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Karlsruhe Germany Photo Album

Photo album of Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Photos taken on trip to Europe in May of  2018 (Part I: Robert Stark talks about his Trip to EuropePart II: Robert Stark talks about his Trip to Europe). Album includes photos of Karlsruhe City Center, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, Hotel Burghof, Karlsruhe Schloss (Palace),  Schlossgarten, and forest on the outskirts of the City.

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Part I: Robert Stark talks about his Trip to Europe









Robert Stark joined with Constantin von Hoffmeister discusses his recent trip to Europe. Robert visited the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Italy.


Brno in the Czech Republic where Robert spent most of his time
Brno’s history, architecture, and landmarks including Spielberg Castle, the Cathedral, and Brno Lake
Czech Cuisine and Beer
Communist Architecture
Highway and Rail Transit in the Czech Republic and the need to invest in high speed rail or the hyper-loop
Prague’s centralized City Centre and architecture including Medieval, Art Nouveau, and Brutalism
Buying a Golem in the Jewish Quarter in Prague
Retro Futuristic Radio Towers in Germany and the Žižkov Television Tower in Prague
The Prater Amusement Park in Vienna
The Futuristic Central Train Station in Vienna
How European cities such as Vienna have highrise districts on their outskirts
Le Corbusier’s Plan For Paris
The benefits of mixing old and new architecture
The Medieval street grids of Prague and Brno vs. the Imperial Street grid of Vienna
Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg, Germany near where Constantin is from
Karlsruhe’s City Centre and rebuilt castle that was destroyed in WWII
Meeting Constantin in Riesa in SaxonyGermany
The culture of former East Germany
German dissident politics and the key differences between the National Democratic Party and the Alternative for Germany(AFD)

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