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Sacramento Photo Album

The album includes Pea Soup Anderson’s in Santa Nella, Downtown Sacramento, Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, California State Capitol and Capitol Park, Sutter’s Fort, Midtown Sacramento, the Golden 1 Center, Old Sacramento, and the Sacramento River.

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Robert Stark interviews pro-Calexit gubernatorial candidate Louis Marinelli













Robert Stark and Jonathan Edwards speak with Louis Marinelli about his campaign for governor (Campaign Site: Calexit Governor). Louis Marinelli is an immigrant from New York to California, a past CA state assembly candidate, now living in Moscow. Louis Marinelli is running for California governor as a Republican in the recall election, as an anti-Washington and anti-Sacramento candidate, to represent the idea of an independent California.


Louis’ plan, if elected, to put forth a referendum on independence
The problem of California financially subsidizing other states and US military interventions abroad
The failure of Democratic one-party rule that neglects the state’s needs
The need to recognize free speech on social media as part of the public square of the 21st Century
The need to investigate the cause of the exodus of jobs and citizens out of California and incentivizing people to return
The housing crisis, reforms on zoning and regulations on construction, and incentives for relocation to inland cities
Other platform stances including universal kindergarten, paid maternity leave, parental rights, free higher education, and affordable healthcare
The California cultural center in Moscow
Louis’ interview with ABC News in the Bay Area about his campaign

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Robert Stark interviews Dain Fitzgerald












Robert Stark and co-host Joshua Zeidner talk to Dain Fitzgerald. Dain works in the Silicon Valley, is based in Oakland, blogs at Dry Hyphen Olympics, and writes for The American Spectator and Secular Right. He is also on Twitter.


How Robert met Dain at a Bay Area futurist meetup
Growing up in Sacramento, CA
Life in the Bay Area
The Bay Area’s economic situation and housing crisis
Dain’s political views, how he is fairly centrist economically, and opposed to SJW culture
The Grey Tribe
The Culture War; the humanities vs. the sciences
The political climate of the Silicon Valley
The firing of James Damore from Google
Dain’s article Asian-American Leaders Are Scarce in Silicon Valley. And?
Dain’s article Meet the New Boss about how well behaved Millennials are
Futurism and science based politics
The Harvey Weinstein Scandal(note: the show was recorded before the recent SNL)

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