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Robert Stark interviews Charles Krafft












Robert Stark and co-host Rabbit talk to Seattle based artist Charles Krafft

Topics include:

How Charles started out as a painter in Seattle and San Francisco in the 1960’s, and how his earliest influences included the The Mystic Artists of the Pacific Northwest
Charles’s involvement with the 60’s Counter Culture in San Francisco, and how he was hired to do Psychedelic Light Shows
Rabbit’s comment that many figures from the 60’s Counter-Culture expressed politically incorrect views
The pros and cons of drug use and how it affects creativity
How Charles was influenced by the work of designer Von Dutch, his correspondence with him, and how he inspired his transition into ceramics
Charles’s Ceramic work in the blue and white Dutch Delftware style
How Charles specializes in bone china made out of human remains, and commissions pieces to honor deceased love one’s out of their ashes
How his ceramic work includes replicas of guns as well as controversial historical and public figures
Charles’s experiences with censorship due to his political views and how that has affected his Art Career
The recent cancellation of his art exhibition in London due to threats from Social Justice Warriors
How some Art Journalist have used his case to demonstrate the need for freedom of speech in the art world
How politics is created by culture, and how the right has delegated culture to the left
Dissident Artist movements that have become marginalized such as Italian Futurism
Charles’s experience as a war photographer in Bosnia with the Slovenian band Laibach
How Charles’s views on the Yugoslavian Civil War have changed
Science Fiction writers Robert Heinlein and Cordwainer Smith
Charles’s interest in the concept of National Futurism
Architecture and how Charles’s favorite styles include Craftsman and Art Nouveau

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