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Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about the Oregon Shooter

Another Incel Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded
4Chan Subculture and the post on R9K predicting the shooting
Beta Uprising
How America’s hyper individualism and atomization leads to mass shootings
The Oregon School Shooter and Asperger’s
Depression and Suicide
Homicidal Fantasies
Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex
What Is This Man Doing Wrong?(Why hasn’t Game Worked?)

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Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about the Charleston Church Shooting

Dylann Roof


Topics include:
Racist Mass Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina
The shooters Motivations
The characteristics and causes of mass shooters
Dylann Roof’s Manifesto
White Nationalism, Sex and Gender
On Sluthate
Why People Say Looks Don’t Matter for Men

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