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Robert Stark talks about the origins of Sexual Paraphilias










Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas discuss the psycho-social origins of sexual fetishes and paraphilias. If you’re one to enjoy particular fetishes you can to your hearts content.


The concepts of law, social codes, morality, and natural law
The moralistic tendency to view human nature as good when in fact it’s untamed state is grotesque
The Marquis de Sade, and how he had a more accurate understanding of human nature than the 60’s “Free Love” movement
Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power
The connection between sex and struggles for power, status, conflict, and politics
Untamed erotic energy(Eros) as a force for both creation and destruction
Being disconnected from society and it’s social codes also has the same parallel effects
Chuck Palahniuk’s new book Adjustment Day
The Idea of Homonationalism
The psychology and power dynamics behind doms, subs, and switches in BDSM
The role that eroticized rage plays in sexual fetishes and fantasies
The power dynamics of cuckoldry
Sexuality being shaped by traumatic events and the attempt to gain something you lost
The Lolita Syndrome and Michael Jackson’s Peter Pan Syndrome
Ethnic fetishes and preferences
Individual sexual exploration vs. the mass incentivisation of sexual mores

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Robert Stark interviews Musician Marcel P of the Band Miel Noir













Marcel P is a musician based in Germany and manages Miel NoirFahl and Dungeon Studio, Rhenania. Check out Miel Noir’s music on bandcamp.


Intro: Honey-Apocalypse
How Miel Noir started out as the solo-project of Dimo Dimov
Miel Noir’s latest album Honey Beat released by Caustic Records in December of 2016
The live performance of Honey Beat at a festival in the Netherlands
The genres of the tracks including Dark Electro/Darkwave, EBM, Neoclassical, Melodic Darkwave, and Gothic Rock
The vocals for Honey Beat
Marcel’s Dark Folk band Werra
The band Allerseelen
Musical inspiration from dark times in life
The theme of lost love
The imagery of the album and how the aesthetics relate to the music
Bees in Mythology
Miel Noir’s Song Anymore in a German Song Contest
Antifas harassing Neofolk concerts in Europe
Honey Beat’s anti SJW song Triggerwarning
The upcoming project “Dark Europa,” which is a compilation of collaborated tracks for the label Panicmachine

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Robert Stark talks about his new novel Journey to Vapor Island














Robert Stark is joined with Francis Nally and Brandon Adamson to discuss his new novel Journey to Vapor Island.


Brandon’s review of Journey to Vapor Island(Contains Spoilers)
The cover art by Mark Velard
How listeners to the show will instantly recognize favorite topics when they make cameo appearances in the book or manifest themselves as part of the underlying themes
Internet memes in the book(ex. the men in the frog masks)
The fusion of genres including Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, and Dark Comedy
A disclaimer that this book is not for anyone that is squeamish about sex or easily shocked or offended
Brandon’s observation that the sexual scenes in the book are more akin to the “random battles” in old school Super Nintendo RPGs like Final Fantasy IV
The theme of how central sex is to people’s motivations, and the overall perception of status in society
The main character Noam Metzenbaum who is a socially inept yet intelligent student with illusions of grandeur
The Chads and the theme of the nerd getting revenge against bullies and the popular cliques
Noam’s crush Natalie Bloom and his lifelong obsession with her
The Retro-Futuristic surreal fantasy world in the book; an adult Never Ending Story
The Roger Blackstone character who could represent a Trump-like figure, but could just as easily be a Ross Perot or even Willy Wonka
The outrageous comic elements in the book
The theme of the commercialization of tragedies and the celebrity status of mass murderers
How the book is timely with the ongoing Hollywood sex scandals
The theme of living in ones fantasies and how that shapes the book’s narrative

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Robert Stark talks to Brandon Adamson about the Film Cherry 2000










Robert Stark, new Co-host Sam Kevorkian, and retiring co-host Pilleater talk to Brandon Adamson about the Film Cherry 2000(1987). Brandon blogs at, is the author of Beatnik Fascism, and has a new youtube channel Self Checkout


