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Robert Stark interviews Nathanael Gould

Robert Stark and co-host Jonathan Edwards talk to Nathanael Gould about South Africa, Anglo identity, and the need for a non-woke gay identity. Nathanael Gould is from Cape Town, South Africa, born to Canadian immigrant parents, and is currently under quarantine in Vancouver, Canada. Nathanael is sympathetic to Robert Stark’s  Alt-Centrism, and describes his politics as socially left on gay rights (for personal reasons),  right leaning on issues of HBD and race relations, and centrist on economics. Follow Nate on Twitter.


Nate’s interest in HBD and the Twitter Account Birth Gauge that tracks global fertility
The dissident right’s narrative on South Africa (their accurate and inaccurate perceptions)
How South Africa’s politics is polarized along ethnic-sectarian lines
How woke culture is spreading to South Africa, especially in universities, in part due to American influence
Rightwing multiculturalism, and the need to grant groups some degree of autonomy
The critique of Anglos from the right as being uniquely individualistic, liberal, and putting morality over group interests
The decline of the Anglosphere in contrast with the rise of Nationalism in France
LGBTQ identity politics, and why cis gay White males are being excluded from the intersectional hierarchy
A need for a rightest gay identity that emphasizes the contributions of gays as an artistic and intellectual caste
Contrasting global homogenization with true diversity and the politics of aesthetic tribes and hierarchies

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Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about Psychological Disorders











Robert Stark talks to ASHLEY MESSINGER about psychological disorders. Ashley is based in the UK and writes for You can also find Ashley on Twitter.


Diseases, Disorders and Illnesses, Oh My
What defines mental illness
Neurodiversity movement
Finding niches for different personality types in society
A World of Trauma – Civilizational Psychosadomasochism and Emptiness
Using targeted designer drugs and artificial intelligence to cure psychological problems
Unrealistic Adaptations
The psychological basis for moral taboos
Anti-Natalism: The Chavs Are Not Listening
The Age of Orangutans
The Theory of Fun

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Robert Stark talks to Jamie Curcio about Narrative Machines












Robert Stark, co-host Sam Kevorkian, and J.G. Michael talk to Jamie Curcio about his new book Narrative Machines: Modern Myth, Revolution, & Propaganda. Jamie is an Artist, Writer, and Musician, and blogs at Modern Mythology.


Intro: Nefarious from the Album EgoWhore by HoodooEngine which Jamie co-produces and does bass and rhythm guitar for
The main thrust of Narrative Machines is the way in which myths function in our lives
How the conflict with our longing to connect with the sacred leads to seeking re-connection in the form of reified ideology in the current “Meme Wars”
Jean Baudrillard’s book Simulacra and Simulation
The concept of hyper reality and how social interactions are mediated by social media
Post Modernism and Deconstructionism; skepticism towards all ultimate truths
Hobbes vs. Rousseau: the debate over human nature
Jamie’s illustrations in Narrative Machines
The Artist David Mack
Aesthetic theory and how artist can affect the world politically
Interrogation Machine – Laibach and NSK
Aleksander Dugin, Nick Land, and Neo-Reaction
The relation between myth, retro-aesthetic creative movements like vaporwave, and the current cultural climate
The 80’s Retro themed show Stranger Things
The aesthetics of Horror and horror writer Thomas Ligotti
Surrealism and connecting to the sacred or primal force
Jamie’s book Join My Cult!, occultism, and Aleister Crowley
David Bowie Inspires Jamie’s Upcoming Book, “Masks”
Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask
Jamie’s involvement in the goth industrial music scene of the 90’s and 00’s
The ways in which virtual reality, myth, and “the real world” have collided
Alternate Reality Games, the film The Game, and playing with peoples perception of reality through media

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Robert Stark talks to Count Isidor Fosco about creating New Retro Futurist Sub Cultures











Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to returning guest Count Isidor Fosco.


Retro-Futurism and it’s sub-genres
Whether Retro-Futurism and fusing past genres can evolve organically or end up being a “cut and paste”
Merging an Aristocratic or Traditional Genre into a Futuristic one
How fusing genres is most effective when there is a distance in eras(ex. Art Deco and Cyberpunk, Baroque and 80’s Retro-Futurism)
How futurism overlaps with the archaic in architecture(ex.Arcology)
Steampunk; Victorian era Train Stations in London, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, and shopping centers inspired by European shopping arcades
The Toronto Eaton Centre in contrast with the Underground City in Montreal, which is more Retro-Futuristic
Why “Decopunk” Deserves to Be Bigger than Steampunk
The Art Deco revival during the New Wave Age
Batman: The Animated SeriesBatman & Architecture, and Anton Furst’s visions for the Aesthetic Of Gotham City(1989)
Alicia Silverstone in Batman & Robin and playing piano in the film The Crush
The aesthetics of Mishima: a Life in Four Chapters and the manga Kaze to Ki no Uta
New Retro Wave, Italo Disco, Falco, and Alphaville’s Forever Young and Big In Japan
The “Vaporwave” Babylon Club from Scarface which was featured in Miami Nights 1984’s Early Summer
How we are in post-post modernism and must rebuild cultures from scratch
Subcultures based on ethnic and cultural identity; cultural and ethnic fusionism(ex.Asian Aryanism)
How the future will either be mass global homogenization or forming new cultures from scratch but there is no returning to the past
Asian and Israeli Aryanism as memes
Count Fosco’s hierarchy of fetishes

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Robert Stark interviews Musician David Thrussell








Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Director Richard Wolstencroft talk to musician David Thrussell from the Band Snog.


