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Robert Stark interviews Ronnie Martin












Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview Ronnie Martin. Martin is a pastor, writer, and musician. His bands include Joy Electric, Said Fantasy, The Foxglove Hunt, and Dancehouse Children.


Martin’s interest in electronic music and Christianity
Substance Church and New Order’s Substance album
The origins of Joy Electric
I Dream of Wires, Plastiq Musiq, New Order vs. Depeche Mode
Electroclash, Electric Youth, Coldwave, Burgundy Years. Birds of North America
C.S Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Wes Anderson
My Grandfather The Cubist, The Otherly Opus, The Ministry of Archers, Hello Mannequin, Dwarf Mountain Alphabet
Positive philosophy, Album art, Joy Electric aesthetics
Finding God in the Dark, Stop Your Complaining, The Bridezilla of Christrst
Finding faith, patience in God, Romance and religion
Martin’s romance novel
Moog vs. Roland Synthesizers, Said Fantasy’s new album, “Two Lads period”
Martin’s sermon podcast, Church life, Martin’s celebrity status
Christianity in pop music, Romance advice for young people

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Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about Thinkers Against Modernity














Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein interview Keith Preston about his book Thinkers Against Modernity

Topics include:

How the book is an examination of thinkers critical of modernity from a value neutral perspective
How Keith is influenced by the intellectual tradition of the enlightenment, yet finds value in traditionalist critiques of modernity
Julius Evola as the purest critique of modernity
How the Right tends to have a pessimistic view of the present and idealizes a particular era of the past(ex. Julius Evola the 8th Century BC, Nietzsche the Sophist era in Ancient Greece,  Traditional Catholics the Middle Ages, and mainstream conservatives the 1950’s or Reagan Era)
Defining characteristic of the Right include rejection of social change, egalitarianism, and universalism, and a fixed view of human nature
Nietzsche’s point that ideologies become new religions, and how the modern politically correct left is a new moralistic religion rather than genuine liberalism or Marxism
Aleister Crowley’s aristocratic individualism, and his view that capitalism and mass democracy degraded a genuine cultural elitism
The Distributist G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc, their views on the distribution of capital, and their critic of capitalism as degrading traditional values
Carl Schmidt’s view that democracy was incompatible with liberal individualism
How Carl Schmidt subscribed to the realist school of though and viewed the United States as having an ideologically driven foreign policy
The United States as a nation founded on Classical Liberalism and the Enlightenment
The European New Right, how it was founded in the late 1960’s as a counter to the New Left, fusing aspects of the New Left with the conservative revolution of the interwar period
How the New Right tried to appeal to the left on issues such as anti-globalization, anti-consumerism, anti-imperialism, and environmentalism
The New Right’s critique of political correctness, feminism, and mass immigration as being products of capitalism
Noam Chomsky on capitalism and anti-racism
The American Alternative Right, how it is influenced by the European New Right, and how it is different
Guillaume Faye’s Archeo-Futurism and futurist thought on the right

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Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about Distributism
















Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston of Attack the System for a written interview.

Topics include:

Keith’s interest in alternative economics that opposes both capitalism and socialism such as distributism
Why third way economics theories have limited influence but a large potential audience
A Traditionalist critique of Capitalism
Chesterton and Belloc’s views on Nationalism, Eugenics, and Imperialism
How Marxist viewed Distributism as a Petit Bourgeois movement
The Distributist critique of the welfare state versus the modern conservative view towards poverty
Taxation policies such as a Negative Income Tax and Asset Tax

Transcript of Interview:

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