Brandon’s review Cherry 2015 – If Loving A Fembot Is Artificial, I Don’t Want To Be Genuine
The main character Sam Treadwell who is a romantic guy who still longs for a traditional loving relationship and finds courtship with a female android
The depiction of sexual encounters and relationships with real women as complicated legal transactions requiring lawyers, reduced to merely emotionless business arrangements
Contrasting the film with the “Stepford Wives” where the men kill their loving yet sassy wives in exchange for robot sex slaves
How the issue of sex robots has become relevant again and it’s implications for the future
The ending of the film where Sam falls for the tracker, “Edith”(Melanie Griffith) whom he hires to help locate the robot
The theme of a journey and the popularity of road trip films in the 80’s and 90’s(ex. Chevy Chase in “Vegas Vacation”)
Pamela Gidley as Cherry 2000 and her role in the Twin Peaks prequel “Fire Walk With Me”
The 80’s aesthetic of the film
The dystopian theme where cities are deserted and overrun with criminals; comparisons to “Mad Max”
Locales depicted in the film including Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and the Citadel Outlet Mall
Self Checkout – Becoming a New Suburbanist

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Robert Stark talks about Clueless, The Babysitter, & The Meme Magic of Alicia Silverstone












Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, Charles Lincoln, Actor Count Isidor Fosco, and aspiring Director Craig Langley Jr. discuss the Alicia Silverstone films Clueless and the The Babysitter.


How the original film The Crush was edited
The Babysitter as the most realistic of the three Alicia Silverstone films
The Babysitter compared to American Beauty
Th peeping through the window scene, and the imagination of the guys who see Alicia Silverstone through the window
In reality it is all just in the male imagination in this movie
The awkward bathtub fantasy followed by her signature cheeky smile
Traits of men who prefer breasts, booty, or legs
The Alicia Silverstone film Vamps
The Clueless (TV series)
The setting of Clueless in Beverly Hills
San Mateo Teenager Goes Hollywood
Cher’s Character development and self realization
Whether she is anti-snob?
Social Cliques in High School
The makeover of her friend
Comparisons to Mean Girls
The fact that the girls are excited by the fact that the guy has a picture of the new girl in her locker, and how today that would be called “creepy”
She comes across as more conservative with her condemnation of dating druggies, and saving her virginity
The whole theme of matchmaking
The “Baldwin” reference and other cultural references, a kind of Hollywood being self-complimented
The Spartacus scene, pearls and oysters, subtle signaling in old movies
Her realization that she loves Josh despite the fact he is a “slug”
The normal guy get’s the girl in the end, not the “hot guy” who turns out to be Gay
The fact that all the girls are obsessed with marriage while in school which is dated
The Clueless scene where her father is happy that she knows how to negotiate over grades
Cher’s speech about refugees
Alicia Silverstone Would Rather Go Naked Than Wear Wool! | PETA
The pink blue color code in the ending sequence is kind of Vaporwave
The robbery scene in the Valley
LA Landmarks including the Sinister Neon Clown at Circus Liquor
Meme Magic and Alicia Silverstone as a meme
Leisure Suit Larry and the Alicia Silverstone look a like

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Robert Stark interviews Darren Toni











Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Darren Toni. Darren is the producer of DRIVE Radio and Lazerdiscs Records.


Intro Song: Aileron – Stratosphere
The release of Robert Parker’s Lazerdiscs album Awakening
Darren’s background in the music industry, and how he got involved with Drive Radio
The New Retro Wave Genre, it’s unique sounds, and audience
The Film Drive, featuring College, Electric Youth, and Kavinsky, and how the film exposed the genre to the masses
The Artists produced by Lazerdiscs Records and Drive Radio
Darren’s nostalgia growing up in the 80’s, and the original New Wave Genre
90’s Euro House Music
80’s Aesthetics, Video Game Arcades, The London Trocadero
80’s visions of the future, and New Retro Wave illustrations
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun
Darren’s book New Heights, the Surreal Aspect of the book, and the illustration by artist William Holder
Themes including the meaning of life, love, despair, and death
Video Synthesis
Darren’s next book which is a science fiction novel murder mystery that deals with themes of social inequality

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Robert Stark talks about the Film The Crush Starring Alicia Silverstone







Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, Charles Lincoln, Actor Count Isidor Fosco, and aspiring Director Craig Langley Jr. discuss the film The Crush.


The plot of the Film; Journalist Nick Elliot rents a guest house from a wealthy family, where their daughter, Adrian(Alicia Silverstone), becomes obsessed with him
Whether Adrian is in love with Nick or just playing a psychotic game with him
How despite her psychosis, Adrian has a sweet feminine charm that is lacking in many female roles today
The films portrayal of a dark side of female sexuality
The Films Fatal AttractionBasic InstinctGone Girl, and Ex Machina
How the film portrays an old school WASP culture that is non existent today
Nick’s restrained Anglo-Saxon persona
The father Cliff Forrester threatening Nick
The most chilling scenes in the film
The erotic thriller genre, and how that genre peaked in the 90’s,
Entrapment and False Rape Accusations
The Crush as a tragic love  story
The Crush as a reverse Lolita
Nudity in film; the use of a body double in the Crush; Fatal Attraction, Last Tango in ParisBrooke Shields in Pretty Baby, The Wolf of Wall StreetAlexis Dziena in Broken Flowers
The early 90’s Grunge aesthetic of the film, and 80′ influences; Vaporwave
The setting of the film in Seattle, filmed in Vancouver, Canada
Amber Benson as Adrian’s friend Cheyenne
Alicia Silverstone as the ideal of beauty; Sarah Michelle Geller in Cruel Intentions, Mena Suvari, Taylor Swift, Halston Sage, and Kazakh Volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova
Alicia Silverstone’s Interview on John Stewart’s Show in 1994
How Alicia Silverstone’s character is the inspiration for the romantic interest in Robert’s upcoming novel
Fifty Shades of Grey, and Charles’ personal connection
Our upcoming show on Clueless

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Robert Stark talks to Pilleater about Kaze to Ki no Uta, Avant Garde Art, & Philosophy












Robert Stark and Pilleater talk about the manga and anime, Kaze to Ki no Uta (The Poem of the Wind and the Trees) and themes of sexuality compared to other works of experimental art.


Pilleater’s The Poem of The Wind and Trees Documentary
The setting of Kaze to Ki no Uta at a boarding school in Provence, France in the late 19th century
The aesthetic of the film, the Art Nouveau influence, and the Japanese interpretation of the 19th Century European Aesthetic
The art of Mineo Maya, and Patalliro’s “queer” Asian Aryan Aesthetic in contrast with Kaze to Ki nu Uta’s artistocratic one
Sexuality in Anime, the Yaoi and Shōnen-ai genres of manga, it’s controversial themes of crossdressing, homosexuality, and youth, and the large female fan base of the genre
Youth and Sexuality, capturing innocence in art, and adults longing for eternal youth
Japanese vs. Western attitudes toward sexuality and art
Other controversial yaoi’s, Okane Ga Nai (No Money) and Henshin Dekinai
Fascist themes in Manga
Japanese erotic art, Hajime Sorayama‘s robot erotica, Namio Harukawa‘s dominatrix, and controversial photographer Garo Aida
The Debate about what is Art and what is Erotica, degenerate art vs. ethically pleasing innocent art, photographer David Hamilton
Yukio Mishima’s Madame de Sade and Confessions of a Mask
The Amazing Panda Adventure, an Asian Aryan Love Story
Lasse Nielsen’s films You Are Not Alone, and Could We Maybe, as a European version of the Yaoi genre
Peter Sotos’ Selfish, Little, and photographer Will McBride
Why the 70’s and 80’s were a unique era in producing Avant Garde Art
The Left Wing of the Alt-Right
The Männerbund
Art and Aesthetics as a way to create a vision for a utopian society
Aristocratic Individualism, and how being a product of post modernism can allow one the freedom to start over from scratch, and come up with ones own utopian vision
How institutions such schools, corporations, and the media manipulate psychosocial values, and the pressure to conform to “normie” values

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Narcissism

 Luke Ford Blogger















Topics include:

How Luke was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder(from Luke’s Bio)

Maladaptive Daydreaming and the Fantasy World

How Luke’s Sexual Fantasy’s were mostly about power

How Narcissist are dependent on constant attention or narcissistic supply

How Narcissism affects Luke’s blogging and the topics he writes about

How attention is a substitute for connection, intensity for intimacy

How Luke’s Narcissistic symptoms are subdued when he connects with other people

How if you don’t have an identity with a group you are forced to create one as an individual

Luke Ford’s Dennis Prager Story

The Narcissist and His Addiction to Excitement

How Luke Grew Up With All The Signs Of Becoming A Serial Killer

Love At First Sight and the Love Map