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Walt Bismarck interviews me about Rightwing Multiculturalism

This is a simulcast with Walt Bismarck’s Walt Right podcast.

Topics include:

  • Robert’s political trajectory coming out of the Ron Paul movement
  • Robert’s Jewish heritage
  • His thoughts on the political position of American Jews since the Gaza War
  • How the boredom of the Biden years has created a less tense environment
  • How recent years have driven a wedge between the Left and Liberals
  • How anti-Whiteness led to an explosion of antisemitism on the Left
  • Has the boundary between Jews and Whites blurred over the past few years?
  • How Walt was able to mainstream himself without denouncing the Alt Right
  • The tenability of Right Wing Multiculturalism and Castizo Futurism
  • How comfortable is Walt with immigration?
  • The resentment towards Brahmin Indians growing in Silicon Valley
  • White people in America need to form the same ethnic patronage networks as immigrant ethnic groups
  • How Walt misjudged the Midwest
  • Arizona vs. Florida vs. California
  • The hyper-individualistic nature of White Californians
  • California as an American “promised land” and the most beautiful place on earth
  • DeSantis’s efforts to position Florida as the new California
  • Why did DeSantis fail?
  • Brain drain from California to Florida
  • Why has Florida supplanted Texas as the conservative hub?
  • The decentralized modern Dissident Right vs. the old Alt Right
  • Nick Fuentes vs. the “Post-Left” Dimes Square / Red Square crowd
  • Why are Hispanics in California/Arizona more leftist than in Florida/Texas?
  • How personal temperament impacts a person’s politics
  • The median Alt Righter was actually less racist on a visceral level than the average ”colorblind” conservative
  • Colorblindness is responsible for the worst of the Left and the Right
  • Moral implications of belief in HBD
  • How much should you talk about HBD?
  • Emil Kirkegaard’s study on taboos
  • Respects in which Walt is rightwing
  • Walt’s centrism on abortion and hatred for pro-life maximalists
  • Robert’s futurist concept of distributism
  • Why immigration restriction basically requires mass automation
  • Walt’s idea for a “grand bargain” where illegal immigrants are given legal status in exchange for a guarantee that they will never be given the right to vote
  • The case for a Rightwing Urbanism and pro-White YIMBYism
  • Do you need restricted covenants etc. to sell YIMBYism to suburbanites?
  • Is NIMBYism necessary to prevent a mass brain drain from the interior?
  • Gentrification as the future of the right and the opposite of White Flight
  • Walt’s desire for a “High Openness Right” that resembles the early Alt Right
  • Why conservatives suck at art
  • HBO’s Girls and The Sopranos as conservative art
  • Painting as a metaphor for ethno-pluralism
  • Robert Stark’s stance on AI Art
  • How Walt used Disney songs to explain the Alt Right, and how this resembles how Lin Manuel Miranda’s use of rap to explain the Founding Fathers
  • How key changes are used to create an emotional impact in music, especially show tunes and 80s music
  • Why do the 80s resonate with Millennial guys so much?
  • Walt’s pro-white argument for reparations
  • Walt’s support for animal rights and lab grown meat
  • Will future societies look back on factory farms the same way we look at slavery?
  • High IQ people need a self-selected bubble where they don’t have to “hold frame”
  • We’re not all gonna make it—that’s just part of being a man
  • The modern world is much better for high IQ autistic guys like Walt and Robert
  • How Tinder increased the incel rate from 15% to 30%
  • What makes someone “smart but poor?” What is Walt’s advice for this demo?
  • Building an income on Substack—Walt and Robert’s strategies
  • How building a social media presence is like feudalism

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Anatoly Karlin talks about his intellectual restructuring: how Putin made him a Globalist 

Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about his political transformation, as well as the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, and the timeline for the singularity/AGI. Anatoly Karlin used to blog at Unz until 2021, and has a new substack blog, Nooceleration, focused on Artificial intelligence. Follow Anatoly on Twitter.

Anatoly’s ideological transformation from a Russian nationalist to a neoliberal globalist, and why he has no use for the Right
Anatoly’s prediction that the Ukraine war would happen in December, 2021 (referenced in New York Times), though he was wrong in predicting that the war would be short
Why the war will likely remain a stalemate, unless there is some technological breakthrough
Anatoly’s disillusionment with Putin’s Russia
Why neutrality is the sane position for both the Ukraine vs Russia and Israel vs. Gaza conflicts
Why large-scale escalation of the Mideast conflict is unlikely in a conventional timeline, though an AGI alignment timeline increases the risk
Is the Israel/Gaza War the end of the Liberal-Zionist Alliance? (Woke anti-Zionists hate Israel/Jews due to their Whiteness)
Whether wokeness is waning and being replaced by outright establishmentarianism
Anatoly’s correct prediction that the election would be Trump vs. Biden, and why he still predicts that Biden will win
Why Anatoly is more bearish on China’s economic and soft power after previously being a China bull
Reasons to be relatively bullish on the US, primarily because its the center of AI
Why the culture wars are unimportant looking at the big picture
The major problems with AI accelerationism
The economic impacts of AI and crisis of overproduction
Why the solution to AI is not government regulation but rather investing in the biosphere, plus reforming the hardware based on a public blockchain

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Robert Stark and David Cole discuss updates on the Gospel of Gibson and the Election









Robert Stark and David Cole discuss updates on their in-progress documentary the Gospel of Gibson, directed by Robert and produced by David. Check out the Gospel of Gibson on Indiegogo and IMDb and check out David’s articles on Takimag, his Youtube Vodcast, and book the Republican Party Animal .


Recap of the background of David’s interview with Hutton Gibson on politics, theology, and the Gibson family
Success of the Indiegogo Fundraiser as an ongoing InDemand project with perks for contributors
The recent rehashing of an antisemitism allegation against Mel Gibson from Winona Ryder
The Woke reaction to Mel Gibson in the new film Force of Nature
How the production delay due to the pandemic creates an opening for Indy Films
Kamala Harris selected as VP nominee: Her focus on identity politics while Wall Street Sighs in Relief
David’s prediction that the class based left would be thrown under the bus in favor of race based identity politics
The futility of arguing that a Democratic victory will embolden civil unrest vs. the reality Trump must defend the status quo
Why Democrats are the real racists is a foolish meme
How the pandemic ruined Trump’s strategy to focus on economic conservatism rather than immigration
David’s advice on where to look for a wife
Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 2
David’s observations on the civil unrest in LA impacting wealthier areas
Why David thinks the exodus of rich and famous out of LA is over-hyped and that gentrification is here to stay

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Robert Stark talks to David Cole about The Right’s Trump Fatigue












Robert Stark and Matthew Pegas talk with David Cole about the Right’s disillusionment with Trump. David Cole writes for Takimag and is the author of Republican Party Animal.


David’s article Twilight of the God Emperor
Ann Coulter : Trump’s Failing. Don’t Ask Me to Lie About it
Ann Coulter: Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes a Ridiculous Waste of Time’
The reasons that Trump is ignoring the concerns of his base
How the election is not Trump’s to win but Democrats’ to lose
How employment stats are like Nielsen Ratings
How it is easier for politicians to tell people they are doing poorly than defend the status quo
Never Trumpers warming up to Trump who is now basically a standard big business Republican
Robert’s Takimag article on Andrew Yang demonstrates that the Right has basically given up on stopping mass immigration
How Dystopian Science Fiction Films often deal with class but not race
The disenfranchisement of the White proletariat in South Africa
Whites exploiting their physical appearance
How Ann Coulter’s comment that immigration policy should be run like Tinder was inspired by a discussion with David on South African actresses
David’s article Stop With the Golems, Already! about congresswoman Ilhan Omar

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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Ann Coulter & the Jews

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Topics include:
Ann Coulter & The Jews
Ann Coulter’s controversial Tweet about Jews after the Republican Debate
How Ann Coulter’s Faux Pas Calls Attention to Jewish Influence
The Jewish reaction to Ann Coulter’s Tweet
The Jewish Drive To Marginalize Ann Coulter
Philip Weiss: Coulter’s point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
Ann Coulter’s book Adios, America which has a chapter praising Israel for it’s immigration policies
Whether Ann Coulter will survive this incident and if she does it will further expand the Overton window
Roosh Triggers ADL Cyber Police Investigation for stating Israel’s border walls work
How Jewish organizations in the diaspora oppose nationalism for non Jews
Donald Trump & The Jews
How Donald Trump sybolizes a resurgence of Nationalism and Populism
How like Coulter, Trump is also pro Israel but is opposed by Jewish activist for fear of a revival of Nationalism
Orthodox Jews For Trump
Jewish Organizations supporting Muslim migrants into the West
Luke Ford’s interview with Roger Devlin about his book “Sexual Utopia in Power”
How Luke often has “Beta Male” characteristics in relationships
How when Luke showed his vulnerable side that was often seen as a sign of weakness
The affects of promiscuity on women
How the more people lack bonds the more likely they are to engage in reckless behavior
When Beta Males Go On A Shooting Spree and how Luke views the key issue as a lack of social bonds
How Narcissist seek attention as a substitute for attachment
JSwipe vs Tinder


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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about how he would feel if he were born into different Outgroups



Topics include:

If Luke Were Born An Orthodox Jew, How Would He Feel About This Luke Ford Bloke?
If Luke Were A Gentile White Nationalist, How Would He Feel About Jews?
If Luke were a Muslim, how would he feel about Jews?
If Luke Were A Black Gentile, How Would He Feel About Jews?
What Would Luke Possibly Talk About With A Hot 19yo?
Where Have All The Good Men Gone?


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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Nationalism

Luke Ford Cult Leader












Luke’s thoughts on the Tom Sunic event at the JEM Center including both Jews and White Nationalist
Why Jews and White Nationalist are hostile towards each other and how it’s awkward for Luke to have ties to both groups
How every major Jewish Organization supports Immigration Amnesty
Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream by Leonard Zeskind
What Would A White Nationalist Takeover Look Like In The US?
Is A White Nationalist Takeover Inevitable?
How Luke’s independent employment as an Alexander Technique Specialist enables him to exercise his controversial  views
Why Does American Choose Sides In The Middle East?
Why Luke Rarely Thinks About Palestinian Suffering
German Nationalist Marches Grow
Why every groups has a right to pursue it’s own ethnic self interest
Emotional Addictions
The importance of being part of a group and feeling a sense of belonging
How homogeneous areas have higher levels of social trust
How White Nationalism attracts people who have failed at life and are looking for a sense of importance and belonging
Luke’s thought’s on Charles Lincoln’s talk about life in Beverly Hills
Luke Wants His Own Media Company
The theme of contradiction and conflict in Luke’s life and blogging


Robert Stark interviews Paul Gottfried on Dugin & Neoconservatives
















Paul Gottfried recently retired as Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College, PA. He is the author of After Liberalism, Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt and The Strange Death of Marxism His most recent book is Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America.

Topics include:

Alexander Dugin and Martin Heidegger
The definition of Liberalism
The Eurasian school of thought
National Review’s Hit Piece on Dugin
How Neoconservatives attack their enemies such as Dugin as Fascist or Nazis
How Neoconservatives are a faction of the left
The Neoconservative View towards Russia
The Cold War and whether it was a mistake
The conflict with Russia in the Ukraine
Why Paleoconservatives tend to dislike Israel
Paul Gottfried’s upcoming book Fascism: The Career of a Concept


Tom Sunic & Luke Ford speak on Islam and the West

On Sunday September 21st Luke Ford and Tom Sunic  spoke on Islam Vs The West

Croatian-American writer Tom Sunic addressed the Beverly Hills Community Sports Center owned by JEM (Jewish Educational Movement) about Islam and the West. Luke Ford weighed in and a lively dialogue ensued on the future of the West, the roles of Muslims and Jews and immigrants and third-world peoples in first world civilizations, multi-culturalism, multi-racialism, religion, paganism and Judaism.

This is a rare conversation with people from different ethnic and ideological backgrounds concerning the many problems facing the west and the rest of the world.

Luke Ford is Back!








Robert Stark interviews returning guest, journalist, and blogger Luke Ford.

Topics include:

Why Luke does not view racism as a legitimate concept
How writing on topics such as race are associated with a low social status
How Luke is unique in the sense that he has ties to both ethno politics as well as entertainment culture
Luke’s interview with comic Rachel Bloom
Luke’s appearance at Tom Sunic’s upcoming speech in Beverly Hills on September 21st
Why not every group is compatible with Western Civilization
Talking About Addiction, Recovery & Race With Comic Yoshi Obayashi
Robin Williams suicide and struggle with addiction
How the root cause of addiction is lack of attachment and insecurity
How Paranoia is also caused by lack of attachment and insecurity
More on the Santa Barbara killer and how open displays of sexuality highlight sexual differences
Luke tells a story from his High School years when he was rejected from a party
More on Luke’s one man play Eroticized Rage
Why men are attracted to teenage girls
Masters Of Sex TV Show
Is It Anti-Semitic To Say Jews Are Good With Money?
Why the word racism now mean criticism
Israeli Ingenuity Applied To Organ Transplants
Why Is Los Angeles Falling Apart?
More on Luke’s search for A Wife and how he was given an ultimatum between a girl and his blog
Why women are much more conformist than men
Jewish Women Are Hot
Men who are attracted to intelligent women
Does Promiscuity Make Women Happy?

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