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Robert Stark interviews Gustavo Semeria about Argentina











Robert Stark talks to Argentine author, businessman, former military officer, lawyer, and Professor of Social Science Gustavo Semeria


Gustavo’s Spanish Language book Adiós a la Democracia about the role of Demographics in Democracy
Gustavo’s article for American Renaissance Argentina: A Mirror of Your Future
The early history of Argentina, the Nation’s Golden Age from the late 19th to early 20th Century, and the massive wave of European immigration
Buenos Aires as the Paris of South America and the extravagant architecture of the early 20th Century
The Art Deco Kavanagh buildingGalerías Pacífico, and the Neon lit Lavalle Street
The Anglo-Argentine Tramways Company which built the Nation’s vast railway system and Buenos Aires’s Subway
Argentina’s demographic transformation, starting with internal migration from the North and later mass immigration from neighboring countries
The effects of mass immigration on infrastructure, healthcare, education, and crime
The decline of the Argentine Middle Class and growth in gated communities in the suburbs
Cultural changes; the decline in the Tango and Argentine Rock and popularity of foreign culture such as Cumbia
The parallels between Argentina’s situation and that of the United States
The Kirchners’ open immigration policy and concept of Patria Grande
The new president of Argentina Mauricio Macri
Latin America’s fluctuation between socialism and oligarchy
Juan Perón’s Third Way between Capitalism and Communism

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Robert Stark interviews Ramzpaul about the problems of SCALE











Topics include:

The Shy Nationalist?
Amren 2015 – The Faces of Evil?
RamZPaul’s Amren Speech on The Redpill, Globalization, and SCALE?
What is the SCALE problem?
3 Things For a Young Man To Know?
Why do White Men commit suicide so frequently?
Dickonomics (response)?


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Robert Stark interviews Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor










Robert Stark and guest cohost Robert Lindsay interview founder and editor of American Renaissance Jared Taylor

Topics include:

Report from Saint Petersburg: Jared Taylor’s account of the Russian Conservative Forum which featured Nationalist Parties from all over  Europe

How Jared viewed the main purpose of the event as a way to gain support for Russia’s foreign policy objectives

How the United State’s is the greatest force opposing Traditional ways of life overseas and posses a major threat to world peace

How Jared Taylor(from the right) and Robert Lindsay(from the left) disagree about economics and the welfare state but agree that mass immigration is a disaster for workers and the environment

How many immigration’s restrictionist movements in Europe have adopted socially liberal positions such as Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and economically populist positions such as the National Front in France

The currents situation with African illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean and how it resembles the The Camp of the Saints Novel

Robert Lindsay asks Jared Taylor a commenters question whether ethnic diversity is a problem as long as people still share the same language and culture

Robert Lindsay ask Jared Taylor about Dr. Michio Kaku ‘s comment that high IQ immigrants are good for America

The declining fertility rate in Western Nations and why Robert Lindsay supports sub-replacement birthrates as a radical ecologist

Daryl Basarab and Aleksey Bashtavenko also call in


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