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Robert Stark interviews Squid Game actor Geoffrey Giuliano

Robert Stark talks to actor Geoffrey Giuliano about his role as VIP 4 in Squid Game, animal rights, and other projects.  A true Renaissance Man, Geoffrey Giuliano is an American actor based in Thailand, an author best known for his biographies of the Beatles, artist,  journalist, and has acted in 28 movies, including Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula and Kate starring Woody Harrelson. Check out Geoffrey’s website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and his upcoming podcast, Geoffrey Giuliano’s Dog Fight, which will be an intelligent alternative to Joe Rogan and Howard Stern.


The stylized acting performance of the Squid Game VIPs, the Kubrick influence, the Trump archetype of VIP 4, and Geoffrey’s response to the critics
The casting, production, and acting instructions for the VIPs
What its like for actors to play uncomfortable roles
Contrasting the portrayal of Americans in Squid Game with how Asian characters have been portrayed in American cinema
Squid Game as an allegory for the gross materialism of the modern world
Geoffrey’s animal rights documentary ‘Facist Food Confessions Of A Corporate Clown My Life As Ronald McDonald’
Geoffrey’s strangest fan mail as well as threats from those who are not able to divorce the VIP character from reality
How “if you want Squid Game to come to your town” you have to come to Geoffrey

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