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Robert Stark interviews Gustavo Semeria about Argentina











Robert Stark talks to Argentine author, businessman, former military officer, lawyer, and Professor of Social Science Gustavo Semeria


Gustavo’s Spanish Language book Adiós a la Democracia about the role of Demographics in Democracy
Gustavo’s article for American Renaissance Argentina: A Mirror of Your Future
The early history of Argentina, the Nation’s Golden Age from the late 19th to early 20th Century, and the massive wave of European immigration
Buenos Aires as the Paris of South America and the extravagant architecture of the early 20th Century
The Art Deco Kavanagh buildingGalerías Pacífico, and the Neon lit Lavalle Street
The Anglo-Argentine Tramways Company which built the Nation’s vast railway system and Buenos Aires’s Subway
Argentina’s demographic transformation, starting with internal migration from the North and later mass immigration from neighboring countries
The effects of mass immigration on infrastructure, healthcare, education, and crime
The decline of the Argentine Middle Class and growth in gated communities in the suburbs
Cultural changes; the decline in the Tango and Argentine Rock and popularity of foreign culture such as Cumbia
The parallels between Argentina’s situation and that of the United States
The Kirchners’ open immigration policy and concept of Patria Grande
The new president of Argentina Mauricio Macri
Latin America’s fluctuation between socialism and oligarchy
Juan Perón’s Third Way between Capitalism and Communism

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Robert Stark interviews Count Isidor Fosco














Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater talk to Count Isidor Fosco. He is an actor based in Toronto, Canada.


Count Fosco’s background in the Film Industry in Toronto
Count Fosco’s background in Philosophy
Count Fosco’s Catholic upbringing and Catholic Social Teachings
Toronto as the Neo-Liberal, Multi-Cultural capital of North America
The Eurasian scene in Toronto, The Mixed in the Six club, and Pilleater’s Asian Aryanism
The Secessionist movement in Quebec, Native American Secessionist movements, and Calexit
CPAC organizer denounces ‘alt-right’ as ‘left-wing fascist group’
Neo-Liberal Feudalism and how the mainstream Left has abandoned class issues
Third Positionism, Social Nationalism, and historic figures including Juan Perón, and Sir Oswald Mosley
Why Mosley was an admirable misunderstood figure, and a true Anti-Globalist who would have made a more logical “third power” to America
The need for an Aristocratic form of Socialism, and why socialism isn’t contrary to hierarchy
Karl Marx’s hierarchy of labor
Social Credit and the Basic Income, and how it should be implemented
Affordable Family Formation
What an aristocrat is in today’s capitalist society
The idealistic definition of a True Aristocrat as a revolutionary figure
Georges Palante and Aristocratic Radicalism
Jonathan Bowden and the Angry Young Men
Working and middle class people who view the Trump family as Aristocrats
Trump’s “Aristocratic Futurist” aesthetic and Rockefeller Center in New York City

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Robert Stark interviews Eugene Montsalvat










Eugène’s Montsalvat blogs at the Niekisch Translation Project and his articles can be viewed at Counter-Currents

Topics include:

Turn Left, New Right!

Nationalism & Class Struggle

The Necessity of Anti-Colonialism

Ernst Niekisch and National Bolshevism

Robert Stark interviews Joaquin Flores

















Joaquin Flores is a spokesman for New Resistance, runs The Center For Syncretic Studies, and is a member of the Serbian Radical Party.

Topics include:

New Resistance

The Center For Syncretic Studies

How he started off on the radical left

Modern day Bourgeois Liberalsim

Bourgeois Nationalism versus Revolutionary Nationalism

Latin American movements such as the Sandinistas, Peronist, and Bolivarist

Why he chose Serbia as his center of operation

Why he predicts World War IV starting in Eastern Europe

The situation in the Middle East

European Nationalism and the New Right

The need for a Left/Right alliance against the Plutocracy


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Robert Stark interviews Kerry Bolton on Peron & Peronism














Robert Stark talks to Kerry Bolton about his book “Peron and Peronism,” on Argentina’s Juan Person and his legacy. “Peron and Peronism is published by Black House Publishing.