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Robert Stark talks to Pilleater about Almond Eyes Baby Face
















Robert Stark talks to Pilleater about his new book Almond Eyes, Baby Face(available on Lulu) which is series of short stories. Pilleater blogs at Asian Aryanism and the Mineo Maya Fanclub


The autobiographical nature of the first story
The theme of dealing with trauma from High school and College and struggling to fulfill the Psychosocial narrative
Nana’s Song inspired by Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional
The transcript of Pilleater’s Omegle chat where he pretended to be an Asian Girl
How Pilleater sees the book as his version of Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask
Pilleater’s essay he submitted to Radix “Why I’m an Identitarian”
Pilleater’s advocacy of Asian Aryanism
Pilleater’s Asian Aryanism in contrast with Asian colonization of the west and the growing rootless identity among Eurasians
The criticisms of Pilleater’s work from both the Alt-Right and SJW Left
The books cut up of the Right Stuff’s article 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Asian Girls
The WMAFL phenomenon
Pilleater poem Easy Tiger dedicated to Porn Star Harriet Sugar Cookie
A hypothetical Asian Aryan ethnostate; it’s culture, politics, and aesthetics
Creating new Avant Garde sub-cultures
The Vaporwave science fiction story in the book
The cover art by Thai artist Piemboons inspired by Trevor Brown
The erotic science fiction story the “Rape of M’Khal” which was added to the new edition of Trip by Pilleater

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Robert Stark interviews Reactionary Tree














Robert Stark and Co-host Pilleater talk to Reactionary Tree.


Reactionary Tree’s political background in the Ron Paul movement and Tea Party and how he got involved with the Alt-Right
Why he uses Reactionary in his moniker
Reactionaries as wanting to return to the past as opposed to creating visions for the future and whether he will change his moniker to Futurist Tree
Archeofuturism; the need for a futurist aesthetic that channels the romantic heroic visions of the past
Synthwave Artist Xurious and how his music is the essence of archeo-futurism
The Left Wing of the Alt-Right and how becoming an identitarian pushed his views to the left on economics and the environment
Identitarianism; Ethno vs. Civic Nationalism
The Left Justifies Political Violence and the concept of Anarcho-Tyranny
The shutdown of the Alt-Right Reddit and Reactionary Tree’s banning from Twitter
Corporate Censorship and whether social media should be nationalized to protect free speech
Rejecting free market orthodoxy
Income inequality and the destruction of the middle class
The necessity of an alliance between the Alt-Right, Alt-Lite Civic Nationalist, and non-SJW Bernie Sanders supporters
The Black Pill vs the White Pill and signs of optimism for the future

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Robert Stark interviews Richard Spencer about Political Violence & Indentitarianism

Richard Spencer

Topics include:

Dylann Roof and Political Violence
The End of the Culture War
Identitarianism—A Conversation Starter

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Robert Stark interviews Ramzpaul about the problems of SCALE











Topics include:

The Shy Nationalist?
Amren 2015 – The Faces of Evil?
RamZPaul’s Amren Speech on The Redpill, Globalization, and SCALE?
What is the SCALE problem?
3 Things For a Young Man To Know?
Why do White Men commit suicide so frequently?
Dickonomics (response)?


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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about how he would feel if he were born into different Outgroups



Topics include:

If Luke Were Born An Orthodox Jew, How Would He Feel About This Luke Ford Bloke?
If Luke Were A Gentile White Nationalist, How Would He Feel About Jews?
If Luke were a Muslim, how would he feel about Jews?
If Luke Were A Black Gentile, How Would He Feel About Jews?
What Would Luke Possibly Talk About With A Hot 19yo?
Where Have All The Good Men Gone?


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Robert Stark interviews Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor










Robert Stark and guest cohost Robert Lindsay interview founder and editor of American Renaissance Jared Taylor

Topics include:

Report from Saint Petersburg: Jared Taylor’s account of the Russian Conservative Forum which featured Nationalist Parties from all over  Europe

How Jared viewed the main purpose of the event as a way to gain support for Russia’s foreign policy objectives

How the United State’s is the greatest force opposing Traditional ways of life overseas and posses a major threat to world peace

How Jared Taylor(from the right) and Robert Lindsay(from the left) disagree about economics and the welfare state but agree that mass immigration is a disaster for workers and the environment

How many immigration’s restrictionist movements in Europe have adopted socially liberal positions such as Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and economically populist positions such as the National Front in France

The currents situation with African illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean and how it resembles the The Camp of the Saints Novel

Robert Lindsay asks Jared Taylor a commenters question whether ethnic diversity is a problem as long as people still share the same language and culture

Robert Lindsay ask Jared Taylor about Dr. Michio Kaku ‘s comment that high IQ immigrants are good for America

The declining fertility rate in Western Nations and why Robert Lindsay supports sub-replacement birthrates as a radical ecologist

Daryl Basarab and Aleksey Bashtavenko also call in


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Robert Stark interviews The Truth Will Live

The Truth Will Live












The Truth Will Live is a Blonde Jewish, Neoreactionary, Iconoclast, Youtuber from the Midwest.

Topics include:

The Torah Talk  Show she co-host with Luke Ford that relates modern day issues to Jewish Religious Texts
How she grew up in the Conservative Denomination of Judaism
Her interest in converting to Orthodox Judaism and the aspects that appeal to her and the aspects that don’t
Whether she should create her own religion
How she went from an Atheist Feminist Liberal  to a Reactionary
How her exposure to censorship as well as intellectual and moral hypocrisy caused her to abandon the left
How her views on Race and Gender Changed
The concept of an in-group vs. out-group identity and whether there should be a balance
Her interest in Neoreactionary, Alternative Right, and Dark Enlightenment Politics and how those movement’s attract creative types  and former leftist who do not fit into the stereotypical conservative mold

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about the Germanwings Pilot, Despair & Eroticized Rage

Germanwings Pilot









Topics include:

Luke’s new Torah Talk show which relates the Torah’s text to modern day issues of Race, Nationalism, and Jewish Gentile relations
Luke’s New Co-Host who is a beautiful young blonde Jewish girl who shares Luke’s passion for the Torah and dissident politics
The Torah Corral
Jews For Consistency
Narcissist and God: Love-Hate Relationship
What’s The Difference Between A Blogger And A Suicide Bomber?
Was Andreas Lubitz A Beta Male Suicide Bomber?
What is the SCALE problem?
Andreas Lubitz: The Intersection of Mental Illness And Social Atomization
How Nihilist and Sociopaths often have accurate observations on human nature that those with a moral code tend to look over
Gendered Racial Exclusion by White Internet Daters
The theme of degradation in Pornography, with the exception of the watchmygf website which is comprised soley of amateur porn videos of every day people in all shapes and sizes that are just making their own porn videos at home and then submitting them to the website for all to enjoy.

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Nationalism

Luke Ford Cult Leader












Luke’s thoughts on the Tom Sunic event at the JEM Center including both Jews and White Nationalist
Why Jews and White Nationalist are hostile towards each other and how it’s awkward for Luke to have ties to both groups
How every major Jewish Organization supports Immigration Amnesty
Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream by Leonard Zeskind
What Would A White Nationalist Takeover Look Like In The US?
Is A White Nationalist Takeover Inevitable?
How Luke’s independent employment as an Alexander Technique Specialist enables him to exercise his controversial  views
Why Does American Choose Sides In The Middle East?
Why Luke Rarely Thinks About Palestinian Suffering
German Nationalist Marches Grow
Why every groups has a right to pursue it’s own ethnic self interest
Emotional Addictions
The importance of being part of a group and feeling a sense of belonging
How homogeneous areas have higher levels of social trust
How White Nationalism attracts people who have failed at life and are looking for a sense of importance and belonging
Luke’s thought’s on Charles Lincoln’s talk about life in Beverly Hills
Luke Wants His Own Media Company
The theme of contradiction and conflict in Luke’s life and blogging


Robert Stark interviews Tom Sunic about Islam in Europe












Robert Stark and Charles Lincoln talk to Tom Sunic about his upcoming speeches in Southern California on the Islamization of Europe. Tom Sunic, Ph.D. is an Author, Translator, former US Professor, and former Cultural Counselor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Croatia. Dr. Sunic’ title: “1400 Years of Islamic Imperialism: Real or Surreal Menaces to Europe from the Mediaeval Caliphates, to the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna, to the New Islamic Terror and “Voluntary” Invasion-Repopulation of Europe.”

Topics include:

Tom Sunic’s scheduled speeches in Southern California
The History of Islamic Imperialism in Europe
The Ottoman Empire in the Balkans
Why Islam should not be used as a synonym for immigration or race
Muslim demographics in Europe
Speech Code Laws in Europe
The concept of the Caliphate
How European Nationalist have different perspectives on the Islamic issue
Why the political and capital elites are to blame for the situation in Europe
Charles Lincoln’s hosted panel at the JEM Community Center in Beverly Hills, including Tom Sunic, Charles Lincoln, Robert Stark, and Luke Ford

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