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Robert Stark interviews filmmaker James Di Martino about his film The Faceless Man

















Robert Stark and Cartrell Payne talk to Australian Filmmaker James Di Martino about his film The Faceless Man, which is his first feature film.


James’ background in film, making shorts ranging from comedies, thrillers, and a period western
James’ directing style and cinema-photographic influences
Throwbacks to Quentin Tarantino and Get Out in The Faceless Man
Challenges of working with low budgets
Playing on the contrast of horror clichés with the unpredictable
The theme of what’s real and what’s not
Elements of crime genres and light hearted humor
Inspiration from personal trauma as a cancer survivor
Australian Cinema; the horror film The Babadook
Actors including Australian icons Roger Ward and Andy McPhee
The Special effects
Design for the monster by illustrator Austen Mengler
James’ independent production company Chapter 5 Studios
James’ upcoming dark comedy coming of age drama
The film’s premier at Monster Fest in Melbourne

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