Intro Song: Snog – Cheerful Hypocrisy
Snog’s song Corporate slave
Industrial and Electronic Music
Depeche Mode‘s song Where’s the Revolution from their new album Spirit
Themes of Consumerism and Corporate Control in David’s music
Why David’s Music is Copyright Free
Richard and David’s take on Trump
David’s observations about American Politics from his last Cross Country Tour
Richard’s connection to the Alt-Right and David’s association with the far left
An Alliance Between the New Right and Old Left against the Globalist 1%
Environmentalists’ potential allies on the populist right
The importance of seeking the truth over political labels
Immigration, War, and Globalization
The Deep State
Julian Assange and Wikileaks
Milo and Censorship
Ted KaczynskiFeral House’s publishing the Unabomber’s manifesto, and technological enslavement
David’s point that music plays an anthropological role in documenting history
David’s interest in Hillbilly Country Music
Freedom Is A Hammer: Conservative Folk Music
David’s Black Lung label
David’s new act Crisis Actor
How Richard met David as a DJ at Richard’s Hellfire Club, and collaborated on each other films and music videos
David’s music for the film The Hard Word starring Guy Pearce

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Robert Stark talks to Rabbit about the Milo Controversy












Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, and Youtuber Left of Arbanon, talk to Rabbit about the Milo Controversy. Rabbit blogs at


Milo’s Controversial comments
The media’s reaction, Milo’s resignation from Breitbart, and cancellation of his book deal
The key points are that Milo never advocated anything illegal, and was talking about himself as a teenager
Milo as a Free Speech advocate, and why no subject should be taboo to discuss
How Rabbit has written articles critical of Milo in the past, but this incident makes him more sympathetic to him
The importance of distinguishing between teenagers and real pedophilia
Age of Consent Laws, and societies double standards regarding teen sexuality
Parallels between pedophilia and racism accusation to demonize political adversaries
Salon Removes its articles by Todd Nickerson
Greg Johnson’s article The Coming Pedophile Rape Epidemic in response to Salon
National Review blames Milo’s comments on the Alt-Right
Milo’s mistake in apologizing, and how not apologizing is what made Milo successful in the first place
Pizzagate and the “Pedophile Elite”
Gore Vidal’s defense of Roman Polanski
Beatniks Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs‘s novel Naked Lunch
Japanese Mangas Kaze to Ki no Uta, and Patalliro!, filmmaker Lasse Nielsen, and writer Peter Sotos
How Homosexual Culture was Avant Garde when it was suppressed
Homosexuality in Ancient Greece
Rabbit’s article The Other Mayans about 70’s Mayan Revival Architecture
Retro Ocean City in Wildwood, New Jersey

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Robert Stark interviews Artist Arthur Kwon Lee












Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Arthur Kwon Lee. Arthur Kwon Lee is a Korean American painter. Lee is also an educator and social critic. Lee received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Corcoran School of Art + Design. Lee’s paintings have been exhibited in Italy’s Gallery of San Carpoforo, the Skyline, Gallery 31 and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Lee is currently working out of RONIN浪人STUDIO, Washington, DC.


Arthur’s history in painting
Arthur’s artistic inspirations include Joan MitchellHans HofmannWillem and Elaine de KooningVincent van Gogh
Arthur’s Korean background and how the arts are viewed in Korean culture
Modernism vs. Post-modernism, and Medium Specificity & the Post-Postmodernist Conunbrum
Defining good art, trusting your gut, versus articulating work on aristic principles, and the lack of decipline in art today
Arthur’s Philosophical views and influences
Psychoanalytical and ecological themes
Robert Stark’s Paintings and Pilleater’s art
The echo chamber in the academia institution
Arthur’s Prometheus series and the archetype of the Masculinity
Christina Hoff Sommers’ The WAR AGAINST BOYS
Beauty, standards, and shaming
Tim Biskup and West-Coast low-brow art
Digital vs. Analog art, Marshall Mcluhan
Eastern vs. Western art
Arthur’s interview with Luke Ford 
Phillipe Rushton, reproductive patterns
The leftist takeover of the art world and Identity politics in the art world
Arthur’s iconoclast politics
Whether artist should mix their art and politics
Milo’s right-wing Performance art
Advice for artist to succeed economically, and the importance of finding a niche

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Robert Stark interviews Richard Wolstencroft about Aristocractic Radicalism









Robert Stark and Alex von Goldstein talk to filmmaker Richard Wolstencroft

Topics include:

Aristocratic Radicalism is the notion that Society and Civilization exists to enable and empower great individuals and minds
The Nietzschean origins of Aristocratic Radicalism
Hugo Duchon’s book Nietzsche’s Great Politics
Besides Nietzsche, Richard’s philosophical influences include Ernst Junger, Carl Schmitt, Martin Heidigger, Ezra Pound, TS Elliot, and the Italian Futurist
Nietzsche’s justification of Slavery and other forms of oppression of the masses
In contrast to hereditary aristocracies, great minds and spirits can emerge from the slave class, and must still be enabled
Why a social safety net is necessary to enable great thinkers and creative types to arise
Aleister Crowley, his belief in an Aristocracy of the creative class, and how he saw capitalism as degrading genuine cultural elitism
Richard’s exposure to occultism through filmmaker Kenneth Anger, who was a student of Crowley
Richard’s concept of Transcendental Fascism, which is a new and more peaceful form of fascism, that is based on implementing Aristocratic Radicalism
Transcendental Fascism is an attempt to create a fascism that reinvents itself along dialectical lines toward the absolute, but also hopes to transcend some of the negative sides and effects of past fascism
Richard’s debate with Jim Goad about capping wealth
How it’s necessary to cap income on billionaires, because their excess wealth is used to corrupt the political system, and put into savings rather than invested in the economy
How despite Richard’s support for some degree of socialism, there must still be economic incentives for innovation and success
The Genealogy and Genesis of the Alt-Right, and Richard’s point that Boyd Rice, Jim Goad, Adam Parfrey of Feral House Books, Michael Moyniham, and Douglas P were the godfathers of the Alt-Right
Boyd Rice’s song People, which deals with themes of misanthophy, nihilism, and fascism
Richard’s article Why The Globalist Elite Should Drop Hillary And Support Trump
Richard is sympathetic to the Alt Left
Richard Spencer 2011 NPI Conference speech, where he showed stock footage from the UK in the 1970’s, of hippies protesting against mass immigration
Richard’s friend musician David Thrussell, who is a leftist but agrees with Richard most of the time
Richard’s documentary Heart of Lightness about the war in Uganda
David Lynch, his interested in transcendental meditation, dark themes in his films, and his politics
Paul Schrader
Richard’s upcoming film the Debt Collector, which is a revenge genre film with political themes

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Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Alex von Goldstein talk about the 2nd Presidential Debate, Milo & the Alt Left









Trump’s debate performance far exceeded the first debate, and was consistent yet combative from the beginning
How despite that Trump did more to solidify his base, rather than appeal to undecided voters
How Trump responded to the leaked lewd comments of his
Trump vows to get rid of carried interest loophole, despite his support for tax cuts for the top 1%
WikiLeaks Dump: Hillary Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders
Excerpts from $Hilary Clinton$’s $Wall Street Speeches$
How Hillary Clinton represent the worst of both the left and right(ex. corporate plutocracy, anti-worker, anti-white and male discrimination, and a Neoconservative foreign Policy)
In contrast, Bernie Sanders proposed policies that would of benefited the working and middle classes, and like Trump posed a threat to the establishment
How the political ideal would be to combine the best aspects of Trump and Sanders(ex. Radical Centrism)
How Trump’s economic policies are not ideal, but he is going as far as he can within the limits of the GOP’s overton window
Healthcare in the debate, how Trump focused on criticizing Obamacare, but only briefly touched on his proposal to allow insurance companies to compete over state lines
Robert’s point that in the American Healthcare model your screwed if you can’t afford healthcare, but in the public model in England where he lived everyone gets healthcare, but the quality is not the same as private hospitals in the United States
Rabbit’s point that socialized medicine works best in small homogeneous societies, but not on a large scale in the United States
Robert’s point that the Swiss Model for Health Care is the best out of existing models, but ideally insurance should be a usury free public utility
Trump correctly admitted Russia, Iran and Assad are a counter balance to ISIS and Wahhabism, to the dismay of GOP foreign policy hawks
Why there needs to be restrictions on democracy
Rabbit’s article A Proposal To Go Away, about the Alt Left, and how many of the new members are saying that Rabbit isn’t Alt Left, despite being involved much longer
How Alt Left founder Robert Lindsay has been involved in left race realism  for a long time
The article Sub Types on the Alternative Left, and how Rabbit, as well as Robert and Alex fit into the Left Wing of the Alt Right
How the Trump’s campaign, Milo, and Breitbart are bringing mainline conservatives into the Alt-Right, and the Alt-Left is attracting disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters, who still hold onto a degree of political correctness
Rabbit’s article Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either, about how Milo is a mainstream capitalist conservative not Alt -Right, and supports importing foreign tech workers, and a neoconservative foreign policy
How despite that Milo has been useful in trolling political correctness
How Rabbit’s socially liberal views, and interest in futurism and modern art often make him feel out of place in the Alt-Right
Robert’s point that the Alt-Right is adopting Retro Futurism, New Retro Wave/Synthwave, and Vaporwave(ex. Alt-Right Synthwave Artist Xurious)
Rabbit’s response that they are attracted to the aesthetics and popular memes, but still hold onto reactionary traditionalist views
Rabbit’s article Blood, Soil and Food Courts, about the demise of the 70’s and 80’s malls

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