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Robert Stark interviews Rodney Alan Greenblat













Robert Stark and co-host Francis Nally talk to Rodney Alan Greenblat. Rodney is well known for his visual artwork that includes paintings, constructions and illustration. He is the character and world designer for the iconic 1990’s Playstation game “Parappa The Rapper”. Electronic music is another one of his passions. For more info visit


Intro: Warm Oatmeal Starship
“Parappa The Rapper” which was both a video game and an anime
The art behind “Parappa The Rapper”
Artistic influences ranging  from Dr. Seuss to animation to modernist art
The popularity of Rodney’s work in Japan
Rodney’s book Dharma Delight: A Visionary Post Pop Comic Guide to Buddhism and Zen
The philosophy of Rodney’s work; “Thoughtful fun”
Rodney’s comic Thunder Bunny
Rodney’s electronic Music
Designing the set for the band Puffy

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