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Robert Stark interviews Indian Bronson

Robert Stark talks to Indian Bronson about  decentralization, Post-Americanism, and future political systems. Subscribe to Indian Bronson’s Substack and follow him on Twitter.


Indian Bronson’s Hindu background and his thoughts on the culture and politics of the Hindu-diaspora in the West
Critical Race Theory and its Discontents: the ineptitude of the IDW
The rise in alternative institutions and questions of loyalty to normal patterns of living
Post-Americanism and Rightwing Multiculturalism
The future of caste and emergent tribal identities in America
The wane of US geopolitical soft power
Millennials as a lost generation
The economics of human relations

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Robert Stark talks to Ashley Messinger about Restructuring Education in Self Contained Cities












Robert Stark talks to ASHLEY MESSINGER about restructuring education to adapt to future social, economic, and urban trends. Ashley is based in the UK and writes for You can also find Ashley on Twitter.


Ashley’s article Educational Formality and Its Abundance
How education is primarily about job-market signalling, hence the phenomenon of credential inflation
Education as a form of day care
How Geniuses tend to be self-taught
The problem of age segregation
Free-range parenting movement
Education as conditioning for wage slavery and the need for a leisure culture
Education alternatives such as virtual education and apprenticeships
The need for specialization in education and the economy
Ashley’s article The Harmless Psychopaths
Finding niches for different personality traits
The lack of social cohesion caused by our education system, internet culture, demographic change, and suburban sprawl
How self contained cities can address these social ills
Universities campuses as models for self contained cities
The U-Shaped Fertility Trend and Affordable Family Formation in a self contained city

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Left of The Alt-Right Round Table Discussion Part II










Robert Stark, Brandon Adamson, Ashley Messinger, and Constantin von Hoffmeister continue the discussion on the political scene known as the Alt Left, Left Wing of the Alt Right, or Alt Center.


More on how the scene evolved, the implosion of the Alt-Right, and the need to create your own space
How the election of Trump caused friction between Robert Lindsay’s Alt-Left and the Left Wing of the Alt Right
How SJW’s have completely hijacked what remains of an Alt-Left scene
Fundamental differences between the Alt-Right and European Identitarianism
The pros and cons of America’s lack of European cultural identities
European Identitarian movements that are economically leftist but traditionalist on culture and aesthetics
The concept of degenerate art and the failure of the right to differentiate
If the Alt-Right got their hypothetical nation, would it be just another boring Red State suburb?
Reasons for right wing hostility to urbanism and modern architecture
How to create self contained city states
The proposed Crystal Island in Moscow and the Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid in Tokyo
The importance of having shared aesthetic and cultural values rather than complete homogeneity
The compatibility of futurism and tradition in Russia(archeofuturism)
Russia To Welcome 15,000 South African Refugees
Having people that benefit a society is more important than their political orientations

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Robert Stark interviews DECAY about Politics & Urbanism

Check out Decay’s blog, his writings for Brandon Adamson’s, and Twitter profile.


The Orientation of D E C A Y’s Political Views
DECAY’s outlook on human dynamics can be described as “right-wing”, but without stereotypical “right-wing” stances, such as laissez-faire free-market economics or moral traditionalism
DECAY’s left Wing stances on environmental and public health regulations, worker and consumer protections, and a social safety net
Meta Politics
The Bearer of “Trad” News
A post American perspective
Futurism and technological progress
Predicting Future Trends
Independent City States
Where Should One Live?
Urban neighborhoods, Sreetcar Suburbs, Retrofitted Suburbs, Small Towns, College Towns, and the reemergence of the village model, where people live in close proximity to where they work, shop and recreate
Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and thoughts on the region’s cities, suburbs, and wilderness
The need for a balance between urbanism and wilderness
Retro Futurism and an affinity for 80’s Synthwave

This show is brought to you by Robert Stark’s Paintings and his novel Journey to Vapor Island

Transcript of interview:

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Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston about the New Political Paradigm










Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein talk to Keith Preston of Attack the System

Topics include:

Keith’s essay Crossroads 2016: Where do we go from here
How Hillary Clinton is the perfect manifestation of the totalitarian humanist convergence, combining militarism, plutocracy, and police statism with ostensibly liberal and progressive values as an ideological cover
How the antiwar, civil libertarian, and labor-oriented sections of the Left have become increasingly alienated from both the Democratic Party and the liberal establishment
The present day political alignments that have emerged because of the rise of totalitarian humanism
How the Donald Trump phenomena represents a stirring of the populist right and the sinking middle class
How some on the antiwar left now favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton
How Donald Trump’s political strategy has adopted aspects of Keith’s essay “Liberty and Populism
The new left-wing of the ruling class that has emerged from outside the ranks of the traditional WASP elites
The ten core demographics of a radical or revolutionary movement in North America
Libertarianism, the death of Ron Paul’s Paleo-libertarian Movement, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, and how he’s basically a Rockefeller Republican
The popular Five Star Movement in Italy which has successfully combined liberal, conservative, and libertarian positions
The rise of Radical Centrist and synergist politics in Europe and whether that will spread to the United States
The Managerial Revolution
How the Secret of Swiss Success Is Decentralization and the Canton Sytem
How decentralized systems are much more stable and successful since there’s far less risk of a mistaken policy being imposed on a one-size-fits-all basis
The misconception that decentralist are luddites, and how decentralization is compatible with urbanism and technology
Norman Mailer, and his plan to make New York City into an independent decentralized City State
Social credit and the necessity of a Basic Income

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