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Robert Stark talks to Jason Reza Jorjani about Prometheism












Robert Stark talks to Jason Reza Jorjani about his new book Prometheism. Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD is an Iranian-American philosopher, lifelong native New Yorker, and author of numerous books including Prometheus and Atlas. Also check out his Twitter and Patreon.


The Prometheist Manifesto: a new political, spiritual, and techno-scientific movement
Prometheus as the enlightener of mankind in Greek mythology
Promethean archetype in the Zoroastrian deity Ahura Mazda
Prometheism’s  Retro-futurist rather than traditionalist trajectory
The technological singularity, dystopian scenarios, and limited time frame to ensure these technologies benefit mankind
Jason’s book Lovers of Sophia which deals with scenario of existing elites preventing the singularity through a controlled demolition
CRISPR gene editing, potential benefits, and dangers that it could be used to weed out non-conformity
ParapsychologyPrinceton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory program on psychokinesis
Need for a new Promethean elite of creative geniuses and technological innovators
Archeo-futurism as the aesthetic of Prometheism (ex. Art Deco Rockefeller Center and drafts of Hugh Ferriss, Frank Lloyd Wright, Syd Mead, and 70s Iran)
Advocacy of a geo-political constellation of the West, Russia, Iran, India, and Japan under the umbrella of a Promethean ethos
The dangers of toppling the Iranian regime, Trump’s disastrous policies, and how change must come from within

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Robert Stark interviews Jeffrey Mishlove









Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Jeffrey Mishlove, the host of Thinking Allowed and New Thinking Allowed. His is the author of The PK Man and The Roots of Consciousness.


Jeff’s background in parapsychology, having the only doctorate in the field
Raymond Moody’s“Life After Life,” life after death, near death experiences
The discipline of parapsychology
New Thinking Allowed exclusively on YouTube compared to Thinking Allowed on PBS
The beginning of Thinking Allowed
The synth intro of Thinking Allowed, the possible vaporwave influence of it
Alan Watts, New Age philosophy
Terence McKenna, LSD and drug use
Ted Talks and conspiracy theroies
The PK Man
The theory of open-consciousness, psychic experiences
Geographic locations with spiritual connections
The audience behind New Thinking Allowed, strange book stores
Transhumanism, Mishlove’s art, prescription drug use
The setting in Thinking Allowed, how Jeff get’s guest on the show
YouTube comments

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