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Robert Stark talks to Paul Bingham about the Planned Obsolescence of the American Heartland














Robert Stark talks to Paul Bingham about his in-production documentary chronicling the economic and social despair of the American Heartland. Paul Bingham is the author of Down Where the Devil Don’t Go and Black House Rocked. You can contact Paul at


Paul’s footage and interviews conducted across the South and Midwest
The concept of non-essential jobs exposing the reality that most of the workforce will become obsolete
Long term economic consequences of the pandemic including permanent job loss, foreclosure of small banks and businesses, and more automation and streamlining
Trump’s failure to bring back manufacturing
The conglomeration of farmland and real estate
Why Paul predicts America will serve as the breadbasket of the world
Paul’s speculation that elites support mass immigration in the short term but population reduction in the long term
Stratification of elites, hiding of assets, and effectiveness of an asset tax
Crisis of addiction and deaths of despair (highest rates among Whites and Native Americans)
The foreign policy motive behind foreign owned cash businesses
The benefits of economic specialization and family based businesses
America’s nomadic nature
Why certain groups of Americans are better adapted to thrive in the future
Why the general public is only educated to be a consumer and not a rational political actor
Failure of past political movements from Ron Paul to Bernie Sanders
How the documentary will record the heartland’s decline rather than explicitly make political predictions
Paul’s upcoming poetry book, Strip Club Poetry

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Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy about Bullshit Jobs












Robert Stark talks to Bay Area Guy about Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber and his Review of Bullshit Jobs published on Alt of Center.


Bay Area Guy’s background in blogging at the defunct Occident Invicta and move to the left economically
David Graeber’s background as a left wing anarchist and involvement with Occupy Wall Street and the anti-globalization protests of the late 90’s
Bullshit Jobs as the culmination of The Managerial Revolution
Neo-feudalistic economy based on extracting wealth and distributing it to underlings who maintain the system
Loyalty to the system more important than productivity or innovation
How the system is held together for political and moral imperatives rather than economic
A leisure economy and subsidies such as a basic income as necessary for innovation
The argument that handouts will make people lazy does not take into account the need for status and feeling useful
The moral imperative that value comes from work
Graeber‘s belief in compensating work that benefits the common good
90’s comedy Office Space as a parody of dehumanizing corporate culture
Despite automation don’t underestimate late capitalism’s ability to create more bullshit jobs
Parallels between conservatives calling the poor entitled and SJWs’ “check your privilege”
Bay Area Guy’s support for Bernie Sanders from the beginning and dissident right’s disappointment with Trump
Kamala Harris’ regressive Neoliberal record of harsh justice for the rabble and impunity for elites

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