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Robert Stark interviews Devotional Dave from STRANGELOVE-The Depeche Mode Experience











Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Devotional Dave(Freddie Morales) from the Depeche Mode Tribute Band STRANGELOVE-The Depeche Mode Experience. Check them out on SoundCloudFacebookYouTube, and Twitter


Intro: Strangelove The Ultimate Depeche Mode Experience USA Promo
Tribute bands, how Strangelove-The Depeche Mode Experience got started in 2011, and Dave’s earlier tribute bands Blasphemous Rumours and Sounds a La Mode
Dave’s background in music and his Spanish Synthwave band DESVIO
Influences Growing up in the 80’s besides Depeche Mode including Duran Duran
Their current tour schedule listed at STRANGELOVE’s Website
Capturing the image of Depeche Mode and Dave’s Dave Gahan inspired Tattoos
The release of Depeche Mode’s new Spirit Album
Dave’s favorite Depeche Mode Albums are Songs of Faith and Devotion and Music for the Masses
Early Depeche Mode including Speak & Spell and Get the Balance Right!
Newer Albums including Sounds of the Universe
The Albums Violator and Ultra
Choosing which albums and songs to perform, and playing the songs Depeche Mode doesn’t play anymore such as rush
Meeting Alan Wilder and his departure
Martin Gore
The show April 1st at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara

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