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Robert Stark talks to Joshua Zeidner about Bernie Sanders’ anti-Corporate Welfare Bill & The Tech Oligarchy


















Bernie Sanders bill targets Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s pay practices
How the bill would tax companies for state benefits that their workers receive
How state benefits for low wage workers are a form of corporate welfare
The role that corporate HR and temp agencies play in modeling their employment payment program on state benefits
The disturbing part about Amazon’s HQ2 competition
The emphasis on job creation rather than creating high quality jobs and living standards
The deregulation of labor rights in the Tech Industry
Joshua’s advice that it’s not worth it for young people to go into tech
Rep Yoder’s immigration bill and the Tech Industry’s lobbying for mass immigration 
Bernie Sanders’ flip flop and Trump accomplishing little on immigration enforcement
The monopoly-busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook
Social media as a public utility
National Review Denounces “Internet Fairness Doctrine”
Social media censorship and manipulation of content
The Safe harbor (law) which makes social media immune from libel laws
Surveillance Valley — Yasha Levine
Why Did Walmart Leave Germany?

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Robert Stark interviews Curt Doolittle









Robert Stark and co-host Pilleater interview entrepreneur, philosopher, and author Curt Doolittle. He is a proponent of the Philosophy of Propertarianism, and his writings can be found at


Propertarianism as a new ideogology and an evolution of Empiricism
Propertarianism as a way to explain one’s ideology using the scientific method
How Propertarianism is more analytical than moralistic
How Propertarianism differs from Rationalism, and Curt’s point that Rationalism appeals primarily to internal consistency rather than external evidence and Empiricism
The Anglo roots of Propertarianism, Brittish Common Law, and rejecting conflation
How Propertarianism takes into account individualism vs. collectivism, and how those positions relate to group reproductive strategies
Chinese Philosophy based on deceipt, ‎Sun Tzu‘s The Art of WarThe Culture of War: Martin van Creveld
The flaws of Libertarianism, Liberal Democracy, Communism, and Fascism
The flaw in begging for liberty, rather than protecting one’s sovereignty
The domestication of man
Curt’s point that mass executions in Europe and East Asia led to more docile populations
Economic Policies, Debt Repudiation, Seizing the Wealth of Parasitic Elites who brake their contract of Sovereignty
Testimonialism, and the legal foundation of proving what is wrong over justifying what is right
Environmentalism; Curt’s point that you cannot own property unless other people protect it for you, therefore one does not have a right to abuse natural resources
The importance of having a high trust society
The convergence of Nassim Taleb empirically, Curt Doolitle institutionally, and Jordan Peterson in literature
Explaining Propertarianism in laymen’s terms

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