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Robert Stark discusses the situation in South Africa
















Robert Stark, Joshua Zeidner, and Charles Lincoln discuss the situation in South Africa, Trump’s Tweet, and the issue of emigration to the West.


Trump’s Tweet against land confiscation of White South African farms
The media and the South African Government’s reactions
The role that the Cold War had in the United States’ relationship with Apartheid South Africa
The alliance between Israel and Apartheid South Africa
The colonial question and the tension between the working class and capital class
South Africa Anti-Immigrant Protests Turn Violent
The concept of citizenship and civil rights
Whether granting rights to the Palestinians would put Israelis in the same position as Afrikaners
Charles’ observations on liberal elites’ protests against Apartheid at Harvard
The European diaspora in South Africa including Afrikaners, Anglos, and Jews 
How, unlike the other groups, Afrikaners lack strong connections to a foreign nation making emigration difficult
How it’s much harder for farmers to emigrate
Georgia and Russia welcome South African Refugees
For skilled workers, Mississippi farmer Jeremy Jack recruits from South Africa
The US Government rejecting refugee status applications
The Eight stages of genocide
The conclusion that South Africa has no future and emigration is the only solution
Johannesburg’s Ponte Tower: ‘the tallest and grandest urban slum’ 

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Robert Stark talks about Clueless, The Babysitter, & The Meme Magic of Alicia Silverstone












Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, Charles Lincoln, Actor Count Isidor Fosco, and aspiring Director Craig Langley Jr. discuss the Alicia Silverstone films Clueless and the The Babysitter.


How the original film The Crush was edited
The Babysitter as the most realistic of the three Alicia Silverstone films
The Babysitter compared to American Beauty
Th peeping through the window scene, and the imagination of the guys who see Alicia Silverstone through the window
In reality it is all just in the male imagination in this movie
The awkward bathtub fantasy followed by her signature cheeky smile
Traits of men who prefer breasts, booty, or legs
The Alicia Silverstone film Vamps
The Clueless (TV series)
The setting of Clueless in Beverly Hills
San Mateo Teenager Goes Hollywood
Cher’s Character development and self realization
Whether she is anti-snob?
Social Cliques in High School
The makeover of her friend
Comparisons to Mean Girls
The fact that the girls are excited by the fact that the guy has a picture of the new girl in her locker, and how today that would be called “creepy”
She comes across as more conservative with her condemnation of dating druggies, and saving her virginity
The whole theme of matchmaking
The “Baldwin” reference and other cultural references, a kind of Hollywood being self-complimented
The Spartacus scene, pearls and oysters, subtle signaling in old movies
Her realization that she loves Josh despite the fact he is a “slug”
The normal guy get’s the girl in the end, not the “hot guy” who turns out to be Gay
The fact that all the girls are obsessed with marriage while in school which is dated
The Clueless scene where her father is happy that she knows how to negotiate over grades
Cher’s speech about refugees
Alicia Silverstone Would Rather Go Naked Than Wear Wool! | PETA
The pink blue color code in the ending sequence is kind of Vaporwave
The robbery scene in the Valley
LA Landmarks including the Sinister Neon Clown at Circus Liquor
Meme Magic and Alicia Silverstone as a meme
Leisure Suit Larry and the Alicia Silverstone look a like

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Robert Stark talks about the Film The Crush Starring Alicia Silverstone









Robert Stark, co-host Pilleater, Charles Lincoln, Actor Count Isidor Fosco, and aspiring Director Craig Langley Jr. discuss the film The Crush.


The plot of the Film; Journalist Nick Elliot rents a guest house from a wealthy family, where their teenage daughter
Adrian(Alicia Silverstone) becomes obsessed with him
Whether Adrian is in love with Nick or just playing a psychotic game with him
How despite her psychosis, Adrian has a sweet feminine charm that is lacking in many female roles today
The films portrayal of a dark side of female sexuality
The Films Fatal AttractionBasic InstinctGone Girl, and Ex Machina
How the film portrays an old school WASP culture that is non existent today
Nick’s restrained Anglo-Saxon persona
The father Cliff Forrester threatening Nick
The most chilling scenes in the film
The erotic thriller genre, and how that genre peaked in the 90’s,
Entrapment and False Rape Accusations
The Crush as a tragic love  story
The Crush as a reverse Lolita
Nudity in film; the use of a body double in the Crush; Fatal Attraction, Last Tango in ParisBrooke Shields in Pretty BabyThe Wolf of Wall StreeAlexis Dziena in Broken Flowers
The early 90’s Grunge aesthetic of the film, and 80′ influences; Vaporwave
The setting of the film in Seattle, filmed in Vancouver, Canada
Amber Benson as Adrian’s friend Cheyenne
Alicia Silverstone as the ideal of beauty; Sarah Michelle Geller in Cruel Intentions, Mena Suvari, Taylor Swift, Halston Sage, and Kazakh Volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova
Alicia Silverstone’s Interview on John Stewart’s Show in 1994
How Alicia Silverstone’s character is the inspiration for the romantic interest in Robert’s upcoming novel
Fifty Shades of Grey, and Charles’ personal connection
Our upcoming show on Clueless

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Robert Stark talks about his trip to LA




































Robert Stark joined with co-host PilleaterRabbit, and Charles Edward Lincoln, talk about his recent trip to his hometown LA

Topics include:

The Hollywood imagery and outsider stereotypes of LA
The history of LA
How LA’s urban core is spread out over a large geographic area from Santa Monica on the Coast to Downtown LA
Robert’s disclaimer that the photos capture the best of LA, but that most of the spaces in between are unappealing due to the cities sprawl
LA’s transit system
South Central LA
West Hollywood, and Rabbit’s experience living there
Downtown LA, the gentrification of the historic core, the grittiness and vintage signage of Broadway, and the Serial Killers Who Haunted The Cecil Hotel
Downtown LA’s architecture including John Portman’s Bonaventure Hotel, and the the 80’s Art Deco revival Home Savings Building where Charles Lincoln worked
Beverly Hills, the 80’s futurist Rodeo Collection, the “Vaporwave” Roman Fountain , and the the 70 futurist/late modernist Roxbury Plaza
Century City, which originally had a 60’s futurist aesthetic, was the the film location of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and the Century City Mall
1980’s Malls including the Beverly Center(Original image), Westside Pavilion, which reminds Pilleater of the game Myst, and the renovation of those malls which ruined their aesthetic
Historic preservation trends starting with demolition of the Art Deco Richfield Tower in Downtown LA, to the lack of preservation for 80’s architecture today
New architecture inspired by past styles including the new Streamline Moderne Under construction Beverly Hilton tower70’s futurist inspired renderings for skyscrapers, and Rabbit’s observation that many apartments are being retrofited in mid-century modern styles
Santa Monica, the waterfront, architecture including the Art Deco Clock Tower, and Santa Monica NIMBY Restriction on heights
The Interactive Cafe, which is one of the last surviving independent businesses in downtown Santa Monica, and Pilleater’s point that it has a Cyberpunk aesthetic
The high cost of housing in LA, even in unappealing areas
The San Fernando Valley, which was traditionally home to LA’s middle class
Demographic trends, the destruction of the white middle class, gentrification of the urban core, and new suburban ghettos in the desert
Rabbit’s point about SWPLs he met in LA who look down on the suburban middle class
The Alt Left dilemma between identifying with SWPL Culture, and urbanist aesthetics, and supporting white middle class identitarianism, which often lacks strong aesthetic visions

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Robert Stark interviews Fernando Cortes

Fernando Cortez











Robert Stark and co-host Charles Lincoln talk to identitarian political activist Fernando Cortes from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Topics include:

The history between the United States and Mexico
Identitarianism and how identity is based on a combination of a people, a land, and common experiences
Why Fernando advocates an alliance between indentitarians in Mexico and the United States
How both the United States and Mexico have been exploited by the same globalist plutocracy
How the United States props up the corrupt Mexican Government
How Mexico must became economically and politically independent
Donald Trump’s advocacy of tariffs on companies that outsource jobs to Mexico, and how ironically Fernando has advocated taxing foreign corporations operating in Mexico
How international bankers looted Mexico’s banking system
Oil and how Mexico send it’s oil to American refineries and re-imports it at a greater cost
Whether there is an economic Third Way to Capitalism and Socialism
How open borders serves as a safety valve to prevent political change in Mexico
The influence of American consumer culture on Mexico
How Mexican Americans have been used as political pawns by the American establishment


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Robert Stark talks to Charles Lincoln & Robert Lindsay about LA, the 1980’s, & Blade Runner

















This is a continuation of the discussion on True Stories

Topics include:

The demographic transformation of Southern California
Robert Lindsay’s experience as a substitute teacher
Beverly Hills
The Film Fast Times at Ridgemont High set in the San Fernando Valley in the early 80’s
The depiction of adolescent sexuality in the film
How in the 70’s and early 80’s hedonism existed with less materialism and higher social trust than today
How the rise in hyper materialism coincided with the popularity of Reagan
How Robert Lindsay was involved with the Punk scene in the 80’s
The Film Earth Girls Must be Easy
The Porn Industry in the San Fernando Valley
Southern California Mall Culture
How the decline of traditional Mall Culture symbolizes how all of society is becoming one giant mall
How strip malls in LA are being replaced by higher density development
The debate about density and Urbanism
Mexican Culture vs. Mexican American Culture in California
The Film Blade Runner which is set in LA in 2019
Whether Blade Runner is an accurate depiction of the future
The genre of Dystopian Future Films(ex.Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, Mad Max)
The Film “Her” which depicts the future of LA as an eco friendly SWPL utopia
The decline in the quality of products

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Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about True Stories















Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about True Stories which is a 1986 American film that spans the genres of musical, art, and comedy, directed by and starring David Byrne of the band Talking Heads. It co-stars John Goodman, Swoosie Kurtz, and Spalding Gray. Byrne has described the film as, “A project with songs based on true stories from tabloid newspapers. It’s like 60 Minutes on acid.” Robert Lindsay also joins in on the conversation

Topics include:

The setting of the film, a small fictional town on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas that is undergoing change
How the town in the film is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Texan independence
Charles Lincoln’s personal connection to Dallas
How the film shows both the old America and the New and how that is symbolic of America in the 1980’s
The depiction of diversity in the film
The Conspiracy Theorist Preacher in the film
The depiction of crass materialism and how the culture of the 80’s was more upfront than today’s  hybrid of materialism and social justice
The marginalization of highbrow culture(ex. scene in the film depicting a janitor singing opera
Emile Durkheim’s theory on anomie,  which is the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community
The music in the film by the Talking Heads
Ronald Reagan and how Charles Lincoln opposes Reagan from a traditionalist standpoint and Robert Lindsay from an Alternative Left standpoint
How Reagan’s credit policy encouraged suburban sprawl, which is depicted in the film


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Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about the Paris Terror Attack, Migrant Invasion, & the Middle East

Paris Terror Attack










Charles Lincoln has a PhD in Anthropology, History, and Archaeology from Harvard University

Topics include:

How the terrorist attack was made inevitable because of the migrant invasion
The psychological torture and cognitive dissidence caused by the attacks and how to process it
How the prime suspect registered as a refugee in Greece
What value is it to be humanitarian to foreigners when it destroys your own way of life
How France surrendering in WWII saved Paris from destruction
Whether civil war will break out in Europe
French Colonialism in North Africa and how that lead to mass immigration into France
Charles’s trip to Paris in 2005 when the riots took place
Marine Le Pen and the Front National
Whether France will have to reject their values of Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité
Conspiracy theories about the attack
Article 5 of NATO that declares any attack on a NATO member is an attack on all NATO members
How Islamic Terrorism is a product of an “invade the world invite the world” agenda
How treasonous western elites are encouraging invasions
The parallels between Ancient Rome when they invited Barbarians when their own citizens would not cooperate
Eastern Europe as a bulwark against the invasion
Muslim refugees in the United States and how they have been resettled in mostly white and conservatives states
How Western powers, Israel, and the Gulf States want to see the destruction of the Assad regime in Syria who is fighting against ISIS
The recent ISIS attack in Beirut, Lebanon
Whether this conflict will lead to WWIII and possible scenarios
How Russia could be the last hope to save Western Civilization
Charles’s experience in the Middle East as an archaeologist and how most of his personal experiences with Arab people were positive
How Charles found Syria and Lebanon to be the most sophisticated of the Arab countries he visited
Whether Islamic peoples should be viewed as the enemy or are these conflict artificially manufactured

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Part II: Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about Cities

San Francisco Art Deco
















Topics include:

Charles’s experience living in London as a child in the 1960’s and an adult in the 1980’s, and Robert’s visit in 2002
Charles’s experiences in New York in the 1980’s and that era in film
The Brownstones of  New York and Boston and how they originally started out as single family homes
Art Deco
Mass Transit systems
The demographic transformations of London, New York, and Los Angeles
How mass immigration has led to an increase in the demand for housing in cities
Robert’s recent trip to San Francisco
Chicago’s grid pattern
How Los Angeles started out as car oriented suburbia but latter became denser while not upgrading it’s transit infrastructure
Santa Monica, California and how the 1994 Earthquake transformed the city
The revitalization of downtown Los Angeles
Dallas, Texas and how it’s following the patterns of LA
How whites are moving back to cities while non-whites  are moving to suburbs
How single family homes are being replaced by apartments
Why Charles’s views the single family home as the ideal for autonomy of living
How the increase in apartment living coincides with the decline of families
Whether the key issue is density itself or the quality of architecture
The appeal of urban living and why people are willing to sacrifice living space for that lifestyle
The New Urbanist movement which seeks to recreate walkable communities

Robert Stark interviews Augustus Invictus



Robert Stark and co-host Charles Lincoln talk to Augustus Invictus.  Augustus Invictus is a libertarian candidate for US Senate in Florida. Augustus is an attorney and community leader in Orlando, Florida. Best known as a radical philosopher and infamous social critic, he is Managing Partner of Imperium, P.A., the law firm he founded in 2013.

Topics include:

The controversies and media coverage of his campaign
The resignation of the Libertarian Chairman of Florida in response to his campaign
Establishment Libertarians who worship corporations, embrace political correctness, and are rigid in their views
Ezra Pound
Augustus’s opposition to Usury
His stance on immigration
The environment and wilderness conservation
Police State abuses
Corporate influence in politics and Citizens United
His stance on trade
His stance on foreign policy
His Paganism and sect of Thelema
His affinity for Ancient Rome
A Call for Total Insurrection