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Robert Stark talks about his Podcasting History









Francis Nally and Brandon Adamson join Robert Stark to discuss his podcasting history, political and cultural evolution, and where he is at now.


The new book The Stark Truth With Robert Stark: A Legacy 2009-2018
How for a long time Robert was known as the guy who randomly interviews people
How The Stark Truth doesn’t get the credit it deserves
The lack of substance of firebrand alt-podcasters and Youtube political celebrities
How Robert has now established his own unique “Starkian” ideology and cultural vision
New “Starkian” blog Alt of Center | Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of Beauty
How Robert’s novel Journey to Vapor Island helped brand the Starkian Identity
Robert’s adolescent traumas which provided inspiration for Journey to Vapor Island
How Robert’s experience growing up in LA and observations on society as a teen shaped his basic cultural and political outlook
How Robert always had many of the same core principles but felt the need to belong and conform to a political tribe
Robert’s political phases including Libertarianism, Paleoconservatism, and Third Positionism
How ironically both Robert and Brandon started out on the right economically and moved closer to the left
How Robert is now at a point where he is entirely independent both politically and culturally
Robert’s podcasting history starting at Voice of Reason Radio, Counter-Currents Radio, and establishing his own podcast
Robert’s past interviews with political dissidents
Robert’s decision to focus the show on culture rather than politics
Brandon’s reference in the book to his trip to Las Vegas with Robert and the inspiration for Vapor Island
Is the future of the dissident sphere a Starkian, Alt-Center, Retro-Futurism?

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This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings and his novel Journey to Vapor Island

Robert Stark talks to Greg Johnson about the Alt Left Dilemma











Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and AltLeft blogger Rabbit talk to Counter-Currents editor Greg Johnson.


The Concept of the Left Wing of the Alt Right; The Alt Left
Greg Johnson’s essay on SWPL Identity and Rabbit’s Alt Left Manifesto
Millennial Woes’ talk with Rabbit and Greg Johnson about the Alt Left
The 60’s Left Counter-Culture as a fusion of Tolkien and Marcuse, and the need to reclaim the positive attributes of the left, such as ecology, historic preservation, and anti-consumerism
The Alt Left dilemma identifying with SWPL Culture, and urban aesthetics, while supporting forms of identitarianism that often lack strong aesthetic visions
The lack of cultural sophistication among conservatives, and the left’s monopoly on cultural institutions
Suburbia as a by product of the middle class being cleansed out of cities, and the need to sustain a strong urban middle class
Affordable family formation
The Basic income, how it should be implemented, and who it should favor
Putting caps on high incomes with the exception of artist and inventors
The Nietzschean concept of the artist as the ruler
The conservative outlook that judges people on their material wealth over their aesthetic taste, and creative potential
Overpopulation, and how the ideal is to have immigration reduction with a stable or slowly rising birthrate
Greg’s experience living in San Francisco and Berkeley, San Francisco as a SWPL Utopia, and the aesthetic and ecological attributes of the region
The Transamerica Pyramid and Embarcadero Center in San Francisco
Rabbit’s interest in Mid-Century Space Age aesthetics, and his observations going to Mid-Century Modern home tours
Frank Lloyd Wright
Art Deco, which was a heroic vision of the future with respect for tradition; Art Deco in New York and San Francisco
Film noir, and the Blade Runner
David Lynch’s Archeo-Futurist aesthetic in Dune, and ruin porn
The tradition of right wing modernism; Italian Futurism which captured the vitality, optimism, and new possibilities created by technology
The concept of degenerate art, distinguishing between modernism and postmodernism
Defining what is degenerate; Robert and Pilleater’s show on Avant Garde Film

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Robert Stark interviews Greg Johnson on Wealth Redistribution


Robert Stark interviews Greg Johnson on wealth redistribution and related topics:

  • Libertarian and the Tea Party as attempts to channel white political and economic anxieties into free market policies
  • How the threat of the underclass should not distract middle class whites from the threat of the overclass, which is shipping their jobs overseas and importing non-white workers
  • Why the Right desperately needs to deconstruct free market economic orthodoxy
  • Why it is a good idea to cap incomes
  • Populism as a moral principle
  • Why classical republicanism require a strong middle class
  • Why maintaining the middle class requires junking free market orthodoxy
  • Why redistributing wealth as a normal day-to-day policy is a sign of social imbalance
  • Why wealth redistribution does not need to be part of an egalitarian, socialist policy
  • Why a single massive redistribution of wealth after a revolution would be desirable
  • How to recapitalize and reindustrialize America
  • Why populism requires meritocracy
  • Why meritocracy requires a way to ensure downward as well as upward mobility
  • Why political and intellectual independence require economic independence
  • The Koch brothers
  • Distributism: why we want private property broadly distributed; why we want more small capitalists and fewer big ones
  • The craziness of the real estate market
  • Why mortgage interest deductibility is a racket that creates higher house prices and benefits banks
  • Why it is a good idea to limit the number of houses people can own
  • The prospects of breaking the ruling coaltion of plutocrats, public employee unions, and the underclass
  • The destruction of the white middle class in California and the creation of a Third World style plantation economy
  • Why the antebellum South was a form of capitalism not an aristocratic or feudal society
  • Some recommended reading by Greg Johnson: “The End of Globalization,” “Thoughts on Debt Repudiation,” and “Money for Nothing
  • Why Counter-Currents wants to publish more writings on Social Credit

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Robert Stark interviews Greg Johnson about Eco-Fascism











Robert interviews Dr. Greg Johnson.

Topics include:

Greg Johnson’s definition of fascism
Human-centrism versus nature-centrism, and its religious roots
Savitri Devi and Pentti Linkola
Vegetarianism and the quality of life of farm animals
Martin Heiddeger and his views on modernity’s assumptions about nature
Henry Williamson and Jorian Jenks

Translations: CzechFrench

Transcript of interview:

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