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Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about the Gray Tribe










Robert Stark and co-host Dain Fitzgerald talk to Moscow based Unz Review columnist Anatoly Karlin about the Gray Tribe political sphere and other current events. Follow Anatoly and Dain on Twitter.


Anatoly’s article No Country for Gray Tribesmen
Gray Tribe themes in Andrew Yang’s The War on Normal People
Scott Alexander’s original article on the Gray Tribe
Slate Star Codex and Silicon Valley’s War Against the Media
Hypothetical profile of a Gray Tribesman (against woke culture, rejects blank slatism, corona-virus hawk, but accepts climate science)
Unique environment that allowed the Coffee Salons of Western Europe to emerge
Coffee Salon Demographics 
CEOs: the Bamboo Ceiling vs. the Madras Floor
Why White Centrists have the highest in-group bias
The Double Horseshoe Theory of Class Politics
California Isn’t the SJWtopia of Right-Wing Fantasies
Enclaves for the intelligent but poor
Woke Austerity: Chevron diversity ratio to improve as layoffs progress
Is Woke Left outliving usefulness to economic elite?
Mask Compliance as IQ/Personality Test
Chances of an effective corona-virus vaccine by next year

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Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about Transhumanism & Effective Altruism












Robert Stark and co-host Sam Kevorkian talk to Anatoly Karlin about Transhumanism and Effective Altruism. Anatoly blogs for The Unz Review and is on the Russian language podcast rogpr.


The philosophical roots of Effective Altruism in rationalism and how it uses reason to determine the most effective ways to benefit others
Anatoly’s article Immigration and Effective Altruism
Steve Sailer on U.N. population projections for Africa and the Carrying Capacity of the Global Population
Hank Pellissier and his charity in Africa based on Effective Altruism
Psychometrics and Pellissier’s book Brighter Brains: 225 Ways to Elevate or Injure IQ
Positive Eugenics, IQ and fertility, and fertility preferences
The Transhumanist and Futurist movements
Paper Review: Artificial Wombs
Radical Life Extension
CRISPR gene editing and intelligence augmentation
How Transhumanism could exacerbate inequality
The Technological Singularity and the age of intelligent machines
Cybernetics and the Neural Lace
Anatoly’s essay A Short History of the Third Millennium which predicts a future based on current trends without Transhumanism
Anatoly’s upcoming book on Neo-Malthusianism

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Robert Stark interviews Curt Doolittle









Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview entrepreneur, philosopher, and author Curt Doolittle. He is a proponent of the Philosophy of Propertarianism, and his writings can be found at


Propertarianism as a new ideogology and an evolution of Empiricism
Propertarianism as a way to explain one’s ideology using the scientific method
How Propertarianism is more analytical than moralistic
How Propertarianism differs from Rationalism, and Curt’s point that Rationalism appeals primarily to internal consistency rather than external evidence and Empiricism
The Anglo roots of Propertarianism, Brittish Common Law, and rejecting conflation
How Propertarianism takes into account individualism vs. collectivism, and how those positions relate to group reproductive strategies
Chinese Philosophy based on deceipt, ‎Sun Tzu‘s The Art of WarThe Culture of War: Martin van Creveld
The flaws of Libertarianism, Liberal Democracy, Communism, and Fascism
The flaw in begging for liberty, rather than protecting one’s sovereignty
The domestication of man
Curt’s point that mass executions in Europe and East Asia led to more docile populations
Economic Policies, Debt Repudiation, Seizing the Wealth of Parasitic Elites who brake their contract of Sovereignty
Testimonialism, and the legal foundation of proving what is wrong over justifying what is right
Environmentalism; Curt’s point that you cannot own property unless other people protect it for you, therefore one does not have a right to abuse natural resources
The importance of having a high trust society
The convergence of Nassim Taleb empirically, Curt Doolitle institutionally, and Jordan Peterson in literature
Explaining Propertarianism in laymen’s terms

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Robert Stark interviews Dr. Gleb Tsipursky













Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. He is an author, speaker, consultant, coach, scholar, and social entrepreneur specializing in science-based strategies for effective decision-making, goal achievement, emotional and social intelligence, meaning and purpose, and altruism – for more information or to hire him, see his website, He runs a nonprofit that helps people use science-based strategies to make effective decisions and reach their goals, so as to build an altruistic and flourishing world, Intentional Insights. He also serves as a tenure-track professor at Ohio State in the History of Behavioral Science and the Decision Sciences Collaborative.


The philosophy of Rationalism, applying reason, science, and experimental approach to decision making
Gleb’s interest in the process of how people make decisions and their outcome, and helping people make the best decisions possible
The misconception that Rationalism is purely logical oriented, not taking into account emotions and intuitions
The importance of making decisions that are oriented to our goals, and directing ones emotions towards those goals
How emotions affect political decisions, and how politicians manipulate those emotions
Pilleater explains why he voted for Donald Trump, and the emotional factor behind supporting anti-establishment candidates
Gleb’s comment on the appeal of Bernie Sanders to Millennials on a sense of Justice and Fairnes
Political correctness as a hindrance to Rationalism; the difference between political correctness and political politeness
How Rationalism relates to identity politics
Whether Rationalism is compatible with Religion, as well as Ideologies such as Nationalism; Racism vs. Tribalism
Pilleater’s comment on Pathological Altruism, and the book Pathological Altruism
Gleb’s comment on the importance in being effective in ones Altruism
How emotions relate to consumer choices
How personality types relate to Rationalism and ones political decisions; conformity vs. non-conformity
The difference between sympathy and empathy, how many leaders are empathetic but lack compasion
Emotional and Social Intelligence
Using Emotional Intelligence To Address Speech Anxiety
Debate vs. Collaborative Truth-Seeking; Debate as Evolutionary Psychological social warfare

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