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Robert Stark talks to Kashif Vikaas about the Meta-Right













Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk to Kashif Vikaas. Kashif runs the site Meta-Right.


Meta-Modernism and the Meta-Right as right-wing Post Modernism
Philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling and metaphysical realism
The concept of Hyperreality
The impact of aesthetic preferences on political ideology
Retro-futurism and Synthwave as the aesthetic of the Meta-Right
Kashif’s observation from working in Silicon Valley that User Interface designers often held pro-fascist outlooks based on aesthetics
Kashif’s fundamentalist Christian upbringing and transition from the Left to “nation over profit” politics
The existential crisis of capitalism and corrosion of the national interest
Capitalism and hyper individualism creating a low trust socially atomized society
Kashif’s observations on White poverty and the ethnic dynamics of drug addiction and homelessness in Fishtown, Philadelphia

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