jason Jorjani’s Prometheism 
Why spirituality and reclaiming vitality needs to come before politics

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Robert Stark interviews Dutch Vlogger Faust












Robert Stark talks to Dutch Youtuber Faust about Dutch politics, economics, and geo-politics. Faust has an English language political channel, a Dutch language channel Dietse Bazuin, and you can follow him on Twitter. Faust is the publisher of an arts and history magazine that is also called Dietse Bazuin.


Advocacy of a Germanic Union as a geopolitical alternative to the EU
The historic rivalry between the British and Dutch
The debate about the origins of capitalism (the Germanic Rhine model of capitalism vs. Anglo/American shareholder capitalism)
Thoughts on Dutch populist figures Geert Wilders  and Thierry Baudet
Faust’s critique of the welfare state and advocacy of building up social networks and economic niches as the solution to economic problems
The impact of American Imperialism on Europe and why Faust wants to disassociate from the American movement
Thoughts on the civil unrest in America, the politics of crisis, and America’s slide into neo-feudalism
“Ok Boomer” – a right wing meme turned left
Faust’s Dutch video on South Africa: Solidariteit met Afrikaners
Archeofuturist Architecture
The impact of architecture and urbanism on psychology and social capital

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Robert Stark talks about the role of Slave Morality in Social Hierarchies












Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas discuss the origins of slave morality and secular slave morality’s role in society.


Nietzsche’s concept of slave vs. master morality
Nietzsche’s view of Christianity as a slave morality
Morality as a mechanism for the elites to control the masses
Modern society as slave morality without the positive attributes of Christianity
Influences of Christianity on secular moral codes
How a moralistic outlook can stand in the way of analyzing human nature
The Prosperity Gospel and the view that everyone deserves their state in society
Moral capital and the legitimacy of hierarchies
In group vs. Out group morality
Political correctness as a secular religion
The concept of bourgeois morality
Secular sexual mores
Rise in nihilism as a wrecking ball to slave morality
Whether slave morality is an inevitable facet of society

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Robert Stark talks to Giovanni Dannato about Pragmatic Dissidence










Giovanni Dannato blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of APOSTASY and A Kingdom For the Introvert. Follow Giovanni on Twitter.


Giovanni’s New Alt-Dissident Fantasy Fiction
The theme of Heaven and Hell as an analogy for those who are within the system and those outside of it
The importance of creating a cultural vision beyond political policies
Alt-Centrist Scum Will Rise
The importance of focusing on what works over having a rigid ideology
There’s No Power Without “Downward Distribution”
How wealth distribution has a history going back to Ancient Mesopotamia
The flaws of conservative individualism and why people must co-operate as tribes
The limited demographic of conservationism and how to create a broader coalition
Rejecting both Right Wing Social Darwinism and Left Wing Egalitarianism
How to effectively distribute wealth(ex. Smart Socialism and State Capitalism)
How to effectively take care of mediocre people and the “losers” of society
Why economic “handouts” are necessary to gain political support and maintain a functional society
How better urban planning can address economic and class problems
The concept of the urban gene shredder and how to address it
The importance of having a leisure economy for innovation
The need for a specialized economy that utilizes a wide variety of personality types

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings and his novel Journey to Vapor Island

Robert Stark talks to Giovanni Dannato about the Mechanisms of Social Status












Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Giovanni Dannato. Giovanni blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of A Kingdom For the Introvert. Follow Giovanni on Twitter.


The Mechanics of Status
How status enables reproduction with desirable mates and increases ones odds of survival in pre-modern societies
The utilitarian culture that views all problems from a statistical basis and therefore neglects social status
Social status as a driving force behind economic motives
How social status will become even more important in a post scarcity economic future
How manipulating the status system is more effective and far less energetically expensive than direct coercion
High School And Status in America
The silly myth that the quarterback ends up bagging groceries while the unpopular kids become Silicon Valley billionaires
How corporate culture mirrors high school
Attacking ones political opponents by disparaging their social status
How Trump to many symbolizes the crass high school bullies who scored with their first crushes
The Macro-Sexenomics of Female Beauty
The Social Cosmology
How people create their own status within sub-cultures
The Alt-Sphere Should Embrace Culture and Aesthetics

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Robert Stark interviews Eugene Montsalvat about Alain de Benoist’s On the Brink of the Abyss

On the Brink of the Abyss
Alain de Benoist: On the Brink of the Abyss is available from Arktos Publishing

Topics include:
Eugene’s review of On the Brink of the Abyss
The Origins of the Financial Crisis
The Dollar, at the Heart of the Crisis
Free Trade and Protectionism
Death on Credit
Public Debt: How States Have Become Prisoners of Banks
The Euro Should Be Made a Common Currency
Middle Classes and Working Classes: A Politics of Poverty
Immigration, the Reserve Army of Capital
Should a Citizenship Income Be Instituted?


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Robert Stark interviews Bay Area Guy



Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy from Occident Invicta

Topics include:

France: Victory From the Land of Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys!
Saving the Children While Losing Your Nation: Immigrant Children, Imperialism, and Irresponsible Elitism
Land of the Fat and Home of the Busts: Baby Boomers and Economic Malaise
The message to Millennials that they should sacrifice and work hard without the incentives and rewards
The Calvinist culture in America that says if your a failure it’s all your fault
His thoughts on Elliot Rodger, Spree Shootings, and how modern society creates alienated individuals
The Donors Behind Cultural Crimes: Why the Alternative Right Should Embrace Political Independence